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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Epilogue] – PART 1 - Irreversible Confession

Irreversible Confession

‘C..Can for a while?’ She barely caught up with the rhythm and pants heavily, while holding onto his neck. She looks straight into his eyes with puppy eyes, looking for signs of agreeing after the third round. He lifted one of his hands that were supporting his body weight, gently trail his fingers on her forehead and wipe off the sweat beads before planting a kiss. She smiled at the warm kiss, breathing in the sweet scent of the man who is on top of her.

He retreated slowly to avoid hurting her and helped her up on the bed. He then lie against the bed’s headboard and opens his arms widely waiting for the girl to snuggle with him. As if on cue, the girl climbed on the bed and took the spot, wrapping her arms around the guy’s muscled waist and rest her head on his broad chest. They remained silent for awhile after the vigorous activity. Their breathing was still unstable but gradually their breathing slowed and their pulse returned to normal.

‘Will you regret it?’ Jo Kwon asked suddenly while caressing the girl’s hair with his left hand.

She paused for a moment before answering the daring question, ‘You think I will?’

‘I am just.. afraid that you might not like the—‘ The girl tilted up her head and plant a quick kiss on his lips.

‘You got my answer?’ The girl chuckled from the shocked look of Jo Kwon.

A victorious smile went across his face, he whispered gently to the girl’s ear, ‘Ga In noona…saranghae.’

Upon hearing the magical word, Ga In can’t help but snuggled closer into Jo Kwon’s hug, breathing in Jo Kwon’s scent that makes her heart beat faster.

‘You are not leaving right?’ Ga In blurted out of blue.

‘What do you think? Is there a reason for me to stay?’ Jo Kwon talks playfully because he really wants to hear those confirmation words coming out from Ga In’s mouth.

‘Of..of course there is.’ Ga In stuttered, unable to continue to sentence. She caresses Jo Kwon’s muscled abs, trailing her fingers till his navel.

‘What is it then?’ Jo Kwon chuckled, enjoying his time teasing the petite woman in his arms.

Ga In broke off the cuddle and turns away shyly. She then pulls the blanket over her body in the air-conditioned room, back facing him.

‘Not answering?’ Jo Kwon smiled at the blushed Ga In and scooted nearer to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, zeroing the gap between them.

‘You are going to hear this often,’ Jo Kwon whispered gently. ‘I love you, Son Ga In.’


The morning sun shines into the cold lovebird’s room - only the resident of the room knew how ‘hot’ their night was after the strenuous activity they had. The weather was bright and clear, birds were chirping loudly – as if like the nature were celebrating the start of their beautiful relationship.

Jo Kwon twitched a little from the cold surrounding. He pulled the warm blanket over him to keep himself warmer. He breathes in the scent from the blanket, only to remember the beautiful night that he had just experience. He opens his eyes and found himself lying alone on the messy bed.

He sits up from the bed and observed the surrounding. The chair overturned, some books from the shelf fell to the floor and their clothing was everywhere – indicating how ‘urgent’ they were last night. He can’t help but smile, flashbacking yesterday night’s incident. He remembered pushing Ga In against the bookshelf that made the whole mess.

He pulls away the blanket that was covering his naked body and looked for his trousers around the room. It took him awhile before he found his trousers lying on top of the desktop monitor on the working desk. Again, he smiled when “How did his trousers got on the monitor” incident replayed in his mind again. Then he went on to search for his pale-colour collared shirt but to no avail.

He gives up on searching his shirt and quickly, he slides into his trousers. He opened the door gently and he sees a petite lady, looking busy in the kitchen. What caught his attention was, Ga In was wearing his shirt. The oversized shirt barely covers her bottom – revealing much of her milky white leg. Jo Kwon could once again feel his bulge just by looking at the scene in front of him.

Jo Kwon quietly walk towards his love and hugged her by her waist. The sudden back hug shocked her a little but she quickly resumed.

‘Good morning my love, are you preparing breakfast for me?’ Jo Kwon rested his jaw on her shoulder, breathing in her hair scent.

Putting in the last few ingredients for the kimchi soup, ‘You are awake?’

‘You just bath didn’t you?’ Jo Kwon breathes in again to confirm.

‘Of course, I was all sweaty from yesterday…’ Her voice trailed off. She could feel her cheeks burning again.

Jo Kwon chuckled as he could sense the shyness emitting from Ga In.

‘You know what look so SEXAY in this and you are making me all fired up again..’ He whispered gently to her. His seducing tone almost made Ga In drop the pot of kimchi soup. She nudged his hand away and carried the pot to the dining table.

Jo Kwon follows Ga In to the table, ‘Am I just so irresistible?’

Ga In looks away, avoiding the question. Ga In was so shy due to the aftermath of the incident that she doesn’t dare to look straight into his eyes.

When Ga In turns and leaves the table, Jo Kwon pulls her into his embrace. Ga In was shock from what Jo Kwon did but she just remained her composure. Her heart skipped a beat when the back of her hand brushes against Jo Kwon naked top.

‘Finally you are looking at me..’ Jo Kwon caringly caresses her face, tugging her hair behind her ears. Ga In just kept smiling enjoying every moment of it.

‘You are so beautiful..’ Jo Kwon looks from head to toe, admiring every bit of Son Ga In.

He returned his vision to Ga In’s eyes, looks at her lovingly, ‘I think I am the luckiest man on earth now.’ Ga In can’t stop smiling from the compliment.

‘I promised you that I would I love you with all my heart.’

Jo Kwon leans slowly and his lips lands on Ga In’s. And soon, their tongues and lips were involved in a battle against conquering each other’s mouth. At last, they ended up having their kimchi breakfast in the afternoon because their morning just filled with another session of vigorous activity.

[To be Continued]

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