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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 10

Now the time just struck 6am and Jo Kwon has already reached the All My Love filming site. Feeling groggy from the lack of sleep, he slumps onto the couch in the waiting room.

He just finished ‘2AM - The Last Tour’ yesterday and now he is back to filming after putting some scenes on hold because of 2AM’s concert. Today they have a lot of scenes to be completed thus the early schedule.

Jo Kwon rubs his puffy eyes from the lack of sleep and rest. But the thought of spending time with Ga In for the whole day made him feels a lot better. He reached for the beautifully tied package and double checked the content. He smiled to himself.

Hope noona would like this White Day gift.

After checking for the umpteen times from the time he prepared the present, he carefully placed the package in one of the cupboards and puts a black cloth over the package to keep it away from people’s view.

Just then, his stylist and other cast enter the room to get their makeup and hair done. Jo Kwon greeted them with his cheerful smile before settling down at his seat. He looked out to the door and only saw Do Joon and Seung Ah walking in with their stylist.

Ahh..Where is Noona? She must have slept in again.

Hey Kwonnie, looking for GaIn noona?’Jo Kwon just smiled at Doo Joon- hinting to him that it is ‘yes’ to his answer.

I saw her with KyungSan noona at the car park just now. I think they went somewhere else.’

Really?’ Taking one last look at the door, he turned to the table and reached for his phone to message her.

To: 여벙<3 (Sent: 6.20am)

Noona, where are you now? We are already preparing.’

Yah, Kwonnie I am sorry that I can’t make it yesterday. I heard the concert was a great success.’

Why are you saying those? I know you are busy with your practices.’

I really wanted to go, but I just can’t dump my members. So sorry.’

Doo Joon, another sorry from you and you are giving me lunch treat next time.’

Talking about lunch treat, you haven’t treated me any food since you debuted and yet you buy expensive things for Ga In noona.’ Jo Kwon didn’t hear Doo Joon and just concentrates on fiddling with his phone.

Yah, Kwonnie, pay attention to your friend alright?’

I am so sorry.’ After hearing what Doo Joon has said, Jo Kwon unwillingly put down his phone.

You are so hopeless when it comes to Ga In noona. And Kwonnie, if you have free time, do rest more. You looked really pale.’

I know. I’ll take care of myself and thanks for the concern. You better do your makeup now or else we would be late for filming.’

DooJoon stood up and patted gently on Jo Kwon’s shoulder before leaving.

Hopeless in front of Ga In Noona? Am I so obvious?


Soon after all the cast including Ga In have done their makeup and hair, filming started. Filming went continuously for 2 hours until the first morning break. Being professional, Jo Kwon and Ga In didn’t talk much during filming. Only until the first morning break, they have a normal conversation.

Noona, please come to my waiting room later.’


I have something to show you.’

Ga In face lit up.

Could it be the White Day gift?

After the quick breakfast, the two walked briskly to the waiting room away from the crowd. Jo Kwon pulled Ga In to the couch and made her sit down.

What are you going to show me?’

Here.’ Jo Kwon took out his Iphone from his bag and passed it to Ga In.

This morning I took a few selcas after I woke up. I looked very bad right? My skin is turning bad. I think I need some more moisturizing lotion.’

You dragged me in here just to see your selcas and discuss about your skin?’

Yea. Then what do you expect?’

What about my White Day gift?’

White Day gift?’ Jo Kwon acted like he never prepared anything.

Ga In nodded in excitement.

Well, noona. You know we just finished our concert yesterday. I don’t have time to prepare anything.’

But yesterday you said —‘

I am so sorry noona that I didn’t fulfill my promise yesterday.’

Then it’s alright. It’s my bad. I shouldn’t be so willful to be asking you to prepare all these when you are so busy. If there’s nothing much, I’d better get going. I don’t want to bother you and you better take a rest.’ Ga In stood up with the obvious disappointment on her face, Jo Kwon stopped her track.

Noona, I will see you after filming. Wait for me downstairs.’

