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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 3

‘Okay cut!’ The director halted the act which is going on in the living room of the Director Kim’s family.

‘Thank you all for the hard work. Now let’s enjoy lunch first before we continue our shooting for the next scene, number #92’, and the director shouted again.

Ga-In, Jo Kwon and other cast bowed gently and clapped their hand for everybody’s hard work. Everybody including the crew member leave the shooting room and head to the pantry.

‘Kwon-ah, wait for me.’ Clinging onto his arm, Ga-In hunched down to wear her New Balance shoe.

‘Kwonnie, are you hungry?’ Ga-In asked while wearing her shoe with her left hand while her right hand clinging onto Jo Kwon.

‘I haven’t eaten since this morning.’ Jo Kwon just stood there waiting for Ga-In finish wearing her shoe.

‘Is it? I am also very hungry right now. We better fill in our stomach later.’ Ga-In gave Jo Kwon her usual crescent eye smile – the kind of smile that would melt Jo Kwon’s heart any time.

After wearing her shoe, Ga-In and Jo Kwon followed the crowd to the pantry to have their lunch. Naturally, Ga-In still have her hand clinging onto Jo Kwon’s arm.

Jo Kwon was enjoying the every moment and he misses the clinging of her hand onto his arm. He tried to hide his smile but because of the ‘fast sense’ Ga-In, she easily noticed his idiotic smile.

‘Why are you smiling to yourself? Anything you want to share?’

‘No..nothing.’ Startled of being caught, he regains his usual facial expression.

‘Nothing can be escaped from my eyes. Ppabo Kwonnie.’ Again, she flashes her infamous crescent eye smile. Jo Kwon had to look away to prevent himself from melting literally.

‘The food smells delicious. Come let’s sit here.’ Pulling Ga-In to the bench and made her sit down.

‘I think we are having bibimbap today.’ Ga-In looks around and saw the other staff that came earlier than them eating bibimbap.

‘Assaa!! I have been craving for bibimbap these days!’ Jo Kwon exclaimed in excitement.

‘I think we better hurry before the food finishes.’

‘Come let’s go.’ Automatically, Jo Kwon hold Ga-In’s hand and head towards the queue to get the food.

It has been a long time since he holds me like that. I missed holding his delicate hand. Wait. Son Ga-In, what are you thinking right now? We are just very close noona and dongsaeng relationship. It always has been like this.


Soon, they have gotten their share of the food and make their way to their seat.

‘Noona, I am so hungry right now and I think I can swallow a cow right now.’ Jo Kwon said jokingly.

Ga-In just smile chicly at his statement. His statement never fail to make me laugh. Or should I say, that I am used to his crazy and funny statements?

‘When’s the last time we ate bibimbap together?’

‘I think it was in the kindergarten in SangAmDong.’ Jo Kwon turned towards Ga-In who was sitting beside her and took her bibimbap and mixed it well.

‘You still remember that I have problem mixing this food.’ Ga-In just watched her ‘husband’ mixed her bibimbap who also did the exact thing few months ago. But now the only thing differ was Jo Kwon was no longer her husband but merely her twin brother in AML.

‘Of course I do. I’ll never forget anything that we have done or went through before.’ Jo Kwon did not dare to look up at Ga-In but just continue mixing her bibimbap.

‘Here you go. It’s well mixed. Come let’s eat.’ Ga-In still in her own world thinking about what Jo Kwon has said.

‘Noona, didn’t you say that you are hungry? Dig in!’ Ga-In turned to Jo Kwon who already hungrily digs into his lunch.


That night, 2AM members stayed at their BigHit Ent for practice. They had to eat takeaway at the company as they were practicing for their concert.

‘Hyung, I heard from manager hyung that you went to meet JYP hyung today?’ Jin Woon asked while they were resting from their practice.

‘Yea. He called me to see him.’

‘What did he say?’ ChangMin who was admiring his muscles in front of the big mirror join in the conversation.

‘He said he might be considering lifting up the rules on us.’

‘You mean?’ Seulong got up from the couch and sat beside Jo Kwon.

‘I think he meant lifting rules like our 11.00pm curfews.’

‘What about relationship?’ Jin Woon who is still young was eager to try out in relationships.

‘I don’t know about that. He hasn’t discussed the full details with me yet. He was just considering. That’s why he is discussing with me.

‘Why did he have such a sudden thought?’ Chang Min being the older and much rational one points his question towards Jo Kwon.

‘He said since we are getting really popular and received so much love from fans. He said maybe we need personal time and more freedom.’

Hyung, I hope this is going to be true.’

‘And he mentioned that he doesn’t want us to live like a robot. At least we can make decisions for ourselves.’

‘I really hope he can lift the no dating rules. That would be great.’ Seulong chipped in again.

