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Monday, September 12, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

[Flashback to the past after the press conference]

The press conference event was widely spread throughout the country. Now everybody knows that Jo Kwon and Ga In is a couple together outside We Got Married. Many articles regarding them to get married also surfaces.

Yeobo, are you free today? Can we have lunch together?’ Jo Kwon is the one usually initiate to call the other one first. And as usual, Jo Kwon called Ga In like any other day.

‘Yeobo, I am free for lunch but got to return after that for schedule.’

Alright then, I will come and pick you up in 20 minutes time.’ Jo Kwon hung up the phone and jumps in excitement.

Hyung, I won’t be joining you guys for lunch later.’ Jo Kwon walked towards Chang Min who is cooking for the members.

You have date with Ga In unnie?’ Jin Woon interrupted.

Jin Woon-ah, do you even need to ask that? What an obvious question.’ Seulong chipped into the conversation while switching on the television.

Jo Kwon just smiled at Seulong’s remark.

Hyung, I’ll be back after lunch for the next schedule. Please help me to tell manager Min that I will be going to the location myself.

Seulong ignored Jo Kwon because he saw the Tony Moly’s advertisement with B.E.G shown on the television.

Then I will be going.’ Jo Kwon grabbed his keys and head to the door. He got into the car and drive towards Nega Network.


Unnie, I would be meeting with Kwonnie later. Do you all need anything? I can buy on the way back.’ Ga In was packing up her bag and takes a look on the mirror.

Aigoo, just concentrate on your date alright?’ Miryo joked at Ga In.

Alright, unnie. I will get going then.’ She turned and head to the door after putting the final touches to her hair.

Please send my regards to Jo-Seobang!! Jea shouted from the room.


Soon, Jo Kwon arrived at the front porch and saw Ga In standing there. He stopped just right beside her. Then he got down from the car and opened the door for Ga In.

Yah, Jo Kwon, why are you so late?’ Ga In complained as she entered the car. He then walked back to his side and entered the car.

To get this for you.’ Jo Kwon took out a bouquet of flower from the back seat. It was the red sunflower that Ga In likes.

Omo, this is so pretty.’ Ga In took the flowers and sniffs them.

They smell nice too.’ Ga In smile while continue to admire the bouquet of flowers.

Did you forget something?’ Jo Kwon suddenly asked. He had an arrogant grin on his face.

Kwon-ah, GuMaWo.’ She spoked softly but all the while admiring the flowers. She can’t take her eyes off the beautiful flower in front of her because she really loves plants.

Is that all?’ The unsatisfied Jo Kwon complained. Shyly, Ga In lean forward and plant a kiss on Jo Kwon’s cheek.

That’s better.’ Jo Kwon’s smile turns broad and starts the car’s engine.

‘Where are we going today?’ She asked.

We would have a quick lunch before we shop around a little at the nearby emporium.’ Jo Kwon replied. As usual, Jo Kwon is like a tour guide before heading out to any destinations. He is always prepared so that Ga In would have nothing to worry. Not long after, they reached a spicy rice cake shop.

Come let’s go down.’ Jo Kwon said after he parked his car. He quickly walk to the other side of the car and opened the door for Ga In.

Link your hands with mine.’ Jo Kwon grabbed Ga In’s hand immediately after she got down of the car.

Shiro.’ Although she said so, but she didn’t retaliate. She holds the bouquet of flowers tightly with her other hand.

Yeobo, do you know how much I want to hold your hand in the public? Finally, we can do this openly.’ They talked as they made their way to the shop.

Ga In just smiled at Jo Kwon’s word. Thinking back how she and Jo Kwon have gone through before realizing their love and getting the consent from the CEOs.

Then they entered the spicy rice cake shop and found a lot of people staring at them. Many people stared in disbelief that even popular artist would visit this kind of small restaurants.

Annyeonghaseyo. Please don’t be disturbed by our presence. Just continue to enjoy your meal. We are here to eat lunch too. And by the way, this is my girlfriend, Son Ga In.’ Jo Kwon bowed lightly to the customers who is staring at them.

What are you talking?’ Ga In whispered to Jo Kwon when she heard her name because she was so shy. The customers also cheered when Jo Kwon mentioned Ga In’s name.

Jo Kwon did a meh-rong (sticking out tongue) to Ga In. Then they found a corner place to sit before they ordered their food.

Kwon-ah, what are you doing just now? It is so embarrassing.’ Still thought of the situation just now, Ga In felt like finding a mouse hole to hide.

Why would it be embarrassing? I have been waiting for this kind of speeches for so long.’ Jo Kwon answered proudly.

When the food came, they eat happily and like usual, they feed each other spicy rice cakes.

The rice cake is really nice. Do you come here often?’ Ga In suddenly asks. She was curious at how Jo Kwon would know such a nice rice cake shop.

