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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 16

[RECAP Chapter 15]

‘I told you not to talk about it anymore.’

‘See, I even prepare something for you.’ Ga in turned to her bag and took out the box.

‘What it is?’

‘It’s your favourite chocolate.’

‘Thank you noona.’

‘Kwon-ah, you know you looked so scary when you didn’t talk to me? I am glad that it’s over now.’

‘Noona, I promised from today onwards, I won’t be so impulsive anymore. I would cherish our relationship more than ever. I would put in more effort. I promise you.’

Ga In snuggled closer to Jo Kwon and soon drifted off to sleep. They spend the night on the couch until the next morning.


[Chapter 16]

‘Come let’s toast to our star today.’ AML Director raised his cup and all the other staff and actors followed.

After filming Ga In’s last episode that day, AML director has ‘ordered’ all the staff and actors to stay behind to celebrate Ga In’s departure on AML. They have specially prepared a buffet in the filming studio just for Ga In.

‘Here, I would like to wish Ga In all the best for B.E.G’s album. I am really honoured to work with you.’ The director who stood among the main producers’ table said his piece and drank one shot from his cup. Everybody clapped in unison.

‘It’s my pleasure to be able to be part of this big family.’ Ga In replied shyly. Jo Kwon who is sitting right beside her cannot bring himself to be happy over the event because they would no longer have meeting time in AML. He could only paste a plastic smile on his face during the whole dinner.

‘Ga In-sshi, we are going to miss you lot.’

‘I am going to miss you too Na Young unnie.’Ga In walked over to Na Young and gave her a big hug.

‘Aww, we can meet up in the future. Don’t tell me that you are going to forget all of us here?’

‘Of course I won’t forget our AML family!’

‘So in the future, you must visit us when you have time while you can come and look for Jo—’


Few weeks ago during a break time in filming site..


‘Yah, Woo Jin oppa! Let’s eat now or else the food would be cold soon.’ Ga In tried to prevent what Woo Jin blurts out. Although Jo Kwon and Ga In’s ‘closeness’ was already very obvious, she didn’t want anybody to speak about their ‘special’ relationship.

‘Al..alright. I would stop talking and start eating!’ Woo Jin was a little intimidated by Ga In hawk eyes stare.

Everyone then burst into laughter watching how Woo Jin scrambled back to his seat and started eating.

Ga In walked back to her seats and started eating. But obviously Jo Kwon was not in the mood to eat.

‘Kwon-ah, eat this one.’ Ga In picked a shrimp from the table and put on his plate.


‘Don’t be like this okay? If you behave like this I am not going to leave whole-heartedly.’ Ga In patted his arm gently while interlocking her fingers with his.

‘Hmm.’ Jo Kwon smiled and started eating.


‘So everyone has given their gift and finished eating, I think we should end our party soon. Did I leave anyone out? Who still has present for our Ga In?’ KyungSan manager stood in the middle of the room.

Everyone looked at Jo Kwon’s direction. Everybody was anticipating a special gift from Ga In.

‘Why..are you all— Sorry I didn’t prepare anything.’ Jo Kwon lied through his teeth.

Everybody was so shock that Jo Kwon didn’t prepare anything special for his ‘ex-wife’. Ga In on the other hand was clearly disappointed.

‘…..P..Present is not important, unnie.’ Ga In tried to resolve the awkward moment in the room.

‘The most important is that everybody enjoyed the party tonight. Before I leave, I would like to say thanks to director, producer and MBC staff for taking care of me all these while. I want to say thanks to Kim Kap Soo sunbaenim, Mi Sun unnie, Na Young unnie, Woo Jin oppa, Seung-ah unnie, Doo Joon-nie, Lizzy-sshi, Kwonnie and other actors who have gone through a lot with me during the whole filming process. It’s my honour to be able to work in this big family. I am so grateful for this golden opportunity.’

After saying her long speech, Ga In bowed down and thanked the people in front of her whole heartedly. Everybody in the room clapped enthusiastically as she bowed down. After that, everybody start to leave.

As it was already late, everybody was almost gone in 15 minutes. Ga In was packing her presents on the stage when she noticed a dejected little man was still sitting by his seat. Kyungsan noona saw the dejected man and stepped forward.

‘Kwonnie, you are not going home yet? Where’s your manager?’

‘I drive here myself today.’

‘I see.’ Kyungsan noona patted gently on his shoulder.

‘Noona, can I have a talk with Ga In noona for awhile?’He request gently.

‘Ah..sure. I’ll leave you with her then.’

‘Ga In-ah, I would wait for you outside. Call me when you are done.’

Ga In watched her manager walked towards the door and closing the door behind her, leaving both of them alone in the room.

‘Where is unnie going?’ Ga In frowned and walked down the stage and towards Jo Kwon’s seat.

‘Noona, aren’t you disappointed that I didn’t prepare any gift for you?’ Jo Kwon pulled her hand and made her sit down in front of him.

‘When did I? I was not disappointed okay. I know you are busy with your practice...’ Her voice trailed down. Ga In looked down, her face showed obvious disappointment.

