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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 18

[RECAP Chapter 17]

‘You are afraid that she might be jealous?’

‘I know Ga In noona won’t get jealous but I just feel like I have betrayed her or something…’

‘Kwon-ah, you cannot be thinking this way. You know as an artist, you cannot be thinking too much when it comes to work. You won’t be a successful one if you worry too much. Don’t forget this sitcom is not going to be your last acting. I believe in the future there’s a lot more to come and you can’t be possibly be worrying for all of them right?.’

‘So hyung, what should I do?’

‘Be a professional actor. Work is work and personal is personal. Don’t mix your feelings and then you would be fine.’

‘Is it really that easy?’

‘I believe you can do well, just believe in my judgement. I seldom judge wrongly.’ 

‘Thank you for your advice, hyung. I feel so much better now.’

‘Alright, then you better hurry up and go for your practice.’

‘See you.’


Jo Kwon heaved a sigh before pressing the speed dial #2 on his Iphone. Not long after the other party picked up the phone.

‘Yah, you were so tired from yesterday’s conversation and now you’re calling me so early already?’ 

‘Good morning noona.’ Despite the energetic response from Ga In, Jo Kwon replied solemnly.

‘What happen to your voice? Are you allright?’ Ga In asked worriedly.

‘Yea..yea. Don’t worry about me… Are you… free tonight noona?’

‘I am home after 8 today. Why?’

‘Can I go and see you? Can I?’ 

‘What’s so urgent? Are you alright? This is not like you.’

‘Actually noona, I have something important to tell you.’

‘What it is? You are making it sound serious there.’

‘I am now in the waiting room in MBC. Waiting for the director.’ 

‘Then? Why do you sound so sad? Anything happened?’

‘Today there’s a scene that I am going to shoot with Lizzy.’


‘The scene..I and her…will...’



‘What is it? Just come straight to the—’


‘What did you say?!’ 

‘Jo Kwon-ah!! Shooting is starting. Please come out now and prepare!!’ Suddenly, one AML staff popped into the room and asked for him.

‘Noona, I’ll explain everything later. Please don’t think too much about it.’ 

‘Al-alright then.’ Ga In still in shocked about the news.

Jo Kwon quickly ended the call and head outside of the room.


‘Lizzy, let’s work well together and finish this quickly?’ Jo Kwon reached out his hand and tap on Lizzy’s shoulder.

‘Oppa, I am really nervous.’

‘Let’s do our best.’ Jo Kwon smile weakly.

‘Ga In unnie won’t kill me right?’ Lizzy’s sudden question caused the whole group of staff burst out into laughter. Jo Kwon was smiling on the outside but in his heart he was nervous and his mind was full of Ga In’s reaction towards the incident.


Both Jo Kwon and Lizzy were sitted in the room’s floor - facing each other in the low lighted room. All the pair of eyes on the set was on them, making the ‘kisser’ more nervous. 

‘Somebody is going to be jealous~’ Doo Joon snapped at the already- very-worred looking Jo Kwon. Seung-ah who was sitting beside Doo Joon, hit lightly on his arm for adding fuel to the fire.

When the director cued them, they moved forward, going closer and closer to each other’s face.

At the moment, JYP hyung’s word kept on ringing in his ears.

‘Kwon-ah, you cannot be thinking this way. You know as an artist, you cannot be thinking too much when it comes to work. You won’t be a successful one if you worry too much. Don’t forget this sitcom is not going to be your last acting. I believe in the future there’s a lot more to come and you can’t be possibly be worrying for all of them right?.’

Suddenly he felt much stronger, bravely move forward and his lips slightly touched Lizzy’s lips. They stayed in that moment for awhile-waiting for the director’s call. 

‘Okay! Good job!’ The director shouted. 

Jo Kwon and Lizzy quickly parted. Both were so shy to look at each other but Jo Kwon tried to laugh his nervousness off. Everybody in the set clapped for the successful shooting.

‘Yeah, we did it!’ Jo Kwon did a mini hi-five with the red-faced Lizzy. In his heart he was so relieved that the kissing scene was finally over.

Okay, one more to go. 


‘Kwon-ah, you did great today. Even the Kim Kap Soo sunbaenim can’t stop praising you.’ Doo Joon tapped on Jo Kwon’s shoulder.

‘Thanks but I still have a lot to improve in acting.’ Jo Kwon politely replied while packing his things.

‘So is everything going well?’ Doo Joon asked abruptly. 


‘Ga In noona and you.’

‘Of course..we are.’ He smiled. ‘In fact I am going to see her now.’

‘Wow, I am seriously so envious of you. Poor me, I am still single.’ Doo Joon heaved a sigh and sat down on the couch.

‘Sorry chingu, I can’t stay and listen to your woes. I’ll make a move now.’ Jo Kwon quickly grabbed his stuff and left the room.

‘Aish, this boy..’


