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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 14

‘All right, people come let’s move on to the next set. We are going to move to the scene outside that pavillion. Come on.’

After the director said his piece, all the staff workers start to pack their machines and gadgets to the next location as instructed by him.

As usual, when the camera is not rolling, Jo Kwon finds every possible opportunity to spend time with Ga In. When they were just about to leave for the next location, Jo Kwon stopped KyungSan manager by her shoulder.

‘Noona, can you help me to take a picture of us wearing hanbook?’

‘Sure.’ Jo Kwon passes his phone to KyungSan manager.

‘Noona, come let’s take a memorable shot on this grassy land.’ Jo Kwon pulled Ga In over to his side.


‘Just sit down comfortably. And I will like down like this.’ While talking, Jo Kwon rests his head on Ga In’s lap.

‘Yahh!! Are you crazy? Everybody is watching!!’

‘It’s okay. Just post for the camera.’

‘Noona, you can take now!’ Jo Kwon made an OK sign to Kyungsan manager indicating that she can take the pictures now.

‘1..2..say cheese!!’

‘A few more, noona.’ After a few more shots, Jo Kwon stood up and thanked Ga In’s manager. He retrieved his phone and both were looking through the album of pictures that they have just taken.

‘Noona, what’s with your expression in the pictures?’


‘Why are you showing a chic face, huh? Jo Kwon screening through the photos that they have just took. In all the pictures, Ga In showed chic face.

‘It’s just the weather…’ She explained.

‘Whatever, come let’s go to another scene.’ Jo Kwon kept his phone away and pulled Ga In to the set.


‘Kwon-ah, yesterday you said you don’t have schedule after this right?’

‘Around 8pm, I have to go back to practice with Seul Ong hyung and the rest.’

‘If that’s the case, then follow me home.’

‘Follow you home??!!’ Jo Kwon gulped down his saliva.

‘What are you thinking? I’ll be preparing food for you.’ Ga In smacked gently on Jo Kwon’s forehead.

‘ byuntae noona. I..I was just..just …thinking about your delicious food!!’

‘Quit your crap here. We don’t have much time.’

‘Then let’s get going.’ Jo Kwon took Ga In’s hand and head to the car park. After they loaded their stuff in the back seat, both hopped into the car.

‘Noona, why are you so impatient? Don’t tell me—’

‘Stop talking and just start driving.’

Jo Kwon took the hint and just shut his mouth. He didn’t utter a word along the journey to Ga In’s house but he was smiling all the way because he is holding her hand all the time while driving.

Soon they reached Ga In’s house and Jo Kwon parked his car at the lot specifically for the resident. Both got down after the taking their stuff from the car bonnet.

‘Are you sure you locked it well?’ Ga In nags.

Jo Kwon walked around the car, checking it for the last time.

‘Hmm. Come on, let’s go.’ Jo Kwon kept his car keys and reached out his hand to hold Ga In’s hand.

When they walked into the lobby, Jo Kwon pulled muffler scarf around his neck higher to hide his face from the public. Fortunately, there was no one at the lobby. They quickened their steps and got into the elevator.

‘Ughh I can’t believe that the weather is so hot.’ Jo Kwon took out the scarf that wrapped around his neck.

‘Hot?’ Ga In tried to break off their hands because he could feel that his palm is getting sweaty.

‘Noona, what are you trying to do?’ Instead of letting go, he holds her hand tighter.

‘I’ll never let go of your hand.’ Jo Kwon added.

Ga In could only smile at his words.


The elevator reached Ga In’s house floor and they walked towards her house. Ga In pressed the password on the house’s number pad and lead Jo Kwon into the house.

‘Nobody is home? Where did Jea noona go?’ Jo Kwon takes a quick look around the house and only hears their voices.

‘She went over to Miryo unnie’s house. They are discussing about our album and going to have dinner together.’ Ga In walks to her room and puts down her stuff.

‘Don’t you need to go too?’ Jo Kwon made himself comfortable and sat at the L-shape sofa situated in the living room.

‘She wants me to rest a little bit more from AML.’ Ga In walks over to the kitchen and starts preparing the ingredients for her menu today.

‘Noona, you are cooking?’

