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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 12

It was like the any other day in AML filming set. The cast were given a lunch break for one hour before the filming continues. As usual, Doo Joon, Jo Kwon and Ga In would eat together.

‘Noona, I have taken your share of the lunch box. It’s here.’ Jo Kwon said after returning from the queue to get their share of food.

‘Kwon-ah, it’s alright. Doo Joon-nie has taken a share for me.’

Doo Joon who queued further in front of Jo Kwon has helped Ga In to take her share of food.

‘Uh-alright then.’

After taken their share of food, the three of them walked back to Ga In’s waiting room that she shared with Yoon Seung Ah and Lizzy.

On the way:

‘Ga In noona, it seems like you like D’sound, the Norwegian band?’ Doo Joon was walking beside Ga In while Jo Kwon followed closely behind Ga In.

‘How do you know that? I really like their genre of music!’

‘Noona—‘ Jo Kwon tried to interrupt their conversation.

‘I noticed that you listened to their songs quite often. Actually I was a fan of them too.’

‘Really? I thought it was rare to meet another fan of them in our industry.’

‘I liked them not long ago. I fell in love with their "Do I Need a Reason"’

‘ Noona—' Jo Kwon tried to interrupt again but to no avail.

‘Is it? That song was one of my favourite!!

‘I guess we should really find a time to share our interest together.’

‘You are right.’

The three of them then reached the waiting room when suddenly,


Both Ga In and Doo Joon stopped their tracks when they heard the shout from behind.

‘What’s wrong with you? You startled me!’

‘Kwon-ah, what is it that you need to shout so loud?’ Ga In who was standing beside Jo Kwon can’t help to tick him off.

‘I just want to ask you to stop talking and have lunch before our food turns cold.’

Embarrassed, Jo Kwon return to his normal tone and acted like nothing happened. However, Doo Joon understands the ‘statement’ made by Jo Kwon- a hint for him to leave them alone.

‘Okay, I understand now. I better make a move before someone’s going to blow up.’

‘It’s okay Doo Joon. You can stay. Kwon-ah you sit here.’

Ga In doesn’t want to make things awkward for the three of them so she decided to ask Doo Joon to stay too. So, the three of them settle themselves in the waiting room with Doo Joon sitting across Ga In. There’s only the three of them as both Seung Ah and Lizzy are in the sun bae nim’s waiting room to have lunch.

‘Back to our topic. Doo Joon-ah, do you own any of their albums?’

‘Nope I don’t. I only download their songs from iTunes.’

‘I am searching for their album everywhere. I want to get hold of their 5th studio album but it seems nowhere to be found.’


‘Noona, you better stop talking and eat your food. It’s getting cold.’ Jo Kwon was on the verge of his patience. He understands that Ga In and Doo Joon are just talking about their favourite musician but he just can’t stand it when Ga In talked to someone so enthusiastically.

‘Alright, alright. Doo Joon-nie, do you know Kwonnie is just like a grandmother when he nags? Sometimes I can’t even stand it.’

‘Of course I know that noona. We have been trained together in JYP, remember? I have experience his ‘Nagging Ability’. It’s really scary sometimes.’

Jo Kwon was just sitting silently beside Ga In, pouting and playing with his food. He tried to ignore their conversation and swallow the mouthful of food inside his mouth but it seems impossible. His mind keeps on drifting away, preventing him from concentrating on his food.


During the whole lunch break, Jo Kwon didn’t talk much. Only laughter of Ga In and Doo Joon could be heard. Soon, the three almost finishing their food, Jo Kwon saw the leftover on her lunch box and he knew that Ga In do not have the habit to finish her food.

‘Noona, you cannot finish your food again? Let me—‘

‘Ga In noona, I can finish up your food. Do you mind?’ Doo Joon interrupted.

‘Really? Then you can take it if you don’t mind.’ Ga In was a little shocked from Doo Joon's request.

Before Jo Kwon react to Doo Joon's request, Doo Joon has already took Ga In’s leftover and eats it.

‘My mum always reminds me that it’s not good to throw away unfinished food.’


Both Ga In and Doo Joon stop talking and looked up at Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon just looked back at them, didn’t know what to do.


‘Alright, alright. I’ll make myself disappear at this very moment okay? Bye, Ga In noona.’ Doo Joon understand the ‘signal’ given by Jo Kwon and 'took off' with the food in his hand. When Doo Joon left, Ga In turned to Jo Kwon and was a little unhappy with his attitude.

‘Kwon-ah, what’s wrong?’

‘Sorry, noona. I think I over-reacted. But I just can’t stand it.’

‘It looks like our Kwonnie is jealous.’

‘Noona, I think I better go and apologize to Doo Joon now.’

‘That’s my Kwonnie.’


Few days later, during short break in AML filming site, both the 'twins' are resting in their waiting room as usual. Jo Kwon is surfing the net from his laptop while Ga In was just going through the AML script with her head resting on Jo Kwon’s shoulder.

‘Noona, checked this out.’

‘What is it?’ Lazily she puts down her script and sat closer to Jo Kwon.

‘There are so many fan arts on the net.’

‘This one is so cute.’

‘They really spent a lot of time doing all these.’

‘Omo, this is so…’

‘Noona, should I post some pictures from my phone’s album on my Twitter too? As a fan service for our Adam fans?’

‘Yaah~!! Do you want to die? Those pictures are definitely cannot be reveal to—’

‘I am just joking, noona. Do you think I want to destroy this relationship with my own hand? This may be my first relationship but I am not stupid okay.’

