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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

[In Nega Network company]

Four members of BEG are walking out of the recording room.

‘Thanks MinSoo oppa!! See you tomorrow!’ The four of them shouted in unison.

‘Alright! You all have worked hard. Go back and rest’ MinSoo replied. Lee MinSoo was BEG producer and produces many top chart song like We Fell in Love and Abracadabra.

‘Aigoo..finally we can go home now. My back is hurting.’ Jea grumbled like an old lady while massaging her hurting back.

‘We really have to endure a little bit more to so that our new album would be a success’ Miryo cheers up the atmosphere.

‘Oh my god. Its five minutes to ten. No wonder my eyes are heavy.’ Narsha was looking at her watch while sitting down and starts to pack her stuff.

At one corner, Ga In was searching for her phone and saw a message from Jo Kwon.

“Omma, appa and me will be waiting for you!! Hwaiting!! I love you” The message reads.

Ga In just smiled at the heartwarming message.

‘Ga In, why are you so quiet at the corner?’ Narsha snapped at the smiling Ga In.

‘Oh. It’s nothing’ Ga In smiled back. She goes to her table and starts to pack her stuff.

‘Ga In, you are leaving already? We are just discussing to go out and get some spicy rice cake just below the streets.’ Miryo suggested.

‘Miryo-ah, I think you can drop the idea of asking her along. Now she has Ok Yub and Jo Seobang waiting for her at home.’ Jea mocked jokingly while massages her aching feet.

‘Ya, Ga In-ah it has been a long time since we get together and eat. Just follow us this time alright? Unnie is giving treat.’ Miryo spoke generously.

Ga In was indecisive. Part of her wants to rush back home to see his dear son and her husband while part of her wants to join her unnies for a late supper.

‘Ga In, are you following? We are leaving already.’ Narsha snapped her back to reality.

‘I am coming!’ Ga In replied loudly while packing her stuff.


The four BEG members are eating happily at the nearby famous spicy rice cake stall. They even drink a little soju to celebrate their upcoming fourth album.

Time passes so quickly and without them realizing, it was already 12 midnight.

‘Unnie, I have to go already.’ Ga In broke the conversation between Jea and Miryo. Both of them are already in the state of almost-drunk.

‘You are leaving already? Ah, I understand. You have a family to take care. Allright. Just leave all these lonely unnies here.’ Narsha mocked sarcasticly.

‘Unnie, I don’t mean this way—‘ Ga In was very nervous when her unnie speaks about singlehood. She doesn’t want to agitate her unnie who are single at the age of 30.

‘Aigoo, our Ga In looks so cute when she is nervous. I am just joking. You better get going or else Jo Kwon would be worry.’ Narsha jokes as she push Ga In slightly asking her to leave.

‘All right unnie. Miryo unnie! Thanks for the meal. I better get going.’ With that, Ga In waved goodbye to her unnies and left by cab which she called earlier.

[In the taxi]

Ga In takes out her phone to check for messages. 2 messages. It reads:

Message 1
Yeobo, still not yet finish your schedule? Take care and drink lot’s of water. I will be waiting. I LOVE you.

Message 2
Yeobo, please take care of yourself while coming back home. I LOVE you.

Quickly Ga In dialed Jo Kwon’s number. She hears ‘Irreversible’ caller ringtone of Jo Kwon. Nobody picked up the phone.

‘He must be sleeping already.’ Ga In thought.


’Ok Yub-ah, we will watch Barney and friends here while we wait for omma alright?’ Jo Kwon kisses Ok Yub on the forehead. Jo Kwon places his son on the couch while sitting beside him. He is holding onto his phone all the time just in case Ga In calls him. Soon he falls asleep on the couch.
‘Thanks, ahjussi ‘ Ga In handed the right amount and got off the taxi.

Ga In went up the lift and reached their apartment in no time. Quietly, she unlocked the door and enters the house. She does not want to disturb her family.

Slowly she stepped into the house and took off her shoe. The scene that greeted her made her smile.

Both Jo Kwon and Ok Yub are asleep at the couch-with the almost same position. The television is still blabbering loudly but the both of them still sleep soundly.

‘Like father like son,’ she thought. She went up to Ok Yub and carries him carefully back to his baby cot. After that she went back to her sleeping husband.

She sits beside Jo Kwon and stares at his sleeping face. Ga In has never looked at him so attentively before. She starts caressing Jo Kwon’s eye brows. Then to his nose and finally his mouth.

‘Ah, this face. Made me fall so deeply into love’ She monologues with a smile.

Carefully she plants a kiss on Jo Kwon’s lips, not wanting to wake him up.

However, Jo Kwon still wakes up.

‘Yeobo, you are back already?’ Jo Kwon said while rubbing his eyes.

‘Yup. I am back. Sorry for being so late. I was eating supper with unnie.’ Ga In speak with agyeo and lean forward to hug Jo Kwon tightly.

‘Oh eat with noona. I was worried why you didn’t reply my messages.’

Ga In just stay silence while enjoy hugging his muscular husband.

‘Yeobo, you had a hard day is it? How was your recording? Did it went well?’

‘Yea. MinSoo oppa praised my voice today. He said that my voice improved a lot.’ Ga In was close to dozing off and speaks while closing her eyes.

‘Then you better go and wash up before going to bed. It’s late already. Come let’s go.’ Jo Kwon was trying to break free from his wife hug but his wife hugs him tighter.

‘Ga In-ah, if you don’t bath now, it’s going to be very late by the time you finish bathing.

‘I want piggyback’ Ga In stated abruptly.


‘You haven’t piggybacked me for a long time.’

‘Alright. Come on up’ Jo Kwon stood up and gets ready to piggyback Ga In.

In no time, Ga In is already at the back of Jo Kwon.

‘Ah, I miss this piggyback’ Ga In said while closing her distance with her husband and hug Jo Kwon tightly.

‘Noona, do you still remember what happened to us after the night?’

‘Those memory are not happy but –‘

‘But it was the birth of our love and our little angel adam’

They both smiled and enjoy the moment together.


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