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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

[Continuation of flashback] [After the incident]

Few days have passed but still there were no calls from her. Everyday Jo Kwon would grab the chance to sit near to the 2AM dorm’s phone-just in case Ga In calls the dorm’s number which is very unlikely. Jo Kwon tried calling a lot of times to Ga In but to no avail. Now he can even memorize the message when you can’t reach the other party.

‘Should I look her up?’ Jo Kwon monologues.

‘Kwon-ah, what happen to you recently? Ever since you came back from the last We Got Married filming, you became very moody. Did you guys bicker?’ Seulong aka Ong Ahjibem really cares for his buddy.

‘Oh-nothing. It’s nothing.’Jo Kwon replied coldly.

‘Nothing? Just look at you. You are always sitting by the phone. Are you waiting calls from someone? Ga In?’ Seulong snapped back.

‘I SAID IT’S NOTHING!!’ Jo Kwon flared up and stormed into his room.

‘What happened to Kwon-hyung? It is not so him.’ The startled Jin Woon stood up after hearing Jo Kwon’s shout.

‘Don’t know but I am quite sure that it has something to do with Ga In.’ Seulong guess was right. Only Seulong understands him.

‘Just give him some time to cool off. I don’t think her really meant to flare up at you.’ Changmin spoke up for Jo Kwon.

‘I know. Why would I be angry at him? It’s not my first day that I know him.’ He smiled at the two other members.

‘Should I approach him?’ Seulong monologues. He is so worried for his friend.


‘Ga In-ah, it’s now your turn to make song recording.’ BEG’s manager called Ga In who is sitting at the couch.

Ga In was staring at her ringing phone. It was Jo Kwon again-the umpteen times of the day. She was debating with her herself to whether to pick up the call or not.

‘Ga In-ah, why are dazed? Your phone is riniging and MinSoo oppa is waiting’ Manager called once again and raises her voice.

Still, Ga In who is so absorbed into her thinking and didn’t hear manager’s calling for her.

‘Ga In-ah? Are you alright?’ Manager walks up to her and pat gently on her shoulder.

‘Yes?’ Startled Ga In looked up at her manager.

‘Are you okay? You don’t look well. Do you want to rest?’

‘It’s okay, unnie. I can manage. Is it my turn already?’ Ga In replied and switches off her phone and threw it into her bag. Then she stood up and gets ready to enter the recording room.

‘If you are unwell please tell me. I don’t want you to get sick, alright?’ Manager held onto the leaving Ga In.

Ga In just smiled weakly and pushed away Manager’s hand. Then she entered the recording room.

Ga In was actually using work to forget the incident. She wants to immerse deeply into work so that she won’t have time to think for a solution. However, it does not work out. Still, Jo Kwon was filling up her mind.

‘Unnie, did you notice anything indifferent in Ga In?’ Narsha asked Jea who is eating her packed lunch.

‘Is there any?’ Jea was busy munching away her favourite meat- pork.

‘Unnie, are you listening to me? Don’t you think Ga In look so listless nowadays? Something must be bugging her.’

‘Narsha, I thought you are the closest to her. I think you should go and find out.’


[BEG dorm]

At night, after both Miryo and Jea have hit the sack, Narsha approached Ga In who was still sitting alone in front of the television.

‘Ga In-ah, are you okay? You are so quiet throughout the dinner just now.’ Narsha spoke as she sits down beside Ga In.

‘I am okay unnie. Don’t worry about me.’ Ga In still dazed at the television.

‘I just want to let you know that if there’s anything, you know there is someone here always willing to listen.’ Narsha pat slightly on Ga In’s shoulder.

‘Unnie—‘ Ga In looked directly into Narsha’s eyes.

‘Yes, just tell me anything. I promise I won’t let it out.’ Narsha gave another assurance look.

‘Unnie, I am afraid’ Ga In lie gently on Narsha’s shoulder.

‘Afraid? What are you afraid of?’

‘Unnie, Jo Kwon confessed his love for me’ Ga In was only saying part of her worries. She does not want to let Narsha to know about the ‘big mistake’.

‘Is it? Isn’t that great? I thought you always have a thing for him?’

‘Do I? This question has been in my mind for the past few days.’

‘No wonder you looked so distracted these days. Oh so Kwon is the one who is occupying my Ga In’s mind these days.

‘Unnie, please stop joking around.’ Ga In smiled a little at Narsha’s remark.

‘Ah, you smiled. You look gorgeous when you smile.’

Ga In smiled once more.

‘Unnie, you think I really like him?’

‘Yes.’ Narsha said confidently.

‘How do you know?’ Ga In was curious and looks up at Narsha.

‘I am observing from a spectator’s view. You know I am a big fan of Adam couple too right? I can see the love through your eyes.

‘My eyes?’