‘Ga In-ah, are you alright? You looked dejected after the phone call this morning.’ Miryo knocked on the door and approached Ga In when the girls were given a break. 

‘Eh? Nothing, unnie. I am alright.’ Ga In was staring at her cup of coffee- dreaming.

‘You think this is the first day I know you? Spill it out, Ga In-ah.’ Miryo then sat down beside Ga In and scooted closer to her.

‘Mi Hye unnie.. Kwonnie called this morning.’ 

‘And then?’

‘He told me he is going to have a kissing scene with Lizzy..Of..Of course I know it’s just for acting My brain totally says it’s alright..but..’


‘But…my heart doesn’t understand it. It hurts a lot.. I know I am not supposed to feel this way but I just can’t help it...Advise me, unnie. I am at lost.’

‘My Ga In-ah.. come here.’ Miryo gently wrapped her arms around her shoulder.

‘You know, these things can’t be avoided when we are working in this line of industry. There’s gonna be more acting oppoturnity for him in the acting industry. Don’t tell me you’re going to get uneasy for the projects he takes part in the future? Furthermore, didn’t he tell you beforehand? You must be happy about that already.’

‘Should I?’ 

‘And shouldn’t you believe in him? Aren’t you confident about your relationship?’

‘That goes without saying.’

‘So, there’s nothing to worry about my dear. It’s just a peck. Didn’t you kiss Doo Joon-sshi too? So everything would be alright, okay? Come let’s continue our practice. Everybody’s waiting.’ Miryo pulled Ga In up from her seat and brought her to the recording room.

It was past 8 o’clock, but Ga In didn’t hear anything from him. Not even a message or call from him. She’s getting impatient and her mind was not on the repeat broadcast of “Secret Garden” that was playing on the television.

She took her phone and dials the Jo Kwon’s number. Before she could put the phone on her ear her doorbell rings. Quickly, she ended the call and reached for the door.

She opened the door and to her surprise, Jo Kwon’s head popped in first. 

‘Oh you are here. Come in.’ Ga In replied coldly and turned away without waiting for the guest to step into the house. Sensing the different in her tone, Jo Kwon quickly stepped into the house and closed to the door behind him. 

‘Why are you here?’ Ga In sat down at the couch again and took the morning papers that were scattered on the coffee table. 

Knowing that Ga In was clearly affected by this morning’s incident, Jo Kwon carefully sit beside her and took out the bouquet of purple hyacinth that was hiding behind his back all the while. As a flower lover, Ga In’s facial changed immediately. 

‘Why did you buy flowers for me?’ Ga In loved the flowers and can’t stop admiring it.

‘Noona..’ Jo Kwon scooted closer. ‘You know the reasons.’ He scooted close enough and hugs her by the waist. 

‘Jo-Ballaeng, you know—‘ Jo Kwon leaned forward and give a Ga In a sudden kiss.

‘Ga In-ah, you know I am sorry for making you feels sad. This purple hyacinth I bought for you is to ask forgiveness from you…’ Jo Kwon rested his chins on Ga In’s shoulder, waiting for Ga In’s reply. 

Purple HyacinthPurple hyacinth is the flower most commonly used to symbolize regret. A bouquet of purple hyacinth expresses the bearer's sadness over a situation and asks for forgiveness. According to the website Meaning Flowers, it can also symbolize the willingness of the bearer to accept an apology and forgive the recipient of the flowers. Purple hyacinth begins to bloom in mid-summer and continues to produce large purple flowers into the fall.

Ga In was too shocked at all the series of things happening but her hands betrayed her heart. Unknowingly, Ga In raised her hands and hug around Jo Kwon’s neck. 

‘Ga In-ah, I promised that next time.. I’ll tell you way beforehand. Don’t be angry anymore..alright? It makes me sad.’ Jo Kwon caringly brushes Ga In’s hair.

‘Right now I am angry because you took me as a petty person..’

‘You are not angry anymore?’ Jo Kwon broke the hug and holds her hands instead.

‘I did.. but how can I have the heart..when you are being so nice to me? How can I ask for more?’ Ga In gently cupped Jo Kwon’s face and caresses his hair.

‘Noona, you know today’s kiss scene. There’ll be.. one more.. in the future. ‘

‘…’ Ga In let go of her hand and looked down.

‘Noona..’ Jo Kwon leaned forward slowly to check up on her facial expressions.

‘BONG-I-YAH~~!!!!’ Ga In jolted up from her sit, bursting out in laughter.

‘Noona!! You scared me!! You know how worried am I??’ Jo Kwon pouted his lips. 

‘Arassoo, I won’t do this again…Do you best in your acting, don’t keep on thinking of me when you are filming.’  

‘Chet—As if will.’Jo Kwon has learned his way to become the Master of Push-n-Pull.   

‘You—!’ Ga In wanted to beat him but ended up hugging him.

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