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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 2

It was any other day in the Adam family. Wife, Son Ga In gets up early to prepare breakfast, while husband Jo Kwon get their little adam, Ok Yub ready to his to omma’s house.

When Jo Kwon done washing himself up, he bath Ok Yub and changed his diaper, made his milk and keep it in the bottle for later use. Then he carries Ok Yub to the kitchen.

‘Ok Yub-ah, say annyeong to you omma’ Jo Kwon held Ok Yub’s hand and made a ‘hi’ gesture to Ga In.

‘Ya~ our Adam is smell so nice now. Did appa give you a good bath? Come, give omma a kiss,’ said Ga In while frying an egg. Ga In slides her hair behind her ears and slants her head to the side so that her son can kiss her.

However it was Jo Kwon who leaned forwards and gave Ga In a kiss on the cheek.

‘Ya! Jo Kwon-shi, are you Ok Yub? Why are you kissing me?’

As if Ok Yub understands her omma, he raises his both hands and made a sign that he wants to hug his omma.

‘You see, your son wants to kiss me. Here, omma will give a big kiss.’

Jo Kwon just smiled and passed Ok Yub to Ga In. He then help to fry the egg.

‘Kwon-ah, have you made his milk? Where is the bag? Is there new diaper inside? Did you bring enough milk powder? Is his blanket and favourite bear in the bag already? I don’t want him to be crying so much and disturbs sieomeoni (mother-in-law).’ Ga In carries Ok Yub and look for the bag that need to bring it to her mother-in-law’s house.

‘Ya, Son Ga In, have you contracted the 'Nagging' Disease from me? All the things that you have said, I already completed it.’ Jo Kwon chuckled from the kitchen.

She just smiled and knew that she has a trustworthy and detailed husband which will tend to the matters without her worrying. After checking all the things they need, Ga In placed their son on the yellow dog that they have bought during filming of We Got Married.

‘Ok Yub-ah, you stay here and play with yourself? Be a good boy. Later we will bring you to halmeoni’s (grandmother) house and you can play with halmeoni. Alright? I love you.’ Ga In said to his son while caressing his hair.

‘Yeobo, breakfast is ready. Come and eat.’ Jo kwon shouted from the kitchen

‘Alright yeobo, I am coming.’ Ga In left Ok Yub alone on the yellow dog.

‘Yeobo, I think we better eat faster. Today I am going to meet with my member to do a interview on MBC radio. I need to reach there early to do my makeup and hair.’ Jo Kwon said while gobbling down the breakfast.

‘Kwon-ah, don’t eat so fast. Later your enteritis would act up again. Slow down, if you can’t make it in time, I would pack the food for you.’

‘It’s okay yeobo, I am fine. Later I would drop you at your company first before I put Ok Yub at omma’s.

‘Why? You can leave me and Ok Yub at omma’s. Later I will take a cab to go to my company.’

‘It’s okay yeobo. It’s dangerous for you to travel alone. Just eat your breakfast. I will drop you at your company.

‘Alright then’
‘Yeobo, have you taken everything?’ Ga In shouts from corridor. She and Ok Yub are waiting for the lift to come.

‘Yeap. I am coming!’ Jo Kwon was checking all the necessary things before locking the front door. As usual he checked the mailbox before stepping out of the house. There again, a few of letters and gifts from fans. He smiled and walked out of the corridor.

‘Yeobo, you’ve got a few fan gifts. ‘Jo Kwon was checking through the mails while walking towards the lift.

‘Is it? These fans ah, really love us a lot. I really appreciate their thought.’

‘You are right, so next time we must perform better on stage to reciprocate our gratitude to them.

[Reaching Ga In’s comapny]

Ga In was carrying Ok Yub on her lap passes Ok Yub to Jo Kwon.

‘Ok Yub-ah, omma has to go to work now. Be a good boy at halmeoni’s place alright? I love you.’ Ga In finishes her sentence with a kiss on Ok Yub’s forehead.

‘Ga In-ah, you take care alright? Remember to drink the herbal tea that I prepared. It’s good for cooling down.’

‘Araso’ Ga In replied and get ready to get down from the car.

‘Yeobo, gidaryeo (wait)’

‘Eh?’ She turns and suddenly she found her lips on Jo Kwon’s.

Ga In smile and returned the kiss.

‘Omma, hwaiting!’ Jo Kwon shouts from the car while waving Ok Yub’s hand towards the leaving Ga In.

‘Hwaiting!!’ Ga In wave while entering the company’s main door.

‘Ok Yub-ah, now omma is gone, I missed her already. Do you?’ Jo Kwon talks to himself while placing Ok Yub safely onto the toddler’s car seat.

‘Uri kaja (Come let’s go)’

Jo Kwon drops Ok Yub at this mum’s house before he reach his company.

‘Unnie, annyeong!’
‘Ga In-ah, you didn’t bring Ok Yub together with you today?’ Jea, the leader of Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G) snapped at Ga In the moment stepped into the dressing room.

‘Ya unnie, I can’t be possibly bring him around right? I afraid that he might disturb all the unnie’

‘Ya, Ga In, you now only know us is it? We want to see him so much that I can even run to your sieomeoni’s house right now. I know you don’t want us to see you Ok Yub right’ Miryo replied jokingly while walking out of the bathroom.

‘Geugeoseun ireon ge anieyo (It’s not like this) unnie. I am just afraid that president would not like it.’ Ga In replied quickly.

‘Ga In-ah, the past is the past already. I don’t think that our president still broods over it.’

‘Narsha unnie, you know I have always really scared of him right?’

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