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Monday, November 21, 2011


[Guilty Pleasure-Chapter 1]

Ga In-sshi, how’s Mr. & Mrs. Park wedding plan going on?”

Don’t worry, everything’s in order. Their wedding is set to hold next week.” She raised her eyes when she heard her boss, Changmin called out.

I know I am lucky to have a capable worker like you. Take this, it’s your new project.” Changmin passed a file to Ga In. He then took a seat at the office’s couch.

Who is the happy pair this time?” Ga In stood up from her desk and walked over to wear Changmin is seated. Ga In flipped open the file and skimmed through the basic information on the piece of paper.

A young couple in their early twenties. Groom’s a doctor and bride’s a sale’s executive manager. Sounds like a ideal marriage.”

They are coming over at four to discuss the details.”

Four?” Ga In took out her Iphone and scanned for her schedules. Eventually Ga In’s forehead forms a frown.

“You are going to be here right?” Changmin eyes widened.

I need to see the Eana unnie for Mr. & Mrs. Parks’ wedding at three thirty. I just need to re-confirm some details with her.”

Can’t you meet her earlier? Maybe now?” Changmin looked at his watch and it showed one. “What about some additional allowance for working during lunch hours?

I’d prefer a rise.”

Changmin’s not only her young boss; he was more like a brother to her that she dares to be demanding to him. Ga In stood up from the couch and got herself ready to leave the office.

I’ll buy lunch on the way back. What do you want?” Ga In asked before leaving the main door.

Another set of whatever you are buying for yourself.” Changmin replied while walking back to his room.

Lazy bum.”


Then it’s all set. I’ll be expecting a beautiful floral setting on Mr.& Mrs. Park wedding day, Eana unnie.

Don’t worry Ga In, we’ll do a good job.”

I’ll see you on the wedding day then.”

Suddenly, the florist’s door flung open and a well suited man walked into the shop. The man looked in his early twenties and had spectacles on. His hair was neatly combed and he wore a branded leather shoe. The man walked around the shop looking awkward and blur.

Do not know what attracted Ga In, she felt big urge to step forward to help the man.

Buying flowers for girls?” Ga In asked politely.

Oh..hi” Then man stood up straight from his bent position. He let out a soft smile while adjusting his specs.

What flowers do you want to buy?” Despite being a wedding planner, Ga In’s love for flowers and plants made her very well-versed with special meaning flowers.

I am not sure either..” The man looked around at the other shelves.

Who are you buying if for? Girlfriend? Your mum?” Ga In probed further.

“For my fiancée. I am meeting her later.”

“Fiancée.. what about this one?” Ga In picked up a stalk of Arbutus flower.

“What flower is this?”

“This is Arbutus flower. It means ‘You are the only one I love’ “

“You are the only one I love?” The man hesitated. “Alright, I’ll take a bouquet of this. Please wrap it for me.”  

“Eana unnie!! Please wrap a bouquet of Arbutus flower for this man. I’ll head back to the office now!”

Ga In statement raised the man’s interest.  She was not the florist nor the sales girl?


Oppa.” Ga In knocked gently on Changmin’s door. She stepped into the room and placed the his lunch on the desk.

Glad you came back early. The couples decided to come earlier.” Changmin avert his attention away from his laptop and look at the petite lady.

I’ll really be expecting a rise from you this month.. if not..”

Changmin looked up at her good friend with confident smile. “Okay I’d promise you that if this project’s a success.” 

Then you get ready to do so.” Ga In said her piece and walked out of the room.


Good to see you two. Let me bring you two to your wedding planner in charge.” Changmin led the couple to the discussion room.

Ga In-ah, this is our new customer.”

Nice to meet you..” Ga In reached out her hand for a handshake. Ga In rose up her eyes and she saw a familiar man – the man she helped in the florist.

It’s you..” Ga In smiled. “My name is Son Ga In.”

Hi..I am Jo Kwon and this is my fiancée, Lizzy.



  1. Awwwww , Kwon already has his fiancee in here, how can AC to be together in the future?

    Your fic bring smt new to AC. Though I like their idolhood's story, new roles for AC is not bad at all. Last one is photographer and wedding planner in here. So cute.

    Waiting for your next 'guilty pleasure' kkkk


  2. what a great start!! totally different from other typical AC fic~~ looking forward the next chapter! Gain as wedding planner n kwon has a fiancee?? really interesting~ ^^

    hwaiting on ur exam angela!! ALL DA BEST!! ^^