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Monday, September 5, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

‘Yeobo, please be ready tomorrow. We are going to meet your CEO and my hyung tomorrow.’ Jo Kwon spoke to Ga In over the phone.

‘Kwon-ah, are we ready for this?’ She replied.

‘Just trust me yeobo and just prepare yourself. We have to be strong together. And remember I would always be there for you. ’ Jo Kwon reassured.

‘Alright, yeobo.’

Ga In hung up the phone and sighed.

‘What’s wrong, Ga In? Jo-Soebang called?’ Jea snapped her out of her thoughts. The other members are sitting in the living room.

‘He said we are going to meet CEO and JYP hyung tomorrow. I am nervous unnie.’ Ga In was worried that JYP and their CEO would not accept them. She would be at lost if they can’t keep the baby.

‘I see. Here, come and sit here. We would like to talk to you.’ Narsha patted slightly on the couch where the group is sitting.

Ga In approached her unnie and sat down on the couch.

‘Ga In-ah, we would like you to remember that all of us would be there for you. Don’t worry about the outcome.’ Jea spoke out as the leader of BEG.

‘And remember to think carefully before you answer the bosses. And don’t act rashly if anything crops up. Don’t ever try to put your relationship at stakes. Everything has a solution. Just don’t be reckless.’ Miryo continued.

‘Ga In-ah, just trust Jo Kwon and have faith in your relationships.’ Narsha holds Ga In’s hand and reassures her.

Ga In just sits there quietly listening to all of her unnies’ advice. What her members said are so true and really understands her well. Ga In could have just given up on the relationship if their relationship would disturb BEG’s and 2AM’s future.

‘Unnie, thanks for all the support and advice. We would persevere through this ordeal.’

They smiled at her and they hugged together like sisters.


‘Yeobo, are you ready?’ Jo Kwon asked.

Ga In gulped down a sip of water. She looked worriedly at Jo Kwon.

‘Just believe me, Ga In.’ Jo Kwon held Ga In’s hand tightly and stepped into the room.

‘Annyeonghaseyo.’ Both of them bowed down at the same time at JYP Entertainment’s founder, Mr. Park Jin Young (JYP).

‘Please sit down. I heard that you two have something to discuss with me.’

‘Oppa, here you go. It’s for you.’ Ga In handed JYP a box of rice cake and dried seaweed each.

‘How do you know I like those? It was my all time favourite food!’ JYP exclaimed in happiness.

‘I once saw the broadcast of ‘Come to Play’ and you said that you like those.’ Ga In replied.

‘Ah, I am really thankful for that. By the way, why are you seeing me today Kwon?’

‘Hyung, we have something to discuss with you.’ Jo Kwon held Ga In’s hand more tightly.

‘Yes.’ JYP notices the holding hand but he chose to ignore it.

‘Hyung, Ga In noona and I…’

‘Yes...?Don’t tell me you guys want to stop filming We Got Married?’

‘No no no, this is not what I meant. Ga In noona and I are—‘

‘In a real relationship now. We are together now.’ Ga In blurts out of blue.

JYP was so shocked that he coughs out the tea that he just drank.

‘Eh?? You guys are in a relationship NOW??’ JYP was raising his voice while he adjusts his sitting to listen better.

‘Hyung please let us be together. I really love Ga In noona a lot!!’ Jo Kwon kneeled down as he said those words. He didn’t dare to look at his boss’s angry expression. Ga In was startled at Jo Kwon’s action.

‘Yah, Jo Kwon. Can you please rise up first? We can discuss properly.’ JYp was also shocked at Jo Kwon’s action. He reached his arms to Jo Kwon to lift him up.

‘Hyung, please let us be together! I won’t get up until you agree.’

‘Did I ever object your relationship?’ JYP said firmly.

Jo Kwon and Ga In look up at JYP. Their eyes widen. Jo Kwon immediately rises and sits up again.

‘Oppa, you don’t object our relationship?’ Ga In linked her arms with Jo Kwon as a sign.

‘I never object any relationship in 2AM members. What I concerned about is the girl they chose. And I am glad Jo Kwon chose you. You are so talented, smart, pretty and everything is good about you.’ JYP complimented.

Ga In blushed at JYP’s remark. Jo Kwon’s smile was so wide and his eyes became so small.

‘Hyung, you really agree to this relationship?’ Jo Kwon asked again for confirmation.

‘Ya, Jo Kwon, do you have hearing problem? I said I AGREE!!’ Everybody in the room burst into laughter.

‘But on one condition.’ JYP brought seriousness to his voice again.

‘You must now learn how to juggle between relationship and career. I don’t want this to affect your career. 2AM is a rising star you know.’ JYP continued.

‘We understand oppa. I would try my best to keep an eye on him so that he behaves well.’