‘Actually I did prepare something.’

Ga In looked up, facial expression totally change to a brighter one. Jo Kwon tried to hide his laugh looking at her facial changes.

‘Why are you laughing at me? Now, where is my present?’ Ga In put out her hand in demand for the gift.

Jo Kwon stood up and walk towards the small refrigerator situated in the corner of the room. He bend down and took out a tube of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream.


After taking the ice-cream, he walked back towards Ga In.

‘You are giving me a tube of ice-cream as a gift?’ Ga In couldn’t believe her eyes. She never expect such gift from Jo Kwon.

‘It’s your favourite “amaretto almond crunch”. It’s a limited edition one and it took me awhile before I found it.’

‘Al..alright. I am craving for an ice-cream too.’ Ga In lied through her teeth to make Jo Kwon feels better about his ‘gift’ but she was obviously disappointed because she expected more.

Slowly, she opens the lid of the ice-cream tube. She was about to scoop her first bite when she saw,

‘Noona do you like this ring?’

‘K-Kw-Kwonnie…’ She stuttered because she could not believe what is in front of her. She looked up at Jo Kwon who was brimming with smile.

Carefully, Jo Kwon use the end of a spoon to pull out the ring. After wiping it with a clean cloth, he took Ga In’s hand.

‘K-Kw-Kwonnie..’ Ga In still hasn’t recovered from the shock.

Jo Kwon slides the ring to her forefinger. He takes her hand and gently kiss it. Then he lean forward to kiss Ga In on the lips.

‘Noona, this ring represents my promise to you - to do better and treat you better in the future. I hope in the future, when you look at this ring, it will always remind you of me.’

‘Kwon-ah…’ Ga In’s tears welled up in her eyes. She blinked and her tears falls like a flowing water.

‘Noona, why are you crying? Your eyeliner is running.’ Jo Kwon gently wiped off the tears off her delicate skin.

Quickly, she wiped off her tears and took out a handheld mirror from to check her eyeliner.

‘It’s okay, you still look pretty.’

‘Kwon-ah…thank you.’ Ga In lean forward and wrapped her arms around Jo Kwon’s neck.

‘As long as you like it.’ Jo Kwon shyly replied.

‘Kwon-ah, 사랑해(saranghae – I love you).’

‘나도 사랑해(Nado saranghae – I love you too)’

‘I am going to miss hanging out with you in the waiting room in the future, Kwon-ah.’

‘Noona, let’s don’t talk about sad things. We shall discuss how we are going to find time to spend more time in the future.’

Jo Kwon broke off the hug and looked straight into her eyes. Jo Kwon had no time to think about their less time to be together but instead cracking his mind to squeeze out time for them to spent more time together.


Today was the first day of filming of AML without Ga In. Obviously Jo Kwon was moodier than his usual kkap character. He is sitting alone in the waiting room that he used to share with Ga In while waiting for his stylist to arrive. Doo Joon who came in later, patted gently on the dazing Kwon who is staring into the spaces.
‘Thinking of Ga In noona?’
‘Ooh, Doo Joon-nie you are here?’

‘Kwon-ah, you are so immersed in thinking about Ga In noona that you didn’t even noticed that I came in.’ Doo Joon teased.

‘What are you saying?’ He smiled. ‘I just didn’t get enough sleep yesterday.’

‘That’s the smile I want to see from Jo Kwon. Alright, I would leave you alone so that you can think about Ga In noona in peace. See you.’ With that, Doo Joon ran away.

‘Yah.. Yoon Doo Joon!’

Jo Kwon just laughs at the playful Doo Joon. He then fished out his phone and quickly moved his fingers on the onscreen keyboard.

To: 여벙♥ (Received: 8.26am)
‘Noona, have you waked up? I am in the waiting room. I miss you already ㅠ. ㅠ’

From : 여벙♥ (Sent: 8.35am)
‘Aww. My Kwonnie is lonely right now in the room?’

To: 여벙♥ (Received: 8.36am)
‘Yesㅠ The room is so empty without you.’

From : 여벙♥ (Sent: 8.38am)
‘Remember what you told me? Let’s not rake about the time we lost. What time are you filming until today?’

To: 여벙♥ (Received: 8.39am)
‘Until 1. After that I’ve got to rush back to studio to practice for our promotion.’

From : 여벙♥ (Sent: 8.40am)
‘Alright then. I got to prepare to leave for our studio too.’

To: 여벙♥ (Received: 8.41am)
‘Do well in your recording, love.’

From : 여벙♥ (Sent: 8.42am)
‘Promise me you don’t get too close with Lizzy and Seung-ah unnie off screen alright? I have my spies over there. ㅎYou better watch out ㅋ.’

To: 여벙♥ (Received: 8.43am)
‘Noona you are so scaryㅠ’

From : 여벙♥ (Sent: 8.44am)
‘Of course I am. See you. I’ll call you tonight.’

Jo Kwon’s smile quickly fade off when he was back to the reality- he was in the waiting room knowing that Ga In noona would not come anymore.