‘The way you look at Jo Kwon. It is so--. Ah, I can’t describe it’ Narsha was scratching her head to find the right description.

‘It is so dependent and trustful of each other?’ Ga In continued.

‘Ah, yes. The trust. One look and you know what the other one is trying to say. That kind of thing can only happen to two people when they are truly comfortable and understands each other.’

‘Is it?’ Ga In gained a little confidence about Jo Kwon’s confession.

‘Ga In-ah. Please don’t think so much. Just follow your heart. Listen to what your heart wants.’

‘My heart?’

Ga In thinks hard. She remembers all the times when she is filming We Got Married with Jo Kwon. Those times are like staying in heaven. She can forget all her unhappiness when she is with him-especially when Jo Kwon’s kkabiness act up that made her day. Although Jo Kwon looks weak on the outside, Ga In can fully depend on him like times in Hong Kong trip. She has no doubt in Jo Kwon in taking care of her.

After meeting Jo Kwon, Ga In felt that the meeting changed her a lot. She became more gentle and meticulous about people around her. It’s totally not like her to prepare events for people she likes. Those back hug and chocolate kiss. It surely brings meaning if Ga In was the one who initiated all the special events.

But now what bothers her most is she is not sure whether Jo Kwon asking Ga In to marry is because of the big mistake or because Jo Kwon truly loves her. She doesn’t want them to jump into this marriage with no love and eventually gets a divorce.

After thinking so much, Ga In lies at Narsha’s shoulder and eventually falls asleep.


[2AM dorm]

‘Kwon-ah, we need to talk.’ Seulong knocks onto Jo Kwon’s door.

‘Hyung, I am sorry. I am not in myself today. I want to be alone for the moment’

‘Ga In called and she said she wants to see you’ Seulong lied through his teeth.

Within seconds Jo Kwon appeared at the door.

‘She called? Where she wants to meet?’ Kwon gently shakes Seulong’s shoulder.

‘No. I lied. But can we have a men talk? What about few rounds of soju and some spicy rice cake?’

Looking at the concern Seulong, the disappointed Jo Kwon had no choice but to follow Seulong’s plan.

‘Hyung and Jin Woon! We are going out for a few round soju. We will be back a little late.'

‘I want to come too!’ The maknae Jin Woon shouted from the couch.

‘Ah, okay. Jin Woon has to revised for his coming test. You guys go ahead.’ The considerate Chang Min signal Seulong to go with his plan. Both Jo Kwon and Seulong steps out of the house.

‘Hyung! Why didn’t you let me to join them? I want to eat spicy rice cake too!! And ah, when did I even have exam?’

‘Jin Woon, don’t you want to know what happened to Jo Kwon? Seulong is asking him to find out.’

‘Ah is it? Shit, I am such a babo(fool)’ Jin Woon said while scrapping his head and flashes his signature smile.


[At the spicy rice cake stall]

‘Hyung, what is it you want to talk about?’ Kwon feeling a little annoyed as he was cheated out of the house.

‘I want to talk about Ga In.’ Seulong sips down his first gulped of soju.

‘Why did you want to mention her name now?’Jo Kwon still annoyed and took a piece of rice cake.

‘You are troubled because of her.’

‘When did I ever concern about her?’ Jo Kwon avoiding eye contact all the time so that his inner thought would not reveal to Seulong.

‘Please don’t lie to me. I know you too well.’ Seulong laughs at Jo Kwon’s effort in hiding his thought.

Jo Kwon kept quiet at Seulong’s statement.

‘What actually happened between you and Ga In that made you that way? These never happen to you. Even when Oh Bang Shil left for Egypt, you never reacted this way.’

‘I don’t feel that way because I never loved Oh Bang Shil!’ Jo Kwon got agitated because people keep on mentioning about him and the Oh Bang Shil and this sometimes made Ga In misunderstood.

‘Means you admit that you love Ga In’

Jo Kwon reflects at Seulong’s remark. He has already fallen deep in love with Ga In-the one that made him like this now.

‘I confessed my love for Ga In.’ Jo Kwon confessed after gathering his courage. He takes another sip of soju to hide his awkwardness.

‘Really? That’s great. But wait, you don’t look happy. Did she reject you?’

‘No. She didn’t reject me. But she avoided me. She didn’t give me an answer and said that she would call me. But until now, there was no news of her.’

‘So, that’s the reason that you are always around the phone-just in case she calls.’

‘Now I am not sure whether she likes me or not.’ Jo Kwon sighed and looked down.

‘We can always prove it.’ Seulong’s mind is working out an incredible plan.

‘Prove it? Like how?’ Jo Kwon’s face lit up a little.

Seulong whispers into Jo Kwon’s ears and Jo Kwon’s eyes enlarged.

‘Are we really going to do this?’

‘Or else you’ll never know her true heart.’ Seulong smirks evilly.


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