‘Wah, Ga In-sshi, you are acting like a wife now is it? JYP joked at Ga In’s word.

‘Oppa, why are you making fun of me?’ They burst into laughter again.

‘Hyung I promised I would do better as the leader of 2AM and work harder in the future. ‘Jo Kwon hold JYP’s hand firmly and shook with full gratitude.

‘I know you will.’ JYP smiled back. It was a genuine smile- a smile from a big brother.

‘By the way, have you told your company, Ga In-sshi?’

Both Jo Kwon and Ga In turned silent.

‘Haven’t? When are you guys going to tell?’

‘This is what have been bothering us too, hyung. But we would visit them soon.’ Jo Kwon replied.

‘Alright, if there’s anything that needs my help, just speak to me. I would try my best to help,’

They ended their conversation and left the office. Still holding hands tightly, they left the building. Many people saw the scene and curiosity raised up.

‘Yeobo, why didn’t you want to say about our baby?’ Jo Kwon asked suddenly.

‘I don’t think now is the right time. We should be thankful that oppa didn’t object our relationship.’

‘I guess we would tell hyung some other day then. But yeobo, I am really happy.’ Jo Kwon smile got wider and put his arm around Ga In’s waist.

‘Yeobo, many people is watching!’ Although she said so, but she enjoyed every moment of it as her nostrils flared up.

‘What is there to be scared of? You are mine.’ Jo Kwon whispered gently into Ga In’s ear. Then they entered the car and left.

That night, many new articles about Ga In and Jo Kwon’s relationship appear. The details were described by fan accounts. The titles stated:

‘Are they dating for real? Why are they holding hands in the public?’

‘They are appearing together outside We Got Married!!’

‘They look happy. They should really be together!!’

Gladly, most of the comments were positive and were very supportive of their relationship.

‘Yeobo, have you seen the articles?’ Jo Kwon called Ga In immediately when he saw the articles.

‘Yes. I saw them. I think many people know already.’

‘The more the better!!’ Jo Kwon chuckled at the other end of the line.

‘I hope these news would help us in talking to my CEO.’ Ga In expressed her worried thought again.

‘I hope so too.’



WHAT?! Ga In-sshi!!! I thought in the contract stated very clearly that B.E.G members are not allowed to have relationship in these 10 years?!’ The CEO slammed the table and was talking on top of this voice. He was very furious after hearing Ga In’s confession. (sorry I am not sure the Nega CEO is a man or woman, let’s just say that CEO is a man)

‘President, please let it be an exemption.’

‘I know B.E.G is already very popular but rule is rule! I don’t want any silly relationship that would affect B.E.G’s fame.’ The word ‘silly’ pierced right through Jo Kwon’s heart. His heart sank as this meant his immatureness.

‘President, this is not any SILLY relationship. Jo Kwon is real about our relationship!’ Ga In too, raised her voice a little. Then she looked at Jo Kwon as he was worried that Jo Kwon would be hurt. She held his hand tighter.

Jo Kwon looked at the annoyed Ga In. This is the first time he sees Ga In worked up. He was so touched by Ga In’s word. Everybody outside the office can hear clearly about the things that they have just said.

‘No more words from you!! Please get out now before I speak nasty words. And now, Jo Kwon-sshi, please stay as far away as possible. I believe JYP would do something about it.’

‘But president, JYP already—‘

‘I said I don’t want to hear no more. Please get out now and we would settle this later.’

Both Jo Kwon and Ga In were asked to leave the room immediately. Ga In’s manager just pat at Ga In’s shoulder.

‘Ga In-ah, just wait for a little more days after he has appeased and you guys would talk to him again.

Jo Kwon and Ga In looked at each other. Ga In lies on Jo Kwon’s shoulder to find the strength to continue to face all the problem.


The whole quarrel scenario was known to the public because anonymous uploader recorded the whole scene and upload it on a few websites. Soon, everybody knew about Ga In and Jo Kwon’s relationship and Nega Networks’ objection.

To their surprised, many petitions’ were signed by netizens to support their relationship. Even the fangirls and fanboys who use to obsess about their artist send letters to the company to state the willingness to ‘let go’ of their artist so that both of them can be together.

Soon the matter got worse, within a few days, there is a growing number of people gathering outside the Nega Network Company to show their support of the Adam’s relationship. Even the polices are involved. Many banners and boards are seen writing:





Crowds gathered outside the company almost every day.


‘I can’t believe that the fans are so supportive of your relationship with Ga In.’ Seulong spoke as the members are gathering around for dinner.

‘How I wished if I ever get into and relationship, things would turn out this way too.’ Maknae Jin Woon joked as he stuffed rice into his mouth. Jo Kwon just plastered a smile at Jin Woon’s statement.