Nevertheless, filming has to go on. Being the professional actor, he put his best front during his part. Everybody praised him for his improvement in acting. His mood then gradually improved to the better after hearing those praises.

Soon, it was lunch time. Once again, Jo Kwon was saddened at the thought of not able to enjoy lunch during filming days with Ga In anymore. Doo Joon who was concerned about his friend approached him.

‘Kwon-ah, let’s go and eat!’ Doo Joon put his hand on his shoulder trying to pull him to the room where the staff prepared the lunch for the actors and staff.

‘Doo Joon, don’t worry about me. I am alright.’

‘You don’t look alright. Today it’s not the first day I know you!’

‘Okay, I’ll come with you but please don’t pull me.’

‘Alright anything as you say as long you come with me and eat.’

Doo Joon and Jo Kwon reached the room and they sat together with Lizzy and Yoon Seung Ah who has already started eating.

‘Oh, Kwonnie oppa you are here. Quicky go and get your food. Today’s beef is awesome.’ Lizzy commented.

‘It’s okay, actually I don’t have much appetite. I’ll just get a fruit juice.’


‘I want to see Jo Kwon.’

‘Ooh, Kyungsan manager. Why—He is in the lunch room. You can look for him there.’ The staff replied.


‘Kwon-nie, can I see you for a minute?’

Jo Kwon’s eye widened when he heard Kyungsan manager’s voice.

Is Ga In noona here? Why did Kyungsan manager come?

He quickly turned around to look for Ga In but the sight in front of him disappointment him. Only Kyungsan manager was there standing alone holding a package.

‘Ohh noona you are here. Is there anything you want to see me?’ Jo Kwon left the table and approached her.

‘This is for you.’

‘This is…?’

‘You’ll know after you see it. Alright, I have to go now. See you.’

‘Kwon-ah, what is this?’ Doo Joon jumped on Jo Kwon, curious about the content of the package.

‘I have no idea too.’ Jo Kwon walks back to the table and sit down.

‘Oppa, what is that?’

Carefully, Jo Kwon unties the cloth that is wrapping the package. Inside, there was a lunch box and a memo.

[quote][i]야 바보 밤비 (Yah, babo bambi), I know you are going to have no appetite today. So, I prepared this lunch for you but I didn’t cook it myself because I have no time to do soㅠ. But I hope you would still enjoy this lunch and eat happily.P.S YOU BETTER FINISH it!!
–자라 (Soft-shelled turtle)- [/i][/quote]

Jo Kwon’s pouted lips quickly curl upwards and formed a big smile. His smile is so wide that his eyes almost formed a line.

‘자라? Who could it be?’

‘Seung-ah noona, are you asking an obvious question? Looking at his expression, who else could it be?’

Jo Kwon put the memo aside and opened the lid of the box.

‘Wow this looked so deliciously!! You are really lucky Kwon-ah.’

Jo Kwon can’t stop smiling. He is enjoying the envious feeling given off by his tablemate.

‘Kwon-ah, are you still going to continue staring at the food? If not, I would eat it.’

‘Yah, don’t you dare touch my food!!’ After saying his piece, he took the lunchbox and headed back to the waiting room.

After having the one mouthful of the food, he quickly dialed Ga In’s number. In no time, Ga In picked up the phone.

‘Noonaa~~~’ Jo Kwon spoke with full agyeo.

‘Yah, 밤비 (bambi). Don’t talk so much and quickly eat your food. Make sure you are full before you leave for your next schedule.’

‘Noona~~…고마워 (thank you) ‘

‘Alright alright, I know you are thankful but be good and eat the food now alright?’

‘Alright noona. I’ll eat well. I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

When Jo Kwon ended the call, he quickly gobbled up the food happily.


‘Yah, Son Ga In I cannot believe that you actually do that. You purposely asked our dear manager to deliver food to JoSeobang? Narsha snapped at Ga In after she hangs up the phone.

‘W..Well she was passing by MBC anyway. So..I just—‘

‘I am just joking Ga In-nie. You don’t need to get so nervous.’

‘Yah, Narsha you know she is drowned in love. She has changed because she is drowning in love. She has never sent me food too when I am working.’

‘Unnie!! I didn’t!! I am still the old Son Ga In!!’

Ga In rushes forward and hugs Jea from the back. Everybody in the room including the recording staff burst into laughter because of Ga In’s action.


hi hi my dear readers!!
this time i present you guys with the scenario where ga in left AML..

and when i was writing this fic, to my surprise, yoon seung-ah (YSA) from AML is actually much older than ga in. gain was born in 1987 where YSA was born in year 1983.. she's older than omma changmin >< but i think she actually look quite young.

anyway, i thought this chapter was very sweet :D awww i am going to get diabetes soon haha. now my next chapter would be ga in's reaction for jokwon and lizzy's kiss scene? haha XD

as usual, i hope there are more comments coming in.. and i am not sure when am i going to update the next chapter.. so i am trying my best to make each chapter as long as possible :D

happy reading!! and today is Lizzy [from AML] birthday!!




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