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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

[Continuation of flashback]

{Few days after Seulong tells the plan to Jo Kwon}

It’s an early Sunday morning; Jo Kwon was lying on the bed resting. He is thinking about the plan that Seulong have told him. ‘Is this going to work out? Is noona going to blame me for that? Will she forgive me when I tell the truth?’ Jo Kwon has thousand and one question on his mind.

Suddenly, Jo Kwon’s phone vibrates. It was a call from Seulong.

‘Kwon-ah, it’s all ready’ Seulong spokes from the other side of the phone.

‘Are we really going to do this?’ Jo Kwon hesitates.

‘Just trust me Kwon.’ Seulong reassured.

‘Alright, I am coming out now.’ With that, Jo Kwon hung up the phone and head outside of his bedroom.

‘Chang Min hyung, there’s a delivery package outside. I’ll go out and retrieve it.’

‘Allright!!’ Chang Min shouts from the kitchen while preparing breakfast for his member.’

Jo Kwon walks out of the house in fearful steps. When he reach the lobby of their apartment, he head outside to the main road.

He saw a delivery package lying on the middle of the road.

When Jo Kwon bends down and reach for the package, suddenly from the corner of his eye, he saw a white sedan approach him in a very fast speed. It seems that the white sedan is going to hit him.

Screeech~~~ (The sound of the tire makes when the car brakes suddenly)

Chang Min who is still upstairs heard the sound and rushes to the window.

‘Ya, Jin Woon-ah, there’s an accident downstairs. We better go and take a look’

‘Is it? Come let’s go and check it out.’

When Chang Min and Jin Woon reach downstairs, what greeted their sight was Jo Kwon lying on the road with blood everywhere. Even the car is splattered with blood.

‘OMO!! How can this be happening??’ Quick let’s call the ambulance!! NOW!!’ Chang Min remained calm and asked Jin Woon to make the call. Chang Min rushes to Jo Kwon and checks him out.

‘Who is the FU*KING driver who hit Jo Kwon??!! ‘ Chang Min looks around and saw no one is at the driver’s seat.

‘Hyung, I called the ambulance. It is reaching in a while.’ Seulong who appears from nowhere jumps into the scene.

‘Kwon-ah, are you allright? Can you hear me? Please stay awake while help arrives. You must hang in there!!’ Chang Min gently shakes Jo Kwon to make sure that he is still breathing.

‘Kwon-hyung!! Can you hear me??’ The flustered Jin Woon waves violently at Jo Kwon’s face.

‘Hyung, what ha—ppen to-me??’ Jo Kwon spokes weakly.

‘Nothing. Just keep your eyes wide awake. This is all I ask for.’ Chang Min hugs the lying Jo Kwon.

Soon, ambulance arrives and Jo Kwon was sent to the KyungSan hospital.


[BEG dorm]

Narsha drops her phone when she receives the call from Seulong. She trembles and felt her legs wobble a bit.

‘GA IN!! Terrible news!!’ Narsha rushes to Ga In’s room and bangs violently.

‘Yes unnie?’ Ga In mumbled from her sleep. She was a little annoyed of the rude awakening.

‘Jo Kwon has met with an accident!! He is now in KyungSan hospital!! He is now in critical condition!! We have to go and see him.’ Narsha shouts from outside of Ga In’s room.

‘Jo Kwon met with an accident? Oh I see.’ Ga In replied coldly as she didn’t believe Narsha and thought that her unnie is joking with her.

‘GA IN-ah!! I am not joking with you right now!! I am serious!! He met with an accident this morning and Seulong just called me just now!!’ Narsha continues to bang on Ga In’s door.

The big commotion woke the other members up. Jea and Miryo come out of their room with messy hair.

‘Narsha, what are you doing in such an early morning? All of us needs to rest.’ Miryo was getting a little annoyed with the huge commotion.

‘Unnie! Jo Kwon met with an accident and he is currently in a critical situation!!’ Narsha explained.

‘OMO!! Jo-Seobang in the hospital??’ Jea starts to panic and runs back to her room to wash up.

Within seconds, Ga In appeared in front of her door.

‘Unnie, are you telling me the truth?’ Ga In’s vision blurred with the collecting tears in her eyes.

‘Ga In, I hate to tell you but yes, this is what Seulong told me.’ Narsha felt sorry for Ga In. Ga In suddenly felt her limbs becoming jelly and collapse down.

‘Ga In-ah, are you alright? Please be strong!! We have to be strong for Jo Kwon.’

After hearing Narsha’s statement, Ga In stood up and dash to the front door.

‘Ga In-ah! Where are you going?’ Narsha exclaimed.

‘I am going to visit Jo Kwon now!’


Soon they reached KyungSan hospital. Before their nanny van stopped, Ga In pulled open the van’s door and jumps out of it. She runs with all her might to Jo Kwon’s unit. She is still wearing he pajamas and her face is clean with no makeup. She just has her hoodie over her to keep her low profile.

Other BEG members caught up with Ga In and they saw 2AM members waiting outside the operating theater.

‘Seulong! How’s Jo Kwon?’ Ga In held Seulong’s hand and look straight into his eyes.

Seulong can sense the worried look and looked down.

‘Maybe—he is not going to make it’ Seulong stuttered.

‘Eh?’ Ga In stepped a few steps back after hearing what Seulong have said. ‘This cannot be happening. This can’t be.’ She continued.

Other shocked BEG member were just rooted to the ground and speechless. They couldn’t believe that Jo Kwon might be leaving them.