Ga In just smiled and continued revising her script. It has been a few times that she revised them but she can’t help to feel nervous although she has been in the sitcom for so long.

‘Noona, look at this. We are caught.’

‘We are caught? Where?’ Ga In quickly sits up straight, thinking that there are fans filming them.

‘Relax noona. I meant this video. You are caught hugging me from the back during Hong Kong trip.’

[FanCam] Adam Couple Back-hug

‘Omo, how did this even caught on the camera? This is so embarrassing.’

‘It’s because you can’t resist hugging me that’s why you are caught. It’s funny to see them put on the replay mode for so many times. Watching this makes my heart flutter too, noona.’

Suddenly, Jo Kwon turns his back towards Ga In.

‘Since you love my back so much, now I will give you a chance to hug me. You know this is a rare opportunity right? I don't simply give free back-hug to other people.’

‘You dare to tease me?! You want to die?’ Instead of back-hugging him, Ga In tickled Jo Kwon on the waist. Then the two start to play their ‘tickling war’ on the small couch in the waiting room. They were laughing so loudly until staff next door can’t stop smiling to themselves. The two are always in their own world whenever they are alone.

However, there is someone standing nearby, witnessing everything clearly. He could feel his heart crumbling. He turned away from the door and walk away to stop his heart from breaking apart.


That evening, the three of them, Ga In, Jo Kwon and Doo Joon has finished their part for the day’s filming. They said thanks to the cast and directors and returned to their respective waiting room.

‘Should I give this to Ga In noona?’ Doo Joon took out a present that he has bought for Ga In from his backpack.


‘Kwon-ah, my mirror is broken. Ottoeke?’

‘I’ll buy you one when tonight after AML. Don’t pout okay?’


Suddenly, Ga In walked into their waiting room, looking for Jo Kwon. Doo Joon quickly hide the mirror away.

‘Kwon-ah did you get the mirror for me?’

‘I am sorry noona. Yesterday I was so busy so I didn’t get—‘

‘It’s alright. I just want to remind you to get a decent colour and no bright colours.’

‘Got it.’

After she said her piece, Ga In left their waiting room. Doo Joon looked at the mirror in his hand. It’s a BRIGHT RED coloured mirror with a cartoon character behind it.

I thought you would like this because the cartoon is so cute- Just like you. But it seems like this mirror serve no purpose anymore.

Doo Joon was about to keep the mirror away when suddenly Ga In called him.

‘Doo Joon-ah, come let’s take a picture!!’ Ga In and Jo Kwon was squatting in the middle of filming set, ready to take picture together.

‘Alright, I am coming!’

Doo Joon then got himself a spot beside Ga In- awkwardly holding the mirror in his hand because he forgot to keep it in his bag when Ga In called him.

‘1..2..3 say cheese.’

‘Another one hyung. Thank you!’

The three got up, and Jo Kwon retrieved his phone back from the staff that helped them to take the picture.

‘Doo Joon-ah, why are you holding that in your hand? Is it yours?’ Ga In was curious about the mirror in his hand.

‘’s nothing. This belong to my stylist.’

‘Kwon-ah, I have to go now. My manager is waiting for me already.’

‘Bye, noona.’

‘I will call you!!’ Ga In waved goodbye to both Jo Kwon and Doo Joon and soon disappears behind the door.

‘Doo Joon-ah, what are you staring at?’ He was caught staring at the direction Ga In has just left.


‘What’s up with you lately?

‘I guess I am just tired out from my hectic schedule.’

‘You know, chingu. We must always learn to take it easy. Don’t keep on stressing yourself.’

Doo Joon could only smile at Jo Kwon’s statement.

‘Do you have schedule later? Want to eat together?’

‘Sure...if it’s on you.’

‘Of course it’s on me!!’

‘Then you go and pack your stuff first. I need to use the restroom.’

‘I’ll be waiting in the waiting room.’

Doo Joon then left for restroom while Jo Kwon walks back to their waiting room.

To: 여벙♥ (Sent: 7.12pm)

Noona, I am going to have dinner with Doo Joon-nie. Remember to have you dinner on time. Love you.

From: 여벙♥ (Received: 7.13pm)

Alright, I would. Love you too.

After sending the message to Ga In, Jo Kwon then packed his bag. Suddenly Doo Joon’s phone that is lying on the table rang loudly.

Jo Kwon walked over to the phone and took it. He was about to pick up the call but suddenly the other party cancelled the call. He was about to let go of Doo Joon’s phone when he suddenly saw something that he thought that his eyes is playing on him.


Why did Doo Joon-nie put this photo as his phone’s wallpaper? What is going on? How come…? I don’t understand... Don’t tell me Doo Joon-nie…

Many things are running through his mind right now. Flashback of events that happened recently struck him. He let go of the phone and looked away. He tried to keep his posture and remain calm.

Don’t tell me…Doo Joon likesGa

When he was deep in his thoughts, Doo Joon returned from the restroom.

‘Hey, why are staring into the spaces? Are you ready to leave now?’

‘Doo Joon-ah, your manager called you just now.’

‘Is it?’

‘I wanted to pick up the phone but before I could pick up, he ended the phone call already.’

‘Really?’ Doo Joon was happily packing his bag because he can’t wait to enjoy his dinner ‘date’ with his chingu. Suddenly he stops moving when he thought of the picture on his phone’s wallpaper.

‘Did…Did you just see—‘

‘Let’s talk outside.’


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