‘Aren’t you leaving soon for Asia promotion? You need some nutritious food.’ Ga In said while washing her hands over the basin.

‘Is my favourite samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) on the list?’ Jo Kwon got up from the couch and walks over to the kitchen. He suddenly hugs Ga In from the back.

‘Waegeurae?’ Speaking in the soft tone, Ga In cuts the ginseng roots into smaller pieces.

‘I miss spending some time alone with you, noona.’

‘Stop being so cheesy. Now you stay put in the living room while I cook dinner before you leave for your next schedule.’

‘How can I do that?’ Jo Kwon broke off the hug and reached for the drawer that keeps the apron.

‘Noona, wear this.’ Again, Jo Kwon helped Ga In to wear the apron just like how he did for her during their WGM days. After tying the ribbons on her back, Jo Kwon took one for himself too and wears it.

‘Why are you still standing here?’

‘I am going to help you.’

Ga In’s eyes widen at Jo Kwon’s statement.


So, Jo Kwon was supposed to help out in the kitchen, but they ended up playing around in the kitchen. Ga In was beating the egg for Jo Kwon’s favourite ham, but Jo Kwon screwed whole thing up because he surprise kisses her on the cheek while washing the little octopus for samgyetang. Because of the surprise kiss, Ga In accidentally poured some of the batter out.

‘Kwon-ah, look what you have done. The egg batter is all over my hand.’

Feeling unsatisfied, Ga In wiped of the sticky egg white on her hand with Jo Kwon’s face.

‘Yah, Son Ga In!!’ Ga In did a meh-rong and continued beating the egg.

‘You wanna play with me? Come to daddy.’

Jo Kwon’s hand reached for the egg batter and tried to dirty Ga In’s face. Ga In tried to escape but Jo Kwon manages to catch her in her waist. He turns her around so that she faces him. Jo Kwon then pulled Ga In closer and hugs her tightly by her waist. Ga In tried to break free from the hug but to no avail.

‘You can’t run away from me,’ said Jo Kwon mischievously.

Jo Kwon dipped his finger into the egg batter which was placed beside him and gets ready to get his revenge back. He was threatening to smudge the egg batter all over her face.

‘I know you won’t do this to me.’ Ga In starts her counter attack strategy.

‘How do you know? Jo Kwon was still grinning playfully from ears to ears.

‘Because you can’t bear to dirty my beautiful face,’ Ga In said confidently.

‘Is it?’ Jo Kwon looked straight into her eyes.

Their eyes met and it has been a long time since they looked into each other’s eyes. Jo Kwon’s heart skipped a bit and the atmosphere is perfect for a sweet kiss. So, Jo Kwon leaned forward slowly. Ga In closes her eyes, ready to savour the sweet moment. Their lips were millimeters away from meeting when suddenly the boiling water from the pot overspills.

‘Omo, the stove!!’ Ga In break off the hug and quickly turns off the stove.

‘Aishh!!! This is so irritating.’ Jo Kwon stomped his foot angrily at his failed plan on kissing Ga In.

‘Yah, just quickly wash the octopus and we need to start on the chicken soon.’ Ga In acted like nothing happen. But deep down inside her, how she wished that the stove didn’t make noise. Her cheek flushes red at the thought of it.

‘Noona, can we continue?’

‘Sure, let’s continue cooking your samgyetang.’ Ga In obviously knew what Jo Kwon meant but purposely makes fun of Jo Kwon.

‘Noona, you know I don’t mean that...’ Once again, Jo Kwon put his hand around Ga In’s waist. He pulled her closer to zero the gap between them. Ga In chuckled and tried to focus on tying the chicken’s leg. She felt her cheeks burning hot.

‘Kwon-ah, if you don’t finish with that, we can’t make our samgyetang. So, be a good boy alright?’ Reluctantly, Jo Kwon let go of her and continued with whatever he is doing.


It was around an hour later when they finally settled themselves on the dining table. There are only three dishes. All was Jo Kwon’s favourite- garlic ham, American style omelet and last but not least their main course, the healthy samgyetang.

They quickly dug into their food as both were very hungry from fooling around too much in the kitchen. Their meals together are always filled with laughter and lots of selca. It was around 7pm when they finished their food.

