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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 3

[Flashback two years ago]

When Jo Kwon and Ga In just have met each other through We Got Married for five months, they did a grave mistake.

During the day they moved into their new house, the night the couple celebrated the ‘Moving Day’ by drinking sparkling red wine. Although it was not a strong wine, but it still brought some effect on them.

What audience saw on the screen of the television was just the part that before the ‘big mistake’. The episode ended with Jo Kwon sleeping on the couch while Ga In slept in the bedroom-alone.

What happened was when the whole filming crew say goodbye to Adam couple, Jo Kwon did not continue sleeping on the couch.

‘Yeobo, can I come into the room? It’s cold outside. I do not have blanket.’ Jo Kwon spoke softly as he knocks on the door.

‘I didn’t lock the door’ Ga In mumbled from inside the room.

‘I am coming in’ Gently Jo Kwon pushed the door opened and entered.

‘Why did you come in? Got anything?’ Ga In spoke softly while covered in blanket.

‘I do not have blanket and I am cold, Yeobo’

‘Is it? Do want to sleep beside here. But keep the distance alright?’

‘Alright I would promise you to stay away alright? You just sleep well.’

Jo Kwon climbed onto the bed quietly and covered himself with the blanket.

‘Sleep well yeobo.’ Jo Kwon murmured and closed his eyes.

As the night drift away into the colder night, the couple slept closer and closer without them noticing. And something happened. (A/n: I’ll leave to your imagination XD)


The morning light shines brightly into their bedroom. It shone onto Ga In eyes and causes her to twitch her eyes. She moved a little and yawns.

‘What a nice sleep’ she thought.

She turned to her back when she remembered that Jo Kwon was sleeping beside her.

‘Ah, Jo Kwon must be sleeping well too’

To her surprise, Ga In saw Jo Kwon’s bared shoulder under the blanket.

‘Eh?’ Without hesitating, Ga In lean forward and lift up the blanket and what greets her shocked her so much that she froze at the time.

‘Don’t tell me...’ Quickly, Ga In checked herself. OMG.

Ga In is topless too. To be more exact, she is naked. So was Jo Kwon.

‘What have we done??’ Frantically she looked around and saw their clothes and underwear lying on the floor.

‘Omo, please don’t do this to me. Please tell me that I am dreaming’ Ga In pinched herself so hard on her thigh that it almost bruised.

She can feel the pain. It is not a dream. It is the reality.

Suddenly, she turned and saw Jo Kwon moved a little. Not knowing what to do, she slides back into the blanket, pretending to be asleep. She wants to know how Jo Kwon reacts to this matter.

‘Ah, why am I feeling so cold and empty?’ Jo Kwon thought to himself. ‘I think it must be the air-conditioner’ Jo Kwon reaches out his hand and sits up. He stretched himself and look for the remote control.

While turning left and right, he suddenly catch a glimpse of a woman sleeping beside her.

Only then he suddenly remembered that he is currently in their WGM setting house and he is sleeping together with Ga In.

He just smiled at the view of Ga In sleeping face.

Continuing looking for the remote, he saw his image from the mirror that is situated beside the bed. He looks at the image and he sees a fine muscled topless man.

He chuckled to himself and thought that he was imagining things. Suddenly he only comes to his sense that he is really topless.

He looks at himself and turns to Ga In.

‘Did something happen? Why am I topless? Is she also topless? What am I supposed to do now?’ Jo Kwon has thousand and one question on his mind right now.

Suddenly he thought of the schedule of the day. They were supposed to start the filming of We Got Married in the noon but the crew is coming in at 11.00am to set up. Looking at his watch it showed 10.30am.

‘Omo, we are so late now. What should we do? Should I wake her up? I really cannot believe that this is happening to me. The staff is coming so soon and.. ..’ Jo Kwon was so flustered that he kept flapping his hand like the birds wing.


Ya, what is this Jo Kwon doing there with the arms?’ She peeked a little thru her already-very-small eyes.

Suddenly Ga In’s phone vibrates. Ga In was shocked. She don’t know whether she should pick up the phone or not for she is worried that she might reveal her bare body to Jo Kwon. Pretending to be asleep, Ga In shuts her eyes tightly and just feigns ignorance to the ringtone.

Startled, Jo Kwon just slides back to the blanket, pretending not to know anything.

With the ringing persists, Ga In was worried that the call might be from her manager or her unnie. At last, with no other choice she reached out her hand and grabs the phone.

‘Yeoboseyo, Ga In ipnida.(Hello, this is Ga In speaking)’ Ga In whispers softly from under the bed.

‘Ga In-ah, I am manager here. I just want to inform you that we are coming over at half an hour. You and Jo Kwon must get ready.’

‘Please wait, Manager. Something crop up. Jo Kwon’s enteritis is acting up again. We can’t film today.

‘Is it? Is it serious? Do I need to inform the 2AM’s manager?’

‘Ah, there’s no need for that. He would be fine after resting for awhile. Unnie, please help me to say sorry to the crew that we can’t film today.’

‘It’s alright. I’ll tell them. You better take care of Jo Kwon otherwise you have to answer to his fans.

‘I know unnie. I know that better than you.’

Then they hung up the phone.

Me not feeling well? Aren’t I just lying on the bed? Don’t tell me she is already awake? She already knew something has happened between us? Andwae~!!!!


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