Ga In nodded gently and gave Jo Kwon a weak smile. Jo Kwon sends her to the door and bid her goodbye. Although she has left, Jo Kwon can't help smiling at Ga In's obvious dissapointment.

Since when Ga In noona is so concerned about gifts and events?

Looking at his petite Ga In walking away, he can’t wait to spend some time alone later that day. He really cannot express himself much with so many eyes spying on them. He felt just too pressure to talk to Ga In whenever they are in the AML filming site.

Then filming continues after the morning break.


Finally, the Director shouted the last cut for the day. It was already 5.30pm in the evening. All the cast bid goodbye to each other and went back to the waiting room to pack their things. Jo Kwon too, quickly went back to the waiting room to pack his things. He grabbed his car keys and head to the car park.

To: 여벙<3 (Sent: 6.43pm)

Noona, I am waiting in my car already.’

From: 여벙<3 (Sent: 6.45pm)

I’ll be going down in a minute. Where are we going? I have schedules with unnies after this.’

To: 여벙<3 (Sent: 6.46pm)

I know. Just meet me and you’ll know.’

Jo Kwon tuned into his car’s CD player and slide in Ga In’s Step 2/4 CD into the player. While idling away, suddenly there’s a knock on the car door- it was Ga In.

Ga In got into the car and placed her stuff at the rear sit.

Where are we going?’

You’ll see in a little while.’

Why are you so mysterious? You know I can’t go anywhere far. I have schedules with unnie later.’

I know. I have asked Kyungsan noona and she said I need to bring you back home latest at 8.’

You even asked her already?’

Jo Kwon just smiled and concentrates on his driving. Soon, they reached the Han River. Jo Kwon parked the car at the parking space and got down. He went to the boot and took out a big bag.

Why are we here for?’

To watch the sunset.’

Sunset? Why the sudden idea?’

Noona, let’s stop talking and find a shady place to sit.’

They walked to the more remote area and found a shady place. They sat at the bench under a tree.

Kwon-ah, what are we doing here?

Enjoy the little world of our own. We rarely get to spend time alone. So I brought you out here to enjoy a quiet evening and watch the sunset with JUST THE TWO OF US.’

He bends down to get the pretty package from the big bag. He passed the package to Ga In.

This is?’

Your White Day’s present.’

Really? I thought you said –‘

Just opened it and see if you like it or not.’ Jo Kwon put his hand around her shoulder.

Carefully, Ga In pulled the ribbon off the package and opened the box. Inside, there’s a pair of black-striped white shoe.

The shoes are so pretty. I love the black stripes. But I think this shoe looks so familiar. Seems like I saw it somewhere before.’

It’s a couple shoe.’

'Ahh, yes I saw you wore it before.

So do you like it?’

Of course I am but you said earlier that you didn’t prepare anything.’

I wanted to become the master of push-and-pull relationship too. I have learnt it from you,noona.’ Ga In just smiled and all the while concentrates on her new shoe.

And here, this is for you.’ Jo Kwon took out something from the big bag again.

A pot of red tulip?’

Red tulip represents declaration of love[Language of Flowers]. Think of me when you take care of this plant.’ Ga In was so happy to received the pot of flowers. She can’t stop admiring them.

Happy White Day, noona.’ Jo Kwon planted a kiss on Ga In’s forehead.

Gumawo. I really like them a lot.’

Really? I am happy to hear that.’ Jo Kwon bends down and reached for the big bag again. He took out two cups and pour out hot coffee from the tumbler.

Coffee? Where did you get them?’

I know you like coffee and I actually wanted to make hand brew coffee on this special day but I really had no time. Sorry, noona.’

What are you talking about? With you around, I don’t need anything else.’

Ga In hugged Jo Kwon tightly round his waist. The two just remained silent while enjoying the scenery.

Lying on your chest and looking at the sunset like this is so blissful. And the sound of the calm sea water makes one’s mood so calming.

How I wish we could stay like this forever.’


After enjoying their ‘little own world’ for around an hour while sipping the hot coffee, they decided to head back to Ga In’s house.

Time flies really fast. It seems like we barely spend any time together. I wonder when the next time is going to be.’

