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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 13

‘Ahjumma, please give us two sets of meat and two bottle of soju (Korean wine). Thank you.’

‘Kwonnie-ah, you haven’t been talking on the way here. Can you please say something? You looked scary.’

‘Let’s eat and enjoy our food first.’ Jo Kwon replied in a solemn way.

‘Sha..shall we?’ Doo Joon was really nervous to meet Jo Kwon alone after Jo Kwon found out about the photo in his phone.

When the food came, they started eating. Jo Kwon was chatting very normally about other funny things that happened to him that day. Doo Joon felt weird because he didn’t mention anything about the picture. Then suddenly,

‘Doo Joon-ah, I just want to know what’s going on, as a friend.’

‘Huh? Wh..what do you mean?’

‘The picture in your phone.’


‘You like Ga In noona?’

‘Kwonnie-ah, listen to me first.’

Jo Kwon kept quiet while looking at the food in front of him.

‘Well, you know Ga In noona has been really friendly to all the people around her. You know that right?’ Doo Joon started.


‘You know when two people starts to spent some time together for a very long time, it’s very hard not to develop some feelings right? She’s a single after all and I am a normal man.’

‘She’s mine for your information.’

‘Ahh.. yes yes, you are right. I mean, just like how you and Ga In noona have starred in We Got Married over such a long period. Didn’t you guys started to get close too because of that? Well, don’t forget that Ga In noona and I has a love line in AML too.’ Jo Kwon just kept quiet and continues munching on the food in his mouth. He tried to rationalize Doo Joon’s explanation.

‘Doo Joon-ah, actually I am not trying to get anything out from you. It’s just that I just want to know what’s going on. I don’t want myself to misunderstand anything without getting the whole matter right. You know those thoughts can be disastrous.’

‘No, listen to me. I know you are just worried. Actually truthfully, I believe whatever I am experiencing right now is just momentary.’

‘Is it?’

‘Yes and trust me, I know myself better than you. It’s all momentary. I believe when I don’t see her often when AML ends, this feeling would be gone too.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I just don’t want you to misunderstand. Don’t go and look for Ga In noona because it’s all one-sided.’

Jo Kwon didn’t say anything but obviously his facial expression changed to a better one. Doo Joon felt more relieved after seeing Jo Kwon's facial change.

‘Yah, Kwon-ah. You must be prepared you know.’

‘Be prepared?’

‘Ga In noona is an attractive lady after all. I believe there’s more man like me out there.’

Jo Kwon gulped down his cup of soju. What Doo Joon said is right. He must hint the whole wide world that Son Ga In belongs to him.

‘Yah, don’t just drink the soju. There’s still a lot of food left.’ Doo Joon snapped him out of his thought.

‘Arassoo~’ Jo Kwon just smiled and poured more soju for Doo Joon.

‘Oh yah, please pass this to Ga In noona.’ Doo Joon took out a package from his bag that is placed beside him and passed it to Jo Kwon.


‘Please don’t misunderstand. This is just the D’ Sound album that she wanted badly. I have asked one of my good friend who owned a CD shop in downtown to help me out and he really manage to find it.’

‘Oh I didn’t know that. Thank you Doo Joon.’


After the dinner, Doo Joon left with his manager while Jo Kwon took a cab home instead and left his car near the restaurant. That night, Jo Kwon reached home very late. He slumps on the couch, holding his head. It has been a long time since he has drank so much soju over a dinner.

Changmin who is an early sleeper, came out to get a glass of water. He saw Jo Kwon sitting on the couch without the lights turned on.

‘Kwon-ah, you just came back? I thought AML ended early today?’

‘Sorry hyung, did I wake you up?’

'I just come out to get a glass of water. Why are you so late today? Ohh, have a date with Ga In?’

‘No, I just had dinner with Doo Joon.’

‘I see, you better sleep early then. I’ll be going inside.’

‘Good night hyung. See you tomorrow.’

When Jo Kwon saw Changmin entering his room, Jo Kwon took out the present from his bag.

Doo Joon actually listened to Ga In’s word when all I know is being jealous. He even took the effort to look for the album for Ga In. Am I a bad boyfriend?


It has been a few days ever since Jo Kwon dinner with Doo Joon. There’s hasn’t been any AML filming with him until next week so Jo Kwon has not seen Doo Joon. He hasn’t been seeing Ga In these few days either because Ga In was busy with B.E.G’s comeback. 2AM also have lot of schedule to complete before starting their Asia Saint O’ Clock promotion at the end of April.

