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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 4

After the morning shooting ended, the cast would be provided with morning snacks before continuing to the afternoon shooting.

Jo Kwon walked over to the table full of food and grabbed two packets of sandwich – the egg and ham sandwich and two bottles of mineral bottle.

‘Noona, here’s your share.’ After that, Jo Kwon turned around and starts walking before Ga-In called him.

‘Kwon-ah, aren’t you eating with me?’

‘I am going to practice my lines with Seung Ah. So I’ll be in her waiting room.’

‘Is it? Well I thought –'

‘Doo Joon-ah!!‘ Jo Kwon turned and shouted for Doo Joon who is taking his share of food.

‘Aren’t you supposed to take care of your “yeochin” (girlfriend)??’ Jo Kwon talked in the joking manner.

‘Kwon-ah, what are you talking?’ Ga-In who was sitting slapped slightly at Jo Kwon’s arm. Ga-In could somehow feel thorns in his statement.

‘Is it? Then I shall eat with my “yeochin” then.’ Doo Joon came running over and sat beside Ga-In.

‘Noona, then I’ll see you later.’ With that, Jo Kwon smiled weakly and walks towards the direction of Yoon Seung Ah’s waiting room and soon disappears.

Ga-In still fixed her gaze at the direction where Jo Kwon was just now. Doo Joon waves his hand in front of Ga-In.

‘Ga-In Noona, what are staring at? Jo Kwon already went into the waiting room.’

‘Huh? What are you talking about? I wasn’t looking at him.’ She was taken aback at Doo Joon’s statement. She looks away and opens the wrapper of the sandwich.

‘Really? But you haven’t moved your vision from the direction where Jo Kwon just left.’ Doo Joon added while munching on his sandwich.

‘Just eat your food!’

Ish..what happened to him? He wasn’t like this yesterday…He’s is usually sticking with me during break....But now he wants to practice his lines? This isn’t his style...He wouldn’t come unprepared. Something must be bothering him…

‘Noona! Why are you not eating? The sandwich is really nice.’ Ga-In found herself holding onto the opened sandwich.

‘I only eat the sandwich brought by Jo—.’ She answered without thinking.

‘Hmm?’ Doo Joon’s eyes widened at the mention of Jo Kwon.

‘Ahh…nothing. Since you like it so much, you can take this.’ With that spoken, Ga-In stood up and walked to her waiting room.

‘Noona! Where are you going?’ Doo Joon shouted.

‘I’ll be resting!’ She answered and disappears into the waiting room. She walked towards her bag and took out her Iphone and start typing away.

To: Kwonnie (Sent: 9.59am)

Kwon-ah, I just want to remind you not to over work. Remember to eat the sandwich. Don’t go hungry.

After sending the message, she walked to the couch and tries to rest a bit. Knowing that Jo Kwon would reply her right away, she holds onto her phone. Eventually she fell asleep after a tiring schedule which starts from 6am that day. Suddenly, Ga-In was awaken by the vibration of her Iphone.

From: Kwonnie (Received: 10.30am)


Ga-In couldn’t help but to stare at her phone. She thought it was the shortest message reply EVER.

Jo Kwon just replied my message? What took him so long? Didn’t he would reply me as soon as possible? Maybe I am thinking too much. He is practicing his lines, you know. Son Ga-In, why are you thinking so much?

Ga-In shooks her head – trying to shakes away her thoughts. She stood up and grabbed her script and tried to focus on her lines.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Kyung San manager walked in to remind Ga-In that shooting would be starting in 10 minutes. She nodded and returned to her script. Jo Kwon’s face emerged in her mind again.

Did he eat well? Hope that he rested well.

Naturally her hand reached for her phone and presses the speed dial ‘#1’.

[~Irreversible~ was playing in the caller ringtone]

Until the song’s chorus ended, the other party did not pick up the call. Surprisingly Jo Kwon didn’t pick up her phone call.

This is weird. He never missed my call once.

After touching up, she went out to meet up with other cast.


‘NG!’ Everybody burst into laughter because of the mistakes done by Park Mi Sun and Kim Kap Soo.

During that short time interval of the cast laughing, Ga-In who was sitting beside Jo Kwon initiated a conversation.

‘Kwon-ah, why didn’t you pick up my call just now?’

‘You called?’