‘Now we shall just hope that Ga In’s CEO would agree to all these.’ Jo Kwon stated.

‘How is Ga In now? Is she alright?’ Chang Min asked.

‘She is okay now, but I am worried for our baby’s future.’

‘Just take a step at a time and I believe you guys would have good ending.’ Seulong smiled and gave a assurance look at Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon felt really great at his member’s support.

‘But I really wonder, who is the anonymous uploader and spread the news of Ga In noona’s and hyung’s relationship?’ Jin Woon asked out of blue.

‘I think Jo Kwon must really thank the mysterious man one day.’ Chang Min added.


Because the matter persists, the CEO of Nega Network has to call Jo Kwon and Ga In back to the company.

‘As you all know, the problem leaks out and many fans have know all about you and Jo Kwon-sshi.’ The CEO started.

‘So I have no choice, but to agree.’ He heaves a sigh and continued. Both Jo Kwon and Ga In did not dare to look up at him as the he talk.

‘JYP has called me personally to persuade me to agree. So tomorrow, we would hold a press conference to pronounce to the fans and media about your relationship.’

‘Is this for real president?’ Ga In finally spoke up. Still, they didn’t dare to do any expression to express their joy. Jo Kwon felt like he was going to jump up the roof from being too happy.

‘I have no choice. The fans are accumulating more and more outside. After all, as an artist, fans are important to you. Since the fans agree, what more can I say about this?’ He concluded in bitter tone.

‘President, I am very thankful for accepting me.’

‘Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree to this. ONLY the fans.’ The CEO states clearly.

‘President, whatever is it, thanks a lot.’


Today was the press conference day. All the B.E.G members and 2AM member are getting ready for the important day. Ga In and Jo Kwon while on the other hand sits at the couch and practice for the things that they are going to say.

‘Yeobo, don’t worry, I am here for you.’

‘I know, but Kwon-ah I am still scared.’

Jo Kwon just smiled and hug Ga In tightly.

‘Yaa. Please don’t be all lovey-dovey in front of all the singles here.’ Jea joked at the Adams.

Soon they were all ready and they make their way to the stage. They sat in order with Jo Kwon and Ga In in the middle as they are the main people of the event. Ga In gave a sign so that Jo Kwon speaks first.

‘Firstly I would like to thanks all media for coming here to this press conference. We want to say special thanks to 4-everlastings fan club and IAMfor2AM fan club members for the continuous support of Adam couple. We are really thankful for that.’

Both Jo Kwon and Ga In stood up and bow at the audience. Then they sat down again. A few fans from the 4-everlastings fan club and IAMfor2AM fan club were seen. They were holding supportive banner of the Adams.

‘We are here today because we would like to announce a happy occasion.’ Then there was a wave of murmurs coming from the audience. When the murmurs stop, Jo Kwon continued.

Jo Kwon reached out his hand and held Ga In’s. He smiled at her before looking back to the audience. The cameras start to flash crazily. Another round of commotion could be heard.

‘From today onwards, Son Ga In, the member of B.E.G is mine. She belongs to me.’ Everybody in the room was so shocked at the honesty of the couple. Fans were shouting crazily as Jo Kwon confessed his love.

‘Yes, we are together now.’ The cameras continue to flash non-stop.

‘What did the other say?’ A man stood up and asked.

‘We felt happy for them.’ Jea spoke as she represents her members.

‘What about 2AM?’ The man continued.

‘We were so excited about the relationship. We always think that they made very good couple together. Don’t you all think so?’ Chang Min as the oldest in the group speaks up.

‘When did you all started going out?’ A lady from the row of reporters voiced out.

‘Only recently.’ Ga In confessed.

‘How did you guys found out that you love each other?’ The lady continued.

‘The answer to the question is private and it’s between us. So we hope all of you would understand.’ Jo Kwon answered bravely.

At that point, Jo Kwon looked at Ga In and smiled lovingly.

‘Is this going to affect B.E.G or 2AM in any other way?’ Another reporter asked.

‘No, because we would juggle our time well and I believe fans would continue to support us in any way.’ The fans from ‘4-everlastings fanclub’ and ‘IAMfor2AM fanclub’ were shouting more than ever as the sign of agreeing.

‘Oppa, don’t worry, we would support you even more!! Just be a good boyfriend to Ga In unnie!!’ A fan from 4-everlastings shouted. This causes a round of laughter around the room.

‘So, I hope that from today onwards, we can go out freely as a couple.’ With that, all the members stood up and bowed at the audience.

‘Unnie, please remember to show more reaction to oppa!!’ Those words from the fan IAMfor2AM cause another round of laughter in the conference room.

Jo Kwon smiled and Ga In just nodded her head. The he held Ga In‘s hand tightly and left the conference room.


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