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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[EPILOGUE] Part 2 - Irreversible Confession

Irreversible Confession – Part 2

(Inside U-Style Corp. building)

It was time to leave so Hyuna starts to pack her things. She walked over to Ga In’s office and knocked and opened the door, ‘Unnie, it’s time to go.’

Ga In looks at her watch and a smile just spread over her face. Looking at that kind of expression, Hyuna pouted her lips, ‘Having date again?’

Ga In ignored her question and continues packing her things on the desk. It wasn’t the first time Hyuna asked because she has noticed something was amiss recently.

Hyuna stepped into the room and sat on the couch, ‘Unnie, you seem to be really busy these days. Why are you always occupied after work? Are you seeing someone?’  

‘I think you’ve changed a lot, unnie.’ She continued.

Hyuna’s statement interests her. ‘In what way?’ she asked.

‘You’ve become less demanding? More gentle and happier?’


‘Yea.’ She paused. ‘So, are you going to be honest with me?’

Ga In looked up at Hyuna, smiled again and walked over to the hanger where she hangs her outer wear. She grabbed her scarf and head outside.

‘Unnie! Wait for me!’ Hyuna ran after Ga In who was walking briskly towards the exits.

Finally caught up with her, Hyuna asked, ‘Unnie, there is someone already right? Right?’

Ga In just kept walking forward, ignoring the question.

 ‘Who is it, unnie? Who is the lucky guy who took your heart?’

‘Alright.’ Ga In stopped her tracks. ‘I am not seeing anyone right now. Satisfied?’ Ga In lied through her teeth and continues walking. It was so obvious that Ga In is keeping something from her but Hyuna just decided to let her have her way.

‘Unnie, I’ll let you go this time!!’ Hyuna shouted to Ga In when Ga In dashes across the street and got into the taxi.


(In one of the restaurants in Seoul)

‘Why aren’t you eating?’ Seul Ong asked while gobbling down his food. ‘Aren’t you hungry?’

‘Hey, didn’t want to come out to have lunch at first. You dragged me out.’ Jo Kwon grumbled.

Seul Ong ignored his complains and continued eating, ‘Hey, I have always wanted to asked one question.’

‘What is it?’ Jo Kwon couldn’t concentrate on Seul Ong ‘s question, he kept on checking his phone – looking out for missed calls or messages.

‘What made you stay in Seoul? Why didn’t you leave?’ Jo Kwon didn’t hear his question and was typing away on his phone.

‘YAH!’ Seul Ong gently hit Jo Kwon on his shoulder. ‘Did you hear my question?’ Seul Ong asked.

Feeling annoyed, he puts away his phone. ‘What did you ask me?’

‘It’s okay. Just forget about it.’ Seul Ong returned to his food in front of him.

‘I think you have been a little weird these days.’ Seul Ong said.


‘You see for yourself. Now you don’t pay attention when we are talking, always fiddling with your damn phone, and you smiles to yourself like an idiot all the time and you skip lunch now and then.’


‘Are you seeing someone?’ Seul Ong asked the question that he has been keeping inside for a very long time.

‘Eh?’ Jo Kwon eye’s widened when he was asked the question. ‘Are you?’ Seul Ong repeats.

Suddenly Jo Kwon’s phone rang and he picked it up quickly.

He smiled and ended the phone call. ‘Hyung, I got to go. Enjoy your lunch.’

‘Yah! Yah Jo Kwon!! You want to leave me here?! Yah!’ Seul Ong shouted for him but Jo Kwon already left the place.

‘Aish this brat.’


(In a shopping complex)

‘Sorry I am late!!’

Jo Kwon reached out his hand to hold onto Ga In’s hand. Both walked hand in hand into the mall. They stopped in front of a restaurant.

They stood outside the restaurant, looking at the menu. ‘Is this place alright?’

Ga In looks up at him, ‘What do you think?’

‘Let’s go in.’ Jo Kwon pulls her into the restaurant and they found a quiet place with L-shape seat.