2AM is attending the photo shoot for June issue of Ceci magazine. Jo Kwon just arrived from AML filming so he is getting ready in the waiting room while the others are already taking their own individual shots.

Should I give this to Ga In noona?

‘Kwon-hyung, I have seen you holding the present since a few days ago. Ah.. babo me..This is for Ga In noona right?’

‘Yes it is but it’s not from me.'

'Huh?..Then who is it from?’

‘Fro..from Doo Joonie.’

‘From Doo Joon hyung? Why would—Ah... I understand. You are hesitating to give this to Ga In noona because you are jealous and scared right?’

Jo Kwon just kept quiet because Jin Woon totally nail right at Jo Kwon’s frustration.

‘Hyung, you are not confident with your relationship with Ga In noona after all these time? You think that this little present would surpass whatever you have done for Ga In noona previously?’

‘Jin Woon-ah, am I a good boyfriend?’

‘Of course you are, hyung. I have never seen you so dedicated to something as much as your career. Like how you have spent so much time and effort in doing events for her during WGM days, doesn’t that count as sincerity? Your willingness to help her whenever she needed help without her asking, not anybody can do that. I only see that in you, hyung. Ga In noona is also a smart girl, she won’t be choosing you if you aren’t good. So trust me, hyung you are a wonderful boyfriend.’

Jo Kwon kept quiet again.

‘Hyung, I’ll leave for you to think for a moment but our group photo shoot is starting soon.’

‘Thanks Jin Woon-nie. I’ll be right out.’


Finally the photo shoot ended successfully. By the time they have already washed of their make ups and changed to their casual clothes, it was already 11pm.

To: 여벙 (Sent: 11.19pm)

Noona, are you home now? I want to see you.

From: 여벙(Received: 11.23pm)

I just reached home from practicing, dead tired now. Why so sudden?

To: 여벙 (Sent: 11.25pm)

I’ll be arriving soon.

From: 여벙 (Received: 11.27pm)

But all unnies is around now. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to come over now

To: 여벙 (Sent: 11.30pm)

Just for a while, noona. I’ll see you outside.

From: 여벙(Received: 11.31pm)

Alright then.

After sending the final message, she dressed herself again and walk out of her room. All her other unnies are sitting around in the living room drinking wine to relax themselves after a long day practicing.

‘Unnie, I’ll be going down for a while.’

‘We… just came back and you are…going out again?!’ Miryo exclaimed.

‘No, Kwonnie wants to see me for a while.’

‘JoSeobang? Why, he doesn’t want to see us…that’s why he is…not coming up?’ Jea is already tipsy from the wine.

‘I am just afraid he would disturb you guys. It’s okay, I’ll just see him downstairs.’

‘They.. they…want to be all…lovey-dovey without us, Jea....Can’t …you get her hints?’ Miryo added again.


‘Ga In-ah, you better go and come back quick. Don’t be too late.’ Narsha who is a strong liquor holder able are still in her senses.

‘Arasso. I’ll just see him and come back.’


From: Kkaptick (Received: 11.40pm)

Noona, I am at the park opposite you house.

Ga In then walked out of their apartment and went to the park mentioned by Jo Kwon. She looked around and saw a petite stature sitting at the bench. Then she approached the man.

‘Kwon-ah, are you alright? Why do you—‘

Jo Kwon saw Ga In approaching him, quickly stood up and gave her a hug. He hugs her as tight as he could.

‘Kwon-ah, what it is? You’re scaring me. Tell me what’s going on.’

‘Shhh. Let me just hug you like this for a while.’ Hearing this, Ga In hugs him by the waist.

‘Noona, I don’t know whether I am doing the right thing or not... but...but I am so afraid of losing you.’

‘Silly boy, what happened?’ Ga In caressed his back gently.

Jo Kwon broke off the hug and led Ga In to the bench. When they are seated, Jo Kwon took out the present that he has kept for a few days from his bag.

‘Noona, this is for you. It’s not from me but from Doo Joon. He wants me to pass this to you.’

‘Doo Joon-nie? What is this?’ Ga In then carefully opened the package.

‘It’s the D’sound album that you’ve wanted so much. He went around looking it up for you.’

‘Really? Omo, I am so grateful to him. I have been looking for it for ages!!’