‘Noona, this meal is DAEBAK. It has been a long time since I ate your food.’

‘What time are you leaving?’

‘Maybe half an hour later. Noona, shall we watch TV?’

Jo Kwon stood up and led Ga In to the L-shape sofa. Jo Kwon made himself comfortable at the long end of the L-shape sofa before Ga In joins him in a cuddle.

‘What is there to watch?’ Ga In picks up the remote and randomly switching between channels.

‘The TV is not important. Son Ga In is the one is.’ Jo Kwon tightens his cuddle. Jo Kwon breathes in Ga In’s hair fragrance that made his heart race a bit. He gently kiss Ga In’s hair.

Ga In just smile at his statement. She too, felt really happy and enjoys the sweet moment with Jo Kwon. She snuggles closer into Jo Kwon’s arm. She felt safe, comfortable and blissful- she could forget all her worries whenever she is with him.

‘Noona, shall I post some picture that we took this morning on my twitter?’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’ll just make it sound like I am promoting our sitcom. I think that’ll be alright.’

Jo Kwon fished out his Iphone form his pocket and both started choosing the best picture to post on the net. In the midst of choosing:

‘Yah, don’t choose this one!!’


‘I don’t look good in here.’

‘Noona, to me you are perfect.’

‘Chet. That goes without saying.’

‘Then we would post this one then.’


‘Alright, alright.’ Jo Kwon can’t stop laughing at Ga In’s reaction. Sometimes, he just felt like making fun of Ga In just like how best friends made fun of each other.

Finally they choose the picture taken on the grassy land to be posted on Jo Kwon’s twitter. Jo Kwon put his phone away and focuses on the TV. They were watching some boring news on the TV because they were no other programs that they were interested in. Suddenly there was a news on Asia countries when it reminded Jo Kwon about 2AM’s Asia promotion.

‘Noona, when I go for promotion, I am going to be very busy you know.’

‘By that time…you must know how to take care of yourself.’ Ga In was very tired from the whole day schedule. She was on the verge on falling asleep.

‘But noona, I am going to spend very little time with you. Aren’t you going to say something like you would be missing me?’

‘Of course I would miss you…but work is more important right…?’ Ga In was dozing off from the boring news on the TV screen.

‘Noona, can we find a time during night that we can chat online? Didn’t Jea noona suggested before that the level of privacy is very high? We shall try to do that when we leave for promotion.’

‘We shall wait and see how…..’

Jo Kwon was feeling very strange at the way Ga In talks. He sits up a bit and saw Ga In’s eyes was closed and was smiling in her sleep.

Ga In noona must be tired from the entire schedule and cooking.

Seeing this, Jo Kwon changes his position to allow Ga In to sleep on his lap. He gently placed Ga In’s head to his lap.


Ga In twitched a little when she felt a touched on her arms. Slowly she came to her senses and found herself sleeping on Jo Kwon’s lap.

‘I fell asleep didn’t I?’ Ga In turned her head to face inwards (means she is facing Jo Kwon's tummy)

‘Yea, you were sleeping so soundly that I couldn’t bear to wake you up.’ Jo Kwon smiled while playing with Ga In’s hair.

‘What time is it already?’

‘Its half pass eight already. You want me to carry you back to your room?’

‘Half pass eight??’ Ga In jolted up from lying position.

‘Aren’t you supposed to meet other ahjibaems at eight?’

‘Calm down Ga In noona. I told them I would be late already. It’s okay.’

‘You better go now!!’ Ga In pulled Jo Kwon up from the couch and pushed him to the door. She then grabbed Jo Kwon’s stuff that are lying on the table and shoved it to this chest.

‘Noona, calm down. It’s alright.’ Jo Kwon was trying to prevent himself from being pushed out the door.

‘I don’t want you to be scolded by them. Just leave for your practice.’ Ga In was raising her voice a little. She felt really bad for staling Jo Kwon’s practice time.

‘Noona, at least give me what I wanted before I leave.’ Jo Kwon finally stated out his condition for leaving.

‘What do you want?’

‘This.’ Jo Kwon leaned forward to give Ga In a deep kiss before parting with her.

Ga In was left standing there all smiling widely. Jo Kwon grinned evilly and he left via the escalator.



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