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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 11

Today B.E.G members were given a day off from their tiring schedule. They have been visiting the recording room more frequently than their own beds. So Nega Network management has decided to give them a day off despite their rush preparations of their 4th album to replenish their worn out energy. And all the four members decided to stay home. [*note: Jea and Ga In stayed together. Narsha and Miryo stayed individually]

‘Yah, Ga In-ah, I’ll be in the room. If there’s anything just call but just try—‘ Jea stood up from the dining table after slurping down the food prepared by Ga In.

‘Try to not disturb you from sleep right? Arasso.’ Ga In was so used to her not-so active Jea unnie’s character.

‘Thank you my dear baby-G. And by the way, you food is as awesome as always. You are 110% ready to be Jo Kwon’s wife.’


‘Meh-Rooong~’ Jea disappears into her room quickly to avoid being ‘nagged’ by Ga In.

After washing the dishes, she lazes around in the living room while randomly pressing the up and down channel button on the remote. There’s nothing on the television that attracts her attention but she stops once a while when she saw 2AM’s Blackberry and BHC Chicken advertisement. She constantly checked her Iphone for any incoming messages.

Maybe he should have finished the LOTTE concert by now? Should I give him a call? I think I better don’t disturb him.

Suddenly she remembered the pot of flower in her room. Quickly she stood up from the couch and grabbed a small container to fill it up with water.


‘Hi little flower. How are you feeling today?’

Why do you looked so gloomy today? Ahh, maybe its night now that’s why.

Ga In was watering the tulip plant slowly while admiring the flowers when suddenly her Iphone which is lying on the couch outside rang loudly.

It must be Jo Kwon calling.

She left the things in the room and ran out. Quickly she picked up the phone without looking at the caller.


‘Ga In-ah. It’s Kyung San here.’

‘Oh sorry unnie. I thought it was Kwonnie.’

‘Ga In-ah I have a bad news. Please listen well and don’t panic.’

‘What is it?’

‘Kwonnie accidentally fall off the stage during the concert just now. He is in the hospital now.’

‘Unnie, are you joking with me? Is he alright now?’ Ga In tried to maintain herself.

‘Don’t worry there’s nothing too serious. I’ll be arriving in 10 minutes and I’ll fetch you to the hospital.’

‘Allright, then I—'

‘Remember, please wear low profile clothing. Don’t forget your sunglasses.’

‘I know. Then I’ll be hanging up now.’

Ga In tried to compose herself. She knew that being panic would not help Jo Kwon in any way. Instead, she quickly changed herself into suitable dark clothing and wraps a big brown scarf that Jo Kwon bought for her last time, around her neck. After that she waited patiently for her manager at the lobby.


Soon, her manager arrived and brought her to the hospital. Through the back door, KyungSan manager and 2AM’s manager safely brought Ga In to Jo Kwon’s ward room without catching any attention from the public.

Gently, Ga In turned the ward’s door and stepped inside. She saw Jo Kwon’s left leg was wrapped in cast and hung up in the air to prevent movement. He was sleeping soundly despite his injury. Slowly, Ga In tiptoed her way to Jo Kwon and sat beside him. Unknowingly, a drop of tear escapes from the corner of her eyes.

She took off her sunglasses and places it aside. She sat closer to him and reached out for his hand. Gently, she caresses his white and milky face. Being a light sleeper, Jo Kwon was immediately awake from Ga In’s touch.

‘Noona, you are here?’

‘Yea, I just arrived a while ago.’

‘Why did hyung tell you about the incident?’

‘So you are trying to keep it from me if your manager oppa is not telling KyungSan unnie?’

‘I just don’t want you to worry about me. I know you are tired enough from your own schedule. I don’t want to burden you anymore.’

‘Silly boy. Why are you so good to me?’

Jo Kwon took her hand on his face and kisses it gently.

Embarrassed, she tried to look away and noticed that there’s no one else in the room.

‘Where are the others?’

‘Seul Ong hyung and the others stayed a while just now. But I know that they are tired too so I force them to go home and rest. Actually I am alright already.’

‘What did the doctor said?’

‘Well, he said I pulled my ligament. Maybe I need around a week or so to heal completely.’

‘What about Inkigayo tomorrow? Are you still going to MC?’

‘Probably I will. I can’t skip it in such a short notice.’

‘But with your condition like this—‘

‘Don’t worry noona. I am alright. Furthermore I am not going to stand up all the time. I’ll find time to sit down whenever possible. So, don’t worry about me.’

‘I guess we just have to make do with that.’

‘Well, you don’t forget that I am a professional artist. I can’t admit defeat with this little injury of mine.’ Ga In could only smile with Jo Kwon statement. She understands that Jo Kwon is very serious when it comes to his career.

‘Does it hurt here? I’ll massage it for you.’ Ga In took his right arm and massaged it gently.

Ga In stayed for a little while more when KyungSan manager called her to tell her that it’s time to leave already.

‘Kwon-ah, I have to leave now.’

‘Alright, then you better get going. It’s late already.’ The clock already shows half pass midnight.

‘When are you checking out from the hospital?’

‘Maybe tonight or tomorrow morning. I am not sure; I’ll see how manager arranges my schedule.’

‘Alright, I’ll be leaving then.’ Ga In stood up from her seat and bend forward to hug Jo Kwon. She gives Jo Kwon a peck on the forehead before turning away.

‘Noona, I’ll call you. Take care of yourself.’

‘Alright, you better take a rest first. See you.’ Ga In puts back her sunglasses before stepping out of the ward.


[2AM’s dorm]

‘Kwon-ah, I’ll come and fetch you for lunch before we go SBS.’ 2AM’s manager said while putting Jo Kwon baggage aside after helping him to check out from the hospital.

