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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Today is a busy day at the Adam’s. Jo Kwon and Ga In are walking busily around the house. Today is actually their beloved son’s birthday, Ok Yub’s two year old birthday. The parents are busy preparing for the party in their house before the guest comes over.

‘Yeobo, have you called them?’ Jo Kwon shouts from the kitchen. Ga In on the other hand just came back from the market. She is going to prepare a sumptuous dinner party for the guest.

‘Yes, I have informed them. Ah, these things are so heavy.’ Ga In grumbled as she placed the groceries on top of the dining table and wears her indoor slipper.

‘Yeobo, I am sorry that I didn’t accompany you to the mart.’ Jo Kwon was busy making the cake and he has no time to visit the mart with her.

‘What are you talking about? Aren’t you busy with the cake?’

‘Ah, speaking of this, yeobo, can you help with the decoration? I am clueless what to decorate on it.

‘Just put a lot of choco pie on top.’ Ga In joked.

‘Yah, yeobo, this cake is not for you. It’s for our son. You don’t be greedy omma and fight for the same cake okay? I make one for you on your birthday.’

‘Arasso’ Ga In just smiled and replied with her usual chic manner.

‘We got to be quick. We don’t have much time left. What are you cooking today?’ The panicked Jo Kwon starts to jump around in excitement.

‘Your favourite crab stew, spicy chicken broth, samguypsal and acorn jelly.’ She answered.

‘Ah, my favouite carb stew!! 출세(Yeobo Success)!! Jo Kwon kiss Ga In on the cheek.

Kwon-ah, you better start cleaning up the house. Later the ahjibem would start complaining again.

Alright!! Jo Kwon made a salute sign before moving on to clean the house.

Jo Kwon wears his apron and starts to clean. He vacuums the bedroom, the living room, and Ok Yubs playroom. He cleans every nook and cranny thoroughly. He washes the bed sheet and cleans the toilet. He keeps away Ok Yub’s toys that are lying round on the floor. He also prepares the table for the party. While Jo Kwon cleans the house, Ga In is busy preparing the dinner. She seems like a busy little chef in a restaurant. She cuts the vegetable, stir the soup, peel of the garlic and onions and slice the pork meat.

‘Ok Yub-ah, come let’s bath now before your uncle arrives.’ Jo Kwon picks up Ok Yub who is watching ‘Barney and Friends’ on the television. Jo Kwon brings Ok Yub into the bathroom and baths him. Suddenly her mobile which is lying on the couch rang.

‘Kwon-ah, can you help me to pick up the phone?’ Ga In shouts from the kitchen. But she gets no response from him. She puts away the things on her hand, washes her hand and reach for the vibrating gadget.

‘Yeoboseyo? Ga In here.’

‘Ga In ah, Jea here.’

‘UNNIE!! When are you guys coming over?’ Ga In asked in excitement. It has been a while since the B.E.G members visits their house.

‘We would be reaching around 6pm.’ Jea answered.

‘Ah, I see. Remember don’t buy any gifts for Ok Yub.’

‘Okay okay. We can’t ---‘

‘Wait, unnie. We would talk later. My soup is boiling!!’ She hung up the phone and runs to the kitchen. She quickly turns off the stove.

‘Phew~ Thank God it’s didn’t spill.’ She then continues cooking.

Moments later, Jo Kwon walks out of the toilet with freshly bathed Ok Yub. He is carrying Ok Yub in his arm. Jo Kwon also looked like he just bathed with his wet hair.

‘Yeobo, did you call me just now?’

‘Yah, Kwon-ah, did you by any chance bath WITH Ok Yub again?’

‘Yeobo, our little Adam is so cute that I can’t resist to not bath with him. Some more we want to have a private father and son session.’

‘Kwon-ah, how many times did I tell you not to do that? What if you passed any bacteria on his delicate skin? Are you going to answer for it?

‘Why would I have any bacteria? We smell so nice right now.’ Jo Kwon turned to his son and snuggle him on the stomach. Ok Yub laughs at the ticklish feeling that his dad made on his stomach.

‘Appa choego (Daddy is the best)!!’ Ok Yub kisses gently on Jo Kwon’s cheek.

‘Oh, so now is 2 against 1 is it? Alright, then there will be no more dinner for the two of you.’ Ga In looks away and continues with her cooking. Jo Kwon puts Ok Yub down and slits his arm around Ga In’s waist from the back.

‘Are you jealous that I didn’t bath with you? Please don’t be angry. What about tonight, okay?’ Jo Kwon whispered gently on her ears.

‘Yah, Jo Kwon, Jukgulae(You want to die)?’ She replied in usual expressionless way.

‘Do you bear to see me die?’ Jo Kwon knew her wife chic character. ‘I will give special service for you, what about a massage?’ He continued.

‘Move aside. I want to cook.’ Ga In smiled and pulled his hand away.

‘You will get it from me tonight.’ Jo Kwon said firmly as he left the kitchen and play with his son.


DING DONG! The doorbell rings.

‘Ah, it must be them!’ Jo Kwon exclaimed excitedly.

When he opens the door, he was pushed aside by two giants in 2AM, Seulong and Jin Woon.

‘Yah!! How dare you push me aside?’ Jo Kwon complained and he soothes the injured shoulder from the wall impact.

‘Ok Yub-ah, where are you?’ They saw Ok Yub standing beside his omma. Seulong then picked Ok Yub up and toss him in the air.

‘Yah, IM SEULONG!! Careful with him.’

‘Hyung, here’s the gift for Ok Yub.’ Jin Woon passes a few gifts to Jo Kwon.

‘Ah, why spent the money? Go there and sit down and wait for the others.’ Jo Kwon replied.