Yea, when I was a trainee, I always come with Oh Ban—‘ Jo Kwon stopped talking when he was about to mentioned Oh Bang Shil’s name as he scared that Ga In would be unhappy.

Who? Oh Bang Shil?’ Ga In just continued eating and acted like she didn’t care.

Aren’t you angry? I thought you always get jealous when I mention Oh Bang Shil?’ Jo Kwon was taken aback at Ga In’s anticlimax reaction.

What is there to be jealous? You have just announced to the world that I am yours. Would I still be jealous over this trivial matter?’ She answered chicly.

Waah, our buin has become more sensible.’ Jo Kwon was so happy at Ga In’s word. It made him felt that Ga In was really happy because of his confession at the press conference.

You can’t escape from my clutches anymore.’ Ga In stretched out her hand and did a fist sign.

I know, and I never will.’ Jo Kwon and Ga In both smiled and continue eating.


After the lunch, they drop by at the nearby emporium and got down the car.

We would just shop for awhile okay?’ Ga In nagged as she is worried that she might be late for the next schedule. They walked into the emporium hand in hand. Still, stares still can’t be avoided because they are after all the famous 2AM leader, Jo Kwon and the sexy Son Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls.

All right, I would be contented even we are just window shopping. Just being with you would make me happy all day.’ Jo Kwon laid head onto Ga In’s shoulder while holding her hand.

You and your glib tongue.’ Ga In replied in her usual chic manner. As they walked they didn’t notice a man that was following them because they were too immersed in their own little world.

Ah, yeobo, look at those mannequin. Aren’t they a family of three?’ They walked towards a family of mannequin of father, mother and a son, displaying the same design jacket.

Ah, family jacket. No wonder all the three are wearing the same.’ Ga In touched lightly at the jacket. How cute would it been if they have this kind of outfit too, she thought.

It’s a family jacket? Should we try it out, yeobo?’ The excited Jo Kwon acts like a baby while tugging at Ga In’s arm.

Since we have nothing to shop, all right then.’ They took the jackets and tried it out.

Later, both Jo Kwon and Ga In came out of the dressing room wearing the same and look at the mirror.

Don’t we look like twins, yeobo?’ Ga In looked at their images and fixes Jo Kwon’s hoodie.

We can go out like this in the future. We would then wear the same jacket with our baby.’ Jo Kwon felt excited already just at the thought of the happy family he would have in the future.

Come let’s take a picture.’ He continued.

Why take? Let’s just buy it.’ Ga In blurts out of the blue.

Yeobo, you are willing to wear this with me? Hurray!!

After they paid the money, they left and passed by the baby’s accessories department.

Yeobo, look at those children’s clothes. They look so beautiful. Should we go and take a look?

Jo Kwon pulled Ga In into the store.

Omo, these clothes are so small, they are only as big as my palm here.’ Jo Kwon took a few of the infant clothing and starts comparing it with his hand.

Look at this, yeobo. The milk bottle is so cute. Should I buy this for you?’ Ga In picked up a milk bottle and shoved it in front of Jo Kwon.

Why buy for me? Am I a baby?’

Don’t you look like a big baby?’ Jo Kwon starts to mimic the baby’s sound. Ga In and Jo Kwon keeps on playing around in the baby’s accessories department. Without them noticing, the man who followed them kept clicking on the shutter button of his DSLR.

Yeobo, can we buy the things earlier for our baby? They all look so cute here.’ Jo Kwon looks around the store and finds everything in the store is so fascinating to him.

Sshh. Kwon-ah, please lower down your voice. You want the whole wide world to know that I am already pregnant? We still haven’t told everyone about this yet.’

All right, I would listen to you. But can we buy these things? They really looked beautiful.’ Jo Kwon made puppy eyes towards Ga In. He gently caressed Ga In’s tummy. The scene was again caught by the mysterious man.

Next time all right?’ Ga In just caressed Jo Kwon hair and Jo Kwon leaned forward for a kiss.

‘Not now!!’ She blocked his lips with her palm.

Ah, get to kiss on the palm is not bad either.’ The proud Jo Kwon just walked off after saying his piece.

Ga In again smiled to herself at Jo Kwon’s antic. Because of Jo Kwon, she found herself smiling a lot and became a more cheerful and considerate person.

Soon, after playing around in the babies department, they left the emporium and head back to the Ga In’s company.

‘Yeobo, I will call you tonight!!’ Jo Kwon waved at the leaving Ga In. He smiled to himself while driving away.

That night, many news articles appeared. They entitled:




All the articles are attached with the pictures of them shopping in the babies department. The scene when they try out for the family jacket, when Jo Kwon touched Ga In’s tummy and many more. Those articles became the hot topic of the day and even trending on few searching websites in Korea.


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