‘Hyung, I’ll prepare lunch for Kwonnie. You can fetch him after lunch.’ Changmin who is watching from the side, decided to cook a healthy and nutritious lunch for Jo Kwon.

‘If that’s the case, I’ll come at one.’ 2AM’s manager then left the dorm.

‘Kwon-ah, you rest at your bed first. When the lunch is ready, I would call you. And Seul Ong-ah, please bring Kwonnie to his room. Jin Woon-nie, please carry Kwonnie’s bag to his room.’

As if on cue, Seul Ong and Jin Woon quickly move their butts and did as what Changmin asked.

‘Hyung, I can manage on my own. I didn’t break my bone. I just pulled a ligament that’s all. Don’t worry about me.’ Jo Kwon tried to reason out when Jin Woon help him up from his seat.

‘Hyung, how can you say that? It must be painful to fall from the stage. It’s so high.’

‘Don’t worry, I am really alright.’

‘Kwonnie, just listen to us for once okay? Now, Jin Woon-nie would help you to your bed and rest. When lunch is ready I would call you. Arasso?’

‘Hyung, it’s oka— Alright, alright‘Jo Kwon finally gave in to his members after seeing Changmin glaring at him.


After parking their nanny van, 2AM’s manager helped Jo Kwon all the way up to the level 5 waiting room. (okay I faked this out- I don’t know which level they are in)

‘Hyung, I am really sorry for causing all these trouble to you. You must be tired from yesterday’s incident.’

‘It’s okay.’

‘Hyung, I would be alright in the waiting room. I can manage later on my own. I still have Sulli and the others to help me. You can go back and rest now.’

‘Alright then. I’ll leave you with them. Take care alright?’ Jo Kwon just smile and the manager finally left.

Suddenly, Sulli appeared in front of the male emcee waiting room, looking very worried.

‘Oppa, heard you fall off from the stage. Are you alright now?!’ Sulli quickly ran to Jo Kwon’s side and sat down. She carefully touches Jo Kwon casted leg.

‘Don’t worry, Sulli. I am alright now.’

‘Are you sure you can emcee later? You want me to asked PD-nim to let you to rest?’

‘Sulli-ah, thanks for the thought but I am really alright. You are such a cute dongsaeng caring for your oppa.’ Jo Kwon gently pinched Sulli’s left cheek.

‘Glad to hear that you can still joke around. If you need any help from me just let me know alright?’

‘I will.’

Afraid of disturbing Jo Kwon to rest, Sulli then left the waiting room after bidding goodbye to Jo Kwon. The moment she leaves, Jo Kwon quickly fished out his Iphone.

To: 여벙<3 (Sent: 1.13pm)

Noona,I have reach SBS. Don’t worry too much about me.’

From: 여벙<3 (Sent: 1.15pm)

‘Really? How are you covering up for your cast?’

To: 여벙<3 (Sent: 1.16pm)

I don’t know yet. My stylist hasn’t arrived.’

From: 여벙<3 (Sent: 1.18pm)

‘Just wear that jean that I bought for you. It’s not that going to make your cast look visible. The jean should be with your stylist right?’

To: 여벙<3 (Sent: 1.20pm)

Yea. It is with her. I’ll ask her to give me that to wear.’

From: 여벙<3 (Sent: 1.21pm)

‘I got to go now. You take care alright? Love you.'


[That Sunday night]

After showering which took him much longer time because of his casted leg, he sat on his bed with his laptop in front of him. He is video-calling throught Iphone with Ga In who is in the recording studio.

‘Noona, did you surf the net? Did you see the news?’

‘What news?’

‘It says that I showed my professionalism during Inkigayo. I am really happy noona. I think my perseverance was really fruitful after all.’

‘Really? I am really happy for you Kwon-ah. I know you are the best. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch live just now.’

‘It’s okay. A word from you it’s enough.’

‘By the way you said you went and see the doctor again right? What did he said?’

‘He said it’s not serious. It will heal by itself in a week or so.’

‘Okay, glad to hear that.’

‘Noona, you are still in the recording studio?’

‘Yea, we are having our supper break that’s why I am free to video call with you.’

‘Then where’s other B.E.G noona?’

‘They didn’t want to disturb us, so they went to the other room.’ Ga In felt so guilty for the unnie to say that.

‘They are really thoughtful—. ‘ Suddenly, Seul Ong knocked at Jo Kwon’s door shouting.

‘Kwon-ah, there’s a package for you!! Please come out and get it!!’

‘Noona, there’s a package for me to receive it. Wait for me.’ After that Jo Kwon leaves his phone and head outside. Then he received a package from Seul Ong.

‘What is this? Who is this from?’

‘I don’t know. There’s only the recipient’s name.’

‘Alright thanks Seul Ong hyung.’ Quickly he went back to his room to continue his video calling session with Ga In.

‘Who gave you those packages? Is it from a woman?’ Ga In asked chicly.

‘I don’t know. There’s only the recipient’s name.’

Carefully, he opened the package and there was a box of healthy medicine packet drink and a card.

‘Oh, there’s a card.’

‘Read it out aloud.’ Ga In snapped.

To: Jo Ballaeng

Yah, follow the directions given in the box and drink it well. Take care. <3

From: Son Ka Bang

Jo Kwon’s heart melt the moment he saw who the sender was. The message was simple but straightforward. It was totally the Son Ga In style.

‘Yah, Son Ka Bang’ Jo Kwon changed his soft tone to kkap tone to call Ga In who is not paying attention to the phone.

‘Jo Ballaeng, you better follow the directions and finish the whole package. It’s very expensive you know.’

‘Gumawo, noona. I will drink it well. It’s so thoughtful of you. I really have nothing to say.’

‘Just be healthy and I am contended.’


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