‘Ga In-ah, where are the other B.E.G members?’ Chang Min asked suddenly.

‘Aigoo, hyung-ah, why are you so impatient about them?’ Jo Kwon joked at Chang Min as he closes the door.

‘I didn’t okay. I was just wondering why are they so late. So what have you cooked?’ Chang Min walks to the kitchen and asked Ga In to diverge away from anymore questions from Jo Kwon.

‘Ah, it’s just a simple meal. Hope it is passable.’ Ga In replied.

‘Ga In-ah, you cook fabulous food. I love your cooking.’ Chang Min praised Ga In’s cooking.

‘I am glad, hope that later everyone would enjoy it.’ She turns reached for the plates and starts to put the food onto it.

‘Yeobo, are you kidding with me? Your cooking is the best in the world!!’ Jo Kwon shouts from the door.

‘Kwon-ah, stop flattering your wife. Can’t you see that she is floating already?’ Seulong said sarcastically. Both Seulong and Jin Woon are busy playing with Ok Yub.

‘Yah, IM SEULONG. You better don’t talk so much in front of Ok Yub. He will learn bad things from you.’ Ga In then scoops the rice into the bowl.

‘Best unnie in the world, your cooking smells so nice. When are we eating?’ Jin Woon flashes his signature smile and asked Ga In.

‘Our cute maknae Jin Woon, dinner would be ready soon.’ Ga In felt happy at the term and answered cheerfully.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings again.

‘Yay!! Noona has come!!’ Jin Woon and Seulong shouts in unison.

‘Aish, just look at them.’ Jo Kwon just shook his head looking at the two single men.

Jo Kwon reaches for the door again and opens it.

‘Jo Soebang!! Where’s Ok Yub??’ Again, Jo Kwon was pushed to the side by the B.E.G members.

‘Why am I losing my attention? Everybody now only look for Ok Yub.’ Jo Kwon pouted and closes the door.

‘Because he is much cuter than you, silly!!’ Narsha snapped at his words.

The three member of B.E.G enters the house noisily. They placed their bag on the floor and sits around Ok Yub.

‘Unnie!! Have you forgotten about me?’ Ga In complained form the kitchen.

‘Yah, Ga In we seldom get to see Ok Yub. So let us just play with him before we entertain you alright?’ Miryo joked but all the while playing with Ok Yub.

‘Unnie!!’ She shouted but nobody bothered about her.


Ok Yub became the star of the day. He received many gifts from the members. All the others can’t take their eyes off the star. Soon the people gathered at the table. They eat happily.

‘Ga In-ah, your crab stew is no joke. It is so nice!! You should just go and open a restaurant!’ Chang Min praised once again. He eats hungrily at the dishes that Ga In has cooked.

‘Oppa, you have flattered me.’ Ga In replied modestly.

‘Hyung, you shouldn’t praise her too much. Later she would be proud.’ Seulong interrupted with his nasty comment.‘Hyung, I know you are older but stop aiming at my wife or else I would chase you out of the house.’ Jo Kwon joked as he cannot stand at Seulong’s character.

‘Wah, Jo Kwon is really cool. He is the real man here.’ Narsha complimented.

‘Mmm, Ga In-ah, your samgyupsal is really JJANG!! I can’t seem to stop eating them.’ Jea too commented while stuffing more pieces of meat into her mouth.

‘Eat more unnie.’ Ga In felt really happy when everyone enjoyed their meal.

‘Unnie, I thought you said before that you are vegan?’ Jin Woon asked abruptly.

‘Ah, that was before I eat this plate of SamGyupSal.’ Everybody in the house laughs.

After the dinner, Jo Kwon took out the cake from the fridge. ‘Come let’s blow the candle. Yeobo, you go and get the lighter.’ Jo Kwon placed the cake on the table and Ga In brought Ok Yub closer to the table.

They sang birthday song for Ok Yub. Ok Yub was smiling so widely just like his father.

‘Yah, Ok Yub really looks like little Jo Kwon.’ Miryo felt really happy for Ga In’s happy family.

‘Ok Yub-ah happy birthday!!’ Ga In and Jo Kwon wished in unison and plant a kiss on Ok Yub’s forehead.

‘Ga In, this is my birthday present for Ok Yub.’ Jea spoke as she hand a letter from her bag.

‘Unnie, I thought I said no need for a gift. He will be spoilt soon with all the toys.’

‘No, Ga In. This is the letter from the famous kindergarten. I have booked a place for Ok Yub. With this letter, Ok Yub can study there next year.’

‘That SungKyuKwan Kindergarten? The famous and only the smart ones can enter?’

‘Yea, I booked a place for Ok Yub through a very close friend of mine in the kindergarten. I want the best school for my nephew.’

‘Is this for real? We have been planning to place him in that kindergarten for so long!’ Jo Kwon exclaimed excitedly.

‘I am glad you like the idea. The teacher is really good. They have good daycare too. You guys can place Ok Yub during the day without worries. ‘ Jea continued.

‘Omo, I am really grateful, unnie!!’ Ga In stood up and hugs Jea tightly.

‘Ok Yub-ah, you must cherish all your birthday presents and say thanks to all uncle and aunties.’ Jo Kwon pats lightly on Ok Yub’s back.

‘Gu-ma-wo.’ Ok Yub speak softly with wide grin on his face.‘Aigoo, our Ok Yub-ah, why are you so cute?’ Narsha piched lightly on Ok Yub’s nose. Everybody in the rooms laughs again.‘Aish, thinking back those days, it wasn’t easy for Ok Yub to come to this world.’ Jo Kwon sighed.

‘Let the past be the past. We should be anticipating the future and not the thinking about the bad past.’ Seulong spoke his best word since his arrival.


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