‘Yea I called. And you never missed any from me before.’ Ga-In was again talking with her agyeo.

‘Sorry but I didn’t hear it.’

‘It’s okay. Just don’t repeat your mistake.’



The AML director shouted another short break for the cast. Doo Joon, who knew Jo Kwon from their trainee days, approached him.

‘Kwon-ah, what happened to you? You looked tired.’

‘I didn’t sleep well last night.’

‘You must be stressing up with 2AM and AML schedules.’


‘Just try to de-stress yourself, otherwise problems might occur.’

‘I know and thanks for the concern Doo Joon.’

‘What are friends for?’

Jo Kwon smiled weakly at the leaving Doo Joon. He sat there resting and his mind brought him to somewhere else.


He stared at her last message.

From: Ga-In Noona (Received : 1.52am)

I just said that we are just very close.

Although they didn’t mean anything but Jo Kwon could literally hear his heart breaking.

Why am I feeling this way? Am I expecting something more? I shouldn’t have. But am I?

He stares at his phone for really long before he moves his fingers to type a reply. It was the longest time taken for him to type a reply to his Ga-In noona.

After sending that message, he couldn’t close his eyes. Although he said he was tired but his eyes weren’t listening to him. He tossed on his bed for a few times and finally got frustrated.

He got up from his bed and head to the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of mineral water gulped down the water furiously. He walked to the balcony and his mind drifted to somewhere else while ‘enjoying’ the night scenery.

[End of Flashback]

Jo Kwon gulped down a few more mouthfuls of water while thinking hard.

What am I doing? Why I am so cold towards her? I know I shouldn’t act like this. But this… Ahh!! This is so frustrating. I think I should say sorry to her.

‘Jo Kwon-shi!! We are going to start soon. Please get into your position!’

‘Yes, I am coming!’


‘Okay thanks everybody. Thank you for today’s hard work. We will continue tomorrow!!’ The Director ended the days shooting and starts to unpack. All the cast bowed and went to their waiting rooms to pack.

Jo Kwon saw the leaving Ga-In and called her.

‘Noona, I have something to tell you.’

‘What is it?’

‘Let’s go to the waiting room. It’s too public here.’

Jo Kwon pulled Ga-In to the waiting room and closed the door behind him.

‘What is it that you want to talk about?’

‘Let’s sit down first.’ Jo Kwon lead Ga-In to the couch and sat down.

‘So..what do you want to say?’ Looking attentively at him, Ga-In paid full attention to Jo Kwon. This made Jo Kwon turned away and speak instead.


‘Why are you hesitating in front of me?’

‘I just want to say…sorry.’

‘Sorry? For what? For the missing my call just now?’

‘For everything that happened today.’

‘Kwon-ah, what actually happened to you today?’ Almost instantly, Ga-In’s hand reached for Jo Kwon’s hand.

‘Noona, don’t do this. You are making me confused.’

Finally Ga-In knew what happened. Jo Kwon’s answer totally hit her. So this is the thing that has been bothering him. It was her message- the message that causes Jo Kwon to behave abnormally.


That night after ending that awkward conversation, they went back in their separate ways. Ga-In came out from her bathroom while wiping her hair.

Should I send him a message? Will I bring the wrong message again?

Ga-In place her towel on her bed and grabbed her phone.

To: Kwonnie

‘Kwon-ah, I don’t know whether I should say this or not. But I just don’t want to see you being so moody because I miss your smile. I don’t know what has happened between us but I just want to say sorry for making you feel sad over my message yesterday. You know I don’t mean it that way. I love whatever we are going through right now - the way we depend on each other in some place that we are not familiar with. I love it when you helping me out in a lot of things for me. I don’t how would I cope without you by my side. I really appreciate that a lot. I know that the months that we have been spending with each other were not only for the show and it’s something beyond friendship. I know that because I can feel it.

But for now, let’s just be natural alright? I don’t wish for any “label” yet because I don’t want us to feel burdened. Let’s just enjoy whatever we are doing right now and continue becoming the strength of each other. This is really what I am thinking from the bottom of my heart. And I really wish you would always be on my side. Isn’t this what you have said before? So I wish you would not change and continue to support me because I love it when all your attention is on me. <3’

She stares at the 8 page long worth of message. She hesitated for awhile and finally takes a deep breath and pressed the send button.

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