‘Why? You do want to date?’ Chang Min jeered at Seulong’s statement and sat down together with his other member.

‘It’s not like I am want to date anybody, but at least I am assure that I am allowed to open my heart to anyone.’

Hyung, you sound so cheesy.’ Jin Woon slapped Seulong’s thigh.

‘By the way, hyung. What about you and Ga-In noona?’ Being the nosy parker, Jin Woon asked again.

‘What about me and her?’ Jo Kwon who was taken aback by Jin Woon’s question faked ignorance at Jin Woon’s obvious question.

‘Ever since, you and Ga-In got separated on WGM, did anything happen?’ Seulong chipped in too.

‘What is there to happen? We are just still very close to each other.’

‘Very close? Like a dongsaeng noona kind of?’ ChangMin who was very concerned about his dongsaeng’s love life probed another question just like an ahjumma.

‘Just keep on practicing you guys!! Why are you guys asking so many questions? Don’t blame me if our last concert does not do well.’ Jo Kwon stood up and shooed his members away like shooing flies away from the food.

His members question struck him. He quickly shunned off the question that he has been trying to avoid after that 110106.

What are we now? Friend? Close friend? Noona-dongsaeng? Or…just sitcom partner? How I wished that we never ended.


On the other side..

‘Ga-In ah, how was your filming? Was it tired?’ Jea who finally got a chance to sit down to have dinner with Ga-In ever since Ga-In accepted to film AML. They ate ordered Chinese restaurant delivery instead because Ga-In was too lazy to eat outside.

‘It was okay. And I think I learnt a lot from the sunbaenim especially KimKapSoo sunbaenim.’

‘It’s good that you learnt something. So how –‘ Jea’s sentence was cut off by Ga-In’s Iphone loud ringtone.

‘Wait unnie. Message coming in.’ Quickly, Ga-In grabbed her phone that was lying on the couch and read the message.

From: Kwonnie (Received: 8.13pm)

‘Noona, I have just changed the blanket. ㅎㅎ

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 8.15pm)

‘You should have listened to me earlier.’

From: Kwonnie (Received: 8.16pm)

‘Today, the maid came and took the blanket away to wash. Guess what I told her? ㅎㅎ

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 8.17pm)

‘How would I know?’

From: Kwonnie (Received: 8.18pm)

‘I told her not to bring back anymore. ㅎㅎ

‘Ga-In ah, can you at least concentrate on eating? We rarely get to sit together and eat and now you are smiling to yourself leaving your unnie here.’

‘I am sorry unnie.’ Although she said sorry, but her face is still smiling from the conversation she just had.

‘What is there so funny? Tell me about it.’

‘No, it’s nothing unnie. It’s just Jo Kwon. He told me that he changed his blanket already.’

‘Jo Seobang? Blanket?

‘Yea. Why?’ Ga-In answered chicly and continue eating her rice.

‘Nothing..but he just reminded me of the day you guys got separated on WGM. You were actually bawling your eyes out.’

‘Unnie, those unhappy things should be forgotten.’

‘I know but now when I see you know it’s like totally no different from when you guys are still in WGM. Don’t tell me that… you guys together for real?’

‘Unnie, you are thinking too much. We are just still very close. That’s all.’

‘Are you sure? What’s with all these messages?’

‘Unnie, if you keep asking me question, I am going to move to my room and eat instead.’

‘KajiMAaa!! Why are you bullying your unnie like this way?’

‘I am just kidding. Come let’s eat. The food is getting cold.’

What are we now? Friend? Close friend? Noona-dongsaeng? Or…just sitcom partner? How I wished that we never ended.


After tossing on the bed a few times, Ga-In still cannot fall to sleep. The only person that came to her mind to ease her bored was only him.

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.32am)

‘Kwon-ah, are you asleep?히히

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.33am)

‘I am in the car right now.ㅋㅋ

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.35am)

‘Where are you going?’

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.36am)

Going back to dorm.

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.38am)

‘It’s late alreadyㅠㅠJust came back from practice for concert again?’

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.40am)

Yea. I am so tired. ㅠㅠ My back hurts.’

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.41am)

Just endure a little more. It’s the last tour right? ^__^

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.42am)

Yea. Are you going to come?

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.45am)

I don’t have ticket. It must be sold out already. ㅠㅠ

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.46am)

Promise me that you can make it. It’s my request.

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.47am)

Arasso. By the way, Jea unnie mentioned you just now during dinner.

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.50am)

‘Really? Aww..i miss her. I miss all B.E.G noona.

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.51am)

She asked about us.’

From: Kwonnie (Received: 1.51am)

What did you say?

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 1.52am)

I just said that we are just very close.

From: Kwonnie (Received: 2.00am)

Noona, its 2AM already. And I am tired. We’ll talk tomorrow. Nights.

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