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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 15

‘Noona, you know I am leaving for my promotion next week right? Is there anything that you would like?’

‘Hmm.. I don’t know Kwonnie.’

‘Tell me the things that you want and I’ll get it for you. I can pass it to you during AML filming day.’


‘Noona, why do you sound so different? Anything happened?’

‘It’s nothing. I am just tired from our practice.’

‘If that’s the case, you think about it first. I don’t want to disturb you now.’

‘It’s okay. You can continue.’

‘I don’t want to be a bad boyfriend. You better go and sleep now.’

‘Alright, alrght. Good night.’

‘Sleep early. I love you.’

‘Love you too.’

Ga In hung up the phone and put it aside. She heaved out a sigh and rested her head on the arm rest.

‘You didn’t tell him didn’t you?’ Jea who just made herself a cup of warm milk walks towards the living room. She made herself comfortable on the couch and scooted closer to Ga In.

‘Are you sure that this is going to be okay? It has been a week you know. Given his character, I think he is going to be unhappy about this if you don’t tell him earlier.’

‘I wished I could tell him just now. But I just couldn’t bring myself to break the news to him. You know much he treasures all the free time during filming?’

‘Whatever, this is something between you and Jo Seobang, I am in no position to interfere. But if you need me for advice, I’ll be inside. I am going to sleep.’ Jea patted Ga In’s butt lightly and got up and she went back straight to her room.

Ga In heaved out another sigh when her Jea unnie entered the room. She flashes back to what has happened that day in the company.


‘Ga In-ah, later you have a meeting with sa jang-nim (president) and AML producers at 1pm. Remember do not be late for it. They say it’s a very important meeting.’

Ga In’s heart sank. She knew that this day would eventually come. She didn’t know that it would be that fast.

‘Ga In-ah, are you alright?’ Kyungsan manager patted slightly on Ga In’s shoulder.

‘I am alright unnie. I would be there on time.’


Ga In stepped slowly towards the meeting room. Usually she would not be nervous at the thought of meeting their president, but today she’s unusually nervous and worried. She knocked gently and waited for the permission to enter the room.

‘Please come it.’ Carefully, Ga In stepped into the room and she saw two representatives from MBC station and her president are having discussion.

‘Ga In-ssi, you are here. Please have a seat.’

‘Annyeonhaseyo.’ Politely Ga In greeted them and sat in front of the men.

‘Ga In-ah, I called you in today because we have something to discuss about your schedule in AML.’

‘Ga In-ssi, you know actually your contract with MBC ends at AML episode 120, right?’ The first man man from MBC spoke.


‘But because a special request from JYP entertainment which I clearly do not know the implicit reason, your contract was extended.’ The MBC representative continued.

‘But now, you president has a special request for you to…to end your contract early than intended.’

Ga In quickly glances over to her president. He just smiled and kept on nodding his head.

‘So Ga In-ssi, after much discussion with your president just now, we have come to a conclusion that your will be filming your last episode on the 9th of May.’

‘So fast?!’ Ga In exclaimed.

‘We are sorry for the short notice but it seems like this is going to happen.’

‘What about the storyline? Isn’t going to affect the sitcom?’

‘Don’t worry about that, our script writers are doing their best to continue the flow of the plot.’

‘What about the fans? How are they going to accept it? Are you going to announce it?’

‘We would do so on your last day of filming. And your remaining episodes would continue to air until episode 135. So I think this would not be too shocking to your fans too.’


‘So Ga In-ssi, would you mind signing on this terminating contract?’

Once again Ga In looked at her president who is sitting calmly by the side witnessing the whole process. The president just nodded his head giving sign that it’s alright for her to sign the papers.

Ga In hesitates for a while before making marks on the contract. She knew that she has to accept the fact that she is going to leave her AML family soon. Many flash back of her fond memories with AML family makes her eyes teary.

‘Ga In-ssi?’


‘Please sign here.’

Ga In quickly signs the stack of contracts. After signing, the representatives stood up and pack their things.

‘Thank you Mr President. Thank you Ga In-ssi. It has been an honour to be able to work with you. Wish you all the best in B.E.G’s comeback.’ All the four shook their hands. Ga In and Mr. President led the men to the door and sent them away.

‘Ga In-ah, I am sorry for making this decision because I am more concerned about your health. You have been so busy with filming and recording. I hardly see you having any proper rest.’

‘Sa Jang-nim...’

‘I take this opportunity to end the contract early when the MBC representative called me this morning about extension of your contract.’


‘Furthermore, aren’t you guys are preparing for your comeback in July? I hope you can concentrate more on the recording and rest well before your hectic schedule starts again during the comeback month.’

‘I will obey to your instructions.’

[End of Flashback]

Should I tell him tomorrow? Is he going to be angry with me?

The thought of Jo Kwon ignoring her or pull long faces at her, made her worried. She switches off her phone and return to her room to get some sleep before her long day starts again.


‘Noona, did you sleep well yesterday?’ Jo Kwon entered the waiting room noisily with his stylist following behind. He put down his bags and approached Ga In who is doing her makeup.

‘Oh, Kwon-ah you are here.’

‘So noona, have you thought about it?’