‘And I am sorry noona.’

‘Sorry for what?’ Ga In still engrossed with the album in her hand.

‘I didn’t listen to your words properly.’

Ga In can sense the different tone in Jo Kwon’s voice. She puts down the album in her hand and looked up at Jo Kwon.

‘As your boyfriend, I didn’t know that you like the band and I didn’t have enough sense to buy the album for you. When I hear you talks about it with Doo Joon, all I know was getting jealous and pouts about it. But Doo Joon did.’

‘Silly boy, so that’s the thing that has been bothering you these days? That’s why you have been replying late to my messages? And answering coldly to my questions?’

‘I am sorry for behaving that way recently.’

‘There are things that I didn’t tell you, Kwon-ah. You don’t know how much you meant to me. You didn’t know that you are the one who kept me going during my depressed day. You didn’t know that your single message can keep me happy, and your single phone call at night can assure me a good night sleep with your soft voice. There are so many things that you have done for me and haven’t really gotten a chance to repay you.’


‘Hmm…Why did I fall in love with a silly boy?’ Ga In said jokingly. They both sat closer and enjoy each other’s company for the night.


On the same night, at the other side of the town, B2ST member was given a half day off in their dorm. They have been practicing days and night for their first studio album.

‘Hyung, where are you going? Aren’t you going to have dinner with us?’ Dong Woon the maknae of B2ST, came out of the bathroom saw Doo Joon grabbing the dorm keys.

‘Dong Woon-ah, please tell the others I am going out for a while to talk a walk. I will come back before the curfew.’

‘Ah..alright. Take care.’

‘And Dong Woon-ah, please don’t tell manager Kim that I went out.’

‘Bye,hyung.’ With that, Doo Joon stepped out of the house and went away.

‘Dong Woon-ah, where is Doo Joon going?’ Jun Hyung asked when he saw Doo Joon walking out.

‘Hyung said he wants to talk a walk downstairs.’

‘What’s up with our dear leader recently? Being so moody and all. It’s so unlike of him.’ Yeo Seob interrupted while preparing the tables for dinner.

‘He has been like this these past few days. I guess it’ll be over soon.’ Jun Hyung said simply.

Doo Joon hailed a cab and asked for Han River. When he has reached, he got off from the cab and walked to the side of the railing. He walked around while inhaling the cold air and ‘enjoys’ the night scenery.

Yoon Doo Joon, you’re a righteous man…Kwonnie is your friend…and you must always remember that…You must learn to give things up when the thing is clearly not… yours. Don’t pin any hopes on this feeling which clearly would not reciprocate…

Doo Joon wiped away the tears that has fallen off on his cheek.

Ga In noona…from tomorrow onwards, you...are my noona. I am going to look at you from a different angle. I will…I will…no longer harbour any thoughts on you. I will respect you like a sunbaenim (senior) in the music industry and treasure you as a…noona in a… friendship.

I know being in this kind of situation is really hard and someone is bound to get hurt. And that someone…has to be…me. You only see Kwonnie in your eyes and your heart no longer have space for others. Kwonnie has done so much for you and he deserves you…more than anyone else. Kwonnie is the right man for you..

So…I shall turn this feeling to siblings love. I know by doing this, it won’t be so toiling for me to get over this.. Thank you for all concerns you have given me before this… you must be happy with Kwonnie …and I am contented. I am going to smile… broadly and send you away generously. Yoon Doo Joon, you can do it!! You are going to be fine!!

AHHH~~YOON DOO JOON FIGHTING!!!’Doo Joon shouts on top of his lung over the rail. This is going to be the last time that he is going to be brood over this problem ever again. He took out his phone and look for that picture. He heaved a sigh before pressing the delete button.


Today is AML filming day as usual but the filming ended early in the afternoon as most of the cast were occupied in the evening.

‘Doo Joon-ah!! Thanks so much for the album!!’ Ga In wrapped around her arm on Doo Joon’s shoulder.

‘It’s nothing, noona. It’s just a favour.’

‘Are you free later? I shall treat you lunch and enjoy the album together, shall we?’

‘Sure I would love that.’

Ga In turned to Jo Kwon who was listening all the time at the back to make sure he was okay with the idea.

‘Sure, you guys have fun. I need to go for my schedule too.’

Doo Joon gave an assuring smile and nodded at Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon too, nodded in return and starts to pack his bag for his next schedule.


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