‘So where are we going after lunch?’ Ga In asked.

Jo Kwon scooted closer to Ga In and whispered huskily over her ear, ‘To my house...’

Ga In’s eyes widened and she hit Jo Kwon gently on his shoulder. ‘Yah, watch what you are saying.’

Jo Kwon burst out laughing, ‘What I mean was, come to my house to have dinner together.’ He can’t stop laughing at Ga In’s yellow minded thought.

‘So now you are making fun of me it is?’ Ga In pouted her lips, showing discontentment. She turned her back against him and looked away.

‘Aww.. Don’t be angry..’ Jo Kwon gently wraps his arm around Ga In’s waist and pulled her towards him. He leaned forward and kisses Ga In gently on her cheek.

Jo Kwon speaks in a monotonous tone, ‘I am sorry, baby.’



Ga In turns around and holds Jo Kwon’s face in position, smile cheekily. ‘You’ll get it from me tonight.’ She let go of her hand and sits upright and acts like nothing has happened.

Jo Kwon grins happily when he heard the ‘threat’. Then he turns to his backpack and takes out a thick photo album.

‘Here you go, baby. This is for you.’

‘This is…?’ Ga In took the photo album and flips to the first page.

My Baby-G, 
Today marks our first month together. Thinking back to the days that we’ve just met each other, it felt just like yesterday. And now we have been walking together in hand for a month now.   Sometimes when I am alone on the bed, I really wonder whether am I in reality or not. I’d still remember the first time when I saw you in the office.   
Petite, fair skin, gorgeous smile and of course your mesmerizing eyes. As a photographer, to me you are like a piece of beautifully crafted masterpiece from God. You are so unreachable.  
And now, you belong to me and I belong to you. I can only say, life is really unpredictable. You’ll never know who is going to be the one in your life. And thankfully for me, I am the luckiest man on the earth that I have already found mine, which is you, my darling baby-g. 
Thank you for being mine and I really appreciate every moment I spent with you. Happy One Month and I love you, Son Ga In.

 Whole fully yours,
                                                                                                                              Jo Kwon.

A drop of tear falls onto her delicate cheek and rolls down. Jo Kwon noticed it and quickly wiped it away for her. He then hugged her around her waist.

‘Don’t cry, baby. Go on to the next page.’

As told, Ga In flips to the next page. On the second page, it was filled with pictures of her -pictures of her walking around during Bali Island shooting, pictures of her eating, talking, sitting and so many more. 

Through the lens, I know I have fallen deeply with your charms.

‘You have been taking my photos?’ She asked softly.

‘You are just so charming and I can’t resist myself.’ Jo Kwon replied.

Going on next page,

‘It’s really amusing to me how our love grew in such a short time. From the first day I know you till the day we got together, we barely knew each other for a week. So, it this what people call the Love At The First Sight? Do you feel this way? Well, I do. I still remembered the first time I saw you, my heart skipped a beat.
 Sometimes I would ask myself, when did I know that I have fallen in love with you? I wondered a lot and I really have no idea about it too. :D But I really have to say, that night when I help you to bandage your injured leg; I totally feel the urge to pawn on you. XD Then I knew it. I have totally fallen into your clutches. I don’t think I would ever get out of it. I shall say it’s IRREVERSIBLE and I would never regret it.

Then there were more pictures of them that they took together during their date. The Polaroid photos that they have taken almost filled up a few pages of the album.

Sure, we have taken a lot of pictures together, but I really hope to fill more this thick photo album with our lovely memories. Are you willing to compile our beautiful memories together? Let’s change a photo album every year? Or every month? XD Argh this thought makes me all hyped up already.   
Love, Jo Kwon.

Ga In closes the photo album and wiped away the tears that already smudged her pale make up. She puts down the album and hugs Jo Kwon tightly by the neck.

‘Thank you so much for this, baby. I love you.’Ga In finally blurted out the word that Jo Kwon has been yearning for it so much.

‘And I love you too.’