Kwon-ah, don’t be silly. You know we will have more times in the future.’ Ga In took Jo Kwon’s hand and put onto her lap.

You want to come over to our house and sit a while before you leave?’

Can I?’

Of course.’


Jea-unnie, I am back!! Please open the door!’ Moments later, Jea opened the door for Ga In.

Ga In why are you so late? I thought you said– Oh, Jo Seobang is here too?’ Jea was so sudden at the surprised guest.

Unnie, he came to sit awhile. He would leave when we leave for our schedule later.’

Ga In who is holding hand with Jo Kwon pulled him to the living room and sat down.

You sit here for awhile and I’ll change to casual clothes.’ Ga In stood up and leaves but only found out that Jo Kwon is still holding onto her hand. Ga In frowned and finally Jo Kwon released Ga In’s hand unwillingly and fixed his gaze to where Ga In is going until she close the door behind her.

Aigoo aigoo. You just love her so much that you can’t even lose a sight if her? You guys must be too crazy in love. You see, she doesn’t even talk to me when she came home. She only has you in her eyes now. ’ Jea who has been the quiet observer from the kitchen joked about Jo Kwon.

Jo Kwon could only smile to agree with Jea’s statement.

I think I better make myself scram before I drowned by you overflowing love.’ With that, Jea stood up from where she is sitting and returned to her room.

Before she close her door, she shouted, ‘Our BabyG is really crazy in love~’ and she closes the door behind her. Jo Kwon can’t stop smiling. He is really happy that even the others can see that Ga In really loves him. Just then, Ga In has changed her clothing into an oversized clothing with no bottom.

What did unnie say just now?’ Ga In approached Jo Kwon and sat beside him.

Nothing she’s just jealous over us.’

Jo Kwon noticed the loose white t-shirt that she is wearing. The shirt was so short that it barely covers her thigh.

Noona, you looked really sexy in this. Is there a need to wear such sexy clothes even at home?’

What is there to be afraid of? It’s not like there’s other people in our house.’ Ga In was playing around with Jo Kwon’s outer wear.

Well, noona, I am still here. Aren’t I?’

Yah, I never regard you as outsider, so it’s still alright.’ Ga In laughed it off with her usual chic way.

Jo Kwon was cheering loudly in his heart. He felt so happy when he heard what Ga In has said.


Soon, Ga In fell asleep on Jo Kwon’s lap. Because she’s really tired, she fell asleep in less than 10 minutes. All the while Ga In is sleeping, he takes time to admire her beautiful bare face -caressing from her eyes, nose and finally stops at her luscious lips. Jo Kwon swallowed his saliva.

Around 30 minutes later, Jea walked out of her room and was shocked to see Ga In sleeping on Jo Kwon’s lap. Looking at Jea’s shock reaction, he quickly explained.

Noona is really tired and she fell asleep on my lap.’

Wake her up now. We got to leave soon.’ Quickly Jea made herself scram from the living room- not wanting to disturb the lovey-dovey couple.

Seeing Jea leave, Jo Kwon gently pat on Ga In’s hand.

Noona, it’s time to wake up. Jea noona said you need to prepare yourself before going out.

She sit up from her position and stretch her arms.

Kwonnie, you lap is so comfortable till I fall into a deep sleep.’

'You must be so tired. Noona, you must rest more in the future okay? It really breaks my heart to see you looking so pale.'

'I am alright. Really, don't worry.'

Hmm, noona I think I better leave soon. You guys would leave soon too right?’

'Alright then. I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Ga In slides her hand around Jo Kwon’s waist. Ga In snuggles in his hug while Jo Kwon hugged him tighter.

Noona. I’ll call you tonight.’ He hugged her for the last time before heading out to the door. Ga In waved at the leaving Jo Kwon before closing the door behind her.

Jea who stood there and witnessed the whole scene can't endure it anymore.

You guys seem to be inseparable. What happened, Ga In?’

I don’t really know that what he has done to me. But I know I don’t regret the changes in me. In fact, I love it.’


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