‘About what?’

‘Noona, did you even listen to me yesterday? I was talking about the presents.’

‘For your information, you called me at 2 in the morning, mister.’

‘Hey miss. Please get the fact right. I called you because you messaged me that you miss me. I was just doing what you asked okay.’

Ga In’s eyes widened when Jo Kwon said that. Her cheeks reddened and she looks away.

‘Ga In-sshi, I don’t think you need any of the cheek blushes. Your cheeks are red enough.’ Her makeup artist tried to maintain her facial expression while containing her laugh.

‘Unnie!! How can you tease me like that?’

The people in the room broke into laughter at Ga In’s reaction. They always find the way the Adam bicker, very amusing to them. It looked more like a comedy show to them instead of a couple fight. The atmosphere in the waiting room was very happy and cheerful when suddenly Doo Joon barged into the room.

‘Yahh!! Yoon Doo Joon can you open the door slowly? Must you barged in like this? You are scaring everyone here.’

‘Ga In noona, you are not acting in AML anymore?’ Doo Joon ignored Jo Kwon and asked about Ga In’s departure.

‘H-Huh??’ Ga In was startled by Doo Joon’s question.

‘Yoon Doo Joon, what kind of question is that? If she were too, she would have told—‘

‘I just heard from Mi Sun noona that you are leaving next week. Is that true?’


The room became silent immediately. Everyone was waiting for her answer. Jo Kwon’s face turned from a smiley face to serious look when Ga In hesitated to answer Doo Joon.

‘I..I…’ Ga In looked down, didn’t know how to answer Doo Joon, most importantly letting Jo Kwon to know about her departure in this kind of situation.

‘Noona, is Doo Joon saying the truth?’


‘Answer me, noona.’

‘Yes. I am leaving next week. I am only filming until episode 135.’ She answered unwillingly.

Jo Kwon looked away. He didn’t know how to response to the matter.

He feels hurt because Ga In didn’t tell him beforehand and letting himself to know about the matter in that kind of situation and worst of all, even Doo Joon knows about it before him.

He feels sad because he wasn’t there to share Ga In’s burden about her departure because he know that Ga In must have felt terrible about leaving the AML family. And yet, he is still bugging her yesterday night about some minor things.

‘Noona, I would go out and prepare first. See you later.’ Jo Kwon broke the silence with his solemn voice.

With that, Jo Kwon stood up and left the room. Everyone in the room was so shock about what has just happened in the room. Although it was nothing major, but the whole atmosphere was certainly something that people would not one to experience it again.

‘Ga In noona, Kwonnie doesn’t know about it?’ Doo Joon approached the shocked Ga In after Jo Kwon left the room.

‘I..I intend to tell him later during lunch time but—‘

‘Noona, it’s my entire fault. I shouldn’t have—‘

‘No, it’s not. It’s my fault. I did not settle the matter well.’

‘Noona, don’t worry I’ll go and look for Kwonnie right now and I’ll explain to him.’

Doo Joon was about to run and look for Jo Kwon to explain things when suddenly Ga In grab hold of his arm.

‘Don’t go. I know his character well. He won’t listen now. Just let him concentrate on his filming first. We can settle later. You better go and prepare too.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, or else you would be late.’

‘….Then I’ll be going now. See you.’ Doo Joon leaves and closes the door behind him.

Ga In just stares blankly at the place where Jo Kwon has just sat. She could not believe that everything happened in less than 15 minutes. The lively room just turned into a cold room.

‘Ga In-ah, are you alright?’ Her makeup artist patted gently on her shoulder.

‘Unnie, can I have some time alone? Since my makeup is done—‘

‘Sure, we’ll leave now. Take care.’ Quickly, the hairstylist and the makeup artist leave the room. The moment the door closes, the tears that are already on the verge falls off.

She quickly wiped away her tears- afraid being seen. She then took out a box from her bag. It was a box of Jo Kwon’s favourite chocolate.

I suppose this box of chocolate would at least make you don’t pout when I tell you about the matter. But now seeing you like this, I guess this box of chocolate serves no purpose anymore.

She kept away the things back into her bag. She wiped off her tears and gets ready to film. She knows that being sad or dejected right now would not solve the matter right way. Instead she must cherish the remaining time she has with AML family.


That morning, everyone who knew the Adams can sense the abnormality during the whole shooting. Normally, Jo Kwon would be seen with Ga In; Ga In would eat lunch with Jo Kwon, Jo Kwon would be following Ga In everywhere during break time, or find a time to chat with Ga In whenever possible.

However, that morning, both were obviously very cold with each other. Ga In tried to talk to Jo Kwon normally but would only get cold replies from him. Ga In tried to explain to him, but only hurt more and more every time she does that.

She don’t feel sad because Jo Kwon was cold to her, she felt guilty instead of not telling the matter to Jo Kwon earlier. She clearly knows that her action has made Jo Kwon feels insecure about their relationship because Ga in was not frank with him. She blamed herself for not heeding Jea’s advice to tell about the matter to Jo Kwon earlier.

That day, both said goodbye to each other briefly and parted their way. During recording, Ga In tried to call him a lot of times but all the calls were directed to his voicemail. After umpteen times of trying, she finally gave up and switches off her phone.