The calm Chang Min stood up and cheers everybody up. ‘Everybody, doctor is not out yet. Please be more positive. Now we must pray for Kwon.’

‘Yea. Hyung is right. Kwon-hyung wouldn’t want us to be unhappy too.’ Jin Woon added. His signature smile has totally died down.

‘How long has he been there?’ Ga In asked.

‘Around 1 hour.’ Jin Woon replied.


Finally the doctor came out. Ga In rushed to the doctor in charge.

‘Doctor, how is the patient?’

‘I am sorry. We have tried our best.’ With that the doctor walks away.

Ga In was frozen in time. She was speechless. She was dumbfounded. Jo Kwon’s image flashes across her mind. Memories that they have created together keep on replaying on her mind.

‘This can’t be. Doctor, can you please save him. He needs to be alive. I still have many things to tell him.’ Ga In runs up to the doctor and pulled his hand.

‘Miss, I am so sorry. He has serious internal bleeding. We really tried our best.’

The whole corridors was filled with wailing sounds of BEG members. Both Chang Min and Jin Woon sat on the floor and cry.

Without second thought, Ga In dash into the operating theater.


‘Kwon, I am here to see you’ Ga In slowly approach the lying Jo Kwon.

She traced Jo Kwon’s features delicately with her finger as her tears starts to stream down again. Surprisingly, his face is not cold.

‘Kwon, how can you leave me?’ Ga In spokes as she shed more tears.

‘You know I have so many things to tell you. I want to tell you that I love you. Just that I haven’t noticed yet. You know every night I would fall asleep thinking of you? Those memories you have given me never left my mind. What happened that day, the mistake that we made, I didn’t really bothered about that, but in fact I was happy because you are willing to be responsible. But what worried me the most was the reason that you said those words. Whether you want to marry me because you felt responsible or because you truly love me? I was hesitating that day because I was unsure myself. And I am so sorry for not keeping my promise to you. I really had no courage to call you. But now I am very sure that I love you. I thought all this while you have wanted to hear this from me? Please wake up, Kwon!! How can you do this to me??’

Ga In confessed as her cries gets louder to the extent hitting Jo Kwon’s body. Then she was so agitated that she fainted beside Jo Kwon.


Ga In was lying at the hospital bed. She was alone in the bed when somebody familiar approaches her.

‘Ah, why am I here?’ Ga In wokes up and saw him standing beside her.

‘Kwon-ah, are—you there?’ The startled Ga In trembles a bit but recovers as soon as she saw it was Jo Kwon.

‘Yes. It’s me.’

‘Am I seeing things?’ Ga In rubs her eyes for confirmation. Jo Kwon steps closer to Ga In.

‘No you are not. I am right here. Right here beside you.’ Gently, Jo Kwon grabbed a hold Ga In’s hand and sits on her bed.

‘Kwon!! You know how much I missed you?’ Ga In sits up and hugs Jo Kwon tightly. Tears begin to stream down again.

Jo Kwon hugs Ga In back tightly. He missed that hug so much. Her hair scent and her body’s fragrant.

‘I miss you too, yeobo.’ Without him noticing, tears begin to stream down too.

‘Yeobo, saranghae.’ This time, Ga In doesn’t want to slip away another chance. She spoke bravely.

‘I don’t care whether you are a soul or what; I am just going to say that.’ Ga In continued.

‘Yeobo, I am real. I am right here in front of you.’ Jo Kwon smiled and caressed Ga In’s hair.

‘You are real? I thought you met with an accident?’ Ga In broke off the hug and pinches his chin. People always say a soul does not have a chin. Ga In pinched for confirmation. Yes, Jo Kwon’s chin is still there.

‘I lied.’

‘But the doctor, the blood and the car is so real.’

‘Ong Ahjibem has a lot of childhood friend from this hospital. They made the doctors to act like I died. The car and the blood are all fake. Ong Ahjibem prepared it before hand.’ Jo Kwon confessed timidly.

‘You lied to me!!! You know worried I was? I can’t believe that everyone are in cahoots to cheat me!!!’ Ga In starts to punch at Jo Kwon’s muscled chest like a punching bag. Jo Kwon just sits there and let her punch and didn’t retaliate.

‘Just hit all you want and vent your angers on me. I am sorry, yeobo. It’s only between me and Seulong hyung. The others don’t know anything. They are deceived too. But yeobo, if I don’t do this, how am I going to know your heart? How am I supposed to know your feelings for me? Would you have the courage to tell me?’ Jo Kwon’s question hit right into Ga In’s weak point.

Ga In stopped hitting him after hearing his word. She smiled and kept her head low.

Jo Kwon lean forward and hug Ga In once again. Ga In didn’t avoid him and hugs him back.

‘Yeobo, I want to hear those words again.’ Jo Kwon blurts out.

‘Kwon-ah, saranghae.’ Ga In didn’t hesitate and obediently did as what she was told.

‘I LOVE you too.’ Jo Kwon broke off the hug and gently kiss Ga In’s forehead.

‘I have news for you, Ga In.’ Jo Kwon speaks up.

‘Yes?’ Ga In looked directly into Jo Kwon’s eyes.

Jo Kwon pushed Ga In gently back to the bed and lays his head over Ga In’s stomach.

‘Kwon-ah, what are you doing?’ Ga In blushed and got a little embarrassed at Jo Kwon’s action.

‘I am listening to our child.’ Jo Kwon smiled and closed his eyes trying to hear his baby.

‘Kwon-ah, are you joking with me?’ Ga In’s eyes enlarged and she looked shock.

‘I am not. The doctor told me that you are already pregnant for 2 months.’


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