‘Kwon-ah, are you sure you are alright? You don’t look good. What happened?’

‘I am alright hyung. Don’t worry about me.’

On the way to the practice room, Jo Kwon decided to switch on his phone. He found 9 voicemails in his inbox. He opened them one by one to listen.

“Kwon-ah, can we talk? Call me when you hear this.”

“Kwon-ah, can you listen to my explanation? It’s not what you think.”

“Kwon-ah, I’ll be waiting for your call until you call no matter how late it is.”

“Kwon-ah, please don’t ignore me. I don’t like it. You are scaring me.”

“Kwon-ah, I am still waiting. Please call me when you hear this. I love you.”

Jo Kwon throws his phone away. He can’t bear to listen to them anymore. Jo Kwon was at loss. He didn’t know what to do. He felt his heart crushed when he heard those voicemail that Ga In left for him. Each messages are like knifes piercing through his heart.

‘Kwon-ah, are you alright? You are scaring me.’ His manager stopped the car immediately by the roadside when he saw Jo Kwon throws his phone away.

‘Hyung, can you fetch me to Ga In noona’s house now? I need to see her.’

‘Now? But you have practice with Changmin—‘

‘Hyung, can you do me a favour? This is very urgent. Can you help me to tell JYP hyung that I am sick and I can’t go and practice tonight?’

Seeing his earnest look from the rear mirror, his manager finally nodded.

‘Thanks hyung. I am depending on you.’


He gently pressed the doorbell. His mind is full of words that he wanted to tell Ga In. He wanted to say sorry to her for making her feels miserable when he is to blame too.

He hated himself for behaving this way when he promised Ga In once that he would be a mature and responsible boyfriend. But now, he is behaving childishly for not listening to Ga In and acted on impulse.

After waiting for awhile, there’s still no response from inside. Jo Kwon took out his phone and dialed for Ga In’s number. He waited till the ringing stop but Ga In didn’t pick up her phone. He tried again and again but to no avail. Feeling dejected, he walk towards the elevator and headed downstairs.


‘Ga In-ah, I’ll be going back to my parents home tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

‘Sure unnie. Send my regards to your parents.’

‘I’ll be going then. Yah, Son Ga In, please don’t think too much. Everything would be alright. He’ll eventually understand.’

‘…..I know. You better leave soon or else you would be home late.’

‘Alright, take care of yourself. See you tomorrow.’ Jea waved goodbye and hopped onto the cab.

Suddenly, Kyungsan manager run from the opposite of the road.

‘Ga In-ah, why didn’t you answer your phone? I called many times to tell you that I am waiting for you at the other side of the building.’ Kyungsan unnie came running, panting hardly.

‘Really? I didn’t hear them ringing.’ Ga In quickly take out her phone to check it out.

‘Oh no, my battery went flat. I am so sorry unnie.’

‘It’s okay, now come let’s go home. It’s getting late.’

Ga In followed Kyungsan to the van and they headed home. When they reached home it’s already 11pm. Dragging her feet, she out of her elevator and walked towards her house. She has been awake for more than 20 hours doing all finishing all kinds of schedule. She can’t wait to have a hot bath and lie on her bed.

She was searching through the house key from her bag when suddenly a familiar pair of arms hugged her from back.

‘I am sorry Son Ga In. I am sorry for being such a terrible boyfriend. I am sorry for making you so many calls to me. I am sorry for making you worry about me. I am sorry because I made you scared. I am sorry for behaving this way. I am sorry because I didn’t bother to listen to your explanation. I am sorry for being so childish and have doubt in our relationship. Yeobo, please forgive me. I am sorry—‘

Tears are already flowing nonstop from her eyes. Ga In turns around and face him.

‘Kwon-ah, aren’t you angry with me anymore for not telling you in advance?’

‘Silly girl, I would hate myself if I am angry with you.’ Jo Kwon gently wiped off the tears from her cheeks.

‘But I know you are hurt because I didn’t tell you in advance. You must have felt terrible. I am sorry, Kwon-ah.’

‘We should not be thinking about this anymore. We should be thinking how we to spend our remaining time wisely.’ Jo Kwon pulled Ga In for a hug.

‘Why are you spouting nonsense? What remaining time? You don’t intend to look me up when I stop AML filming?’

‘How would I do that?’

‘Come let’s go in.’ Ga In led Jo Kwon into the house. They settled themselves on the couch, cuddling each other.

‘You know I actually intend to tell you during lunch time, but Doo Joon..’

‘I told you not to talk about it anymore.’

‘See, I even prepare something for you.’ Ga in turned to her bag and took out the box.

‘What it is?’

‘It’s your favourite chocolate.’

‘Thank you noona.’

‘Kwon-ah, you know you looked so scary when you didn’t talk to me? I am glad that it’s over now.’

‘Noona, I promised from today onwards, I won’t be so impulsive anymore. I would cherish our relationship more than ever. I would put in more effort. I promise you.’

Ga In snuggled closer to Jo Kwon and soon drifted off to sleep. They spend the night on the couch until the next morning.


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