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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The clock shows 9 am in the morning. Ga In is sleeping soundly with her mobile phone still in her hand. She felt asleep yesterday while talking over the phone with Jo Kwon until late night like any other day. Suddenly her phone rings again.

~The Day I Confessed My Love~ was playing from her phone.  

‘Yeoboseyo?’ Ga In mumbles blurry because she is still sleepy.

‘Good morning, yeobo!! Glad that you picked up. Are you awake already?’ Jo Kwon while on the other hand was already awake. His manager has just called that JYP has urgent matters to see him. He was getting ready to go out but he thought of making a wakeup call for Ga In.

‘Yeobo, saranghae but I need to sleep more.’ Ga In unknowingly mumbled those words.

‘Yeobo, I love you too!!’ Jo Kwon was taken aback at Ga In initiation of the word ‘Saranghae’.

‘Yeobo, I will be meeting with JYP hyung later. I won’t be available in the morning. Later we would have lunch together alright?’ He continued when Ga In kept quiet over the other line.

‘Alright, yeobo.’

‘Then remember to wear the jacket we bought yesterday for lunch. Alright, yeobo?’ Jo Kwon felt really excited about wearing the same jacket with Ga In.

‘Alright, yeobo.’ All the while she was nodding in her sleep while listening to Jo Kwon.

‘Then I will be hanging up. I love you, yeobo.’

‘Saranghae.’ Ga In hung up the phone and continues her sleep. Suddenly her phone rings again.

‘Yeobo, why are you calling so many times?’ She didn’t see the caller and straight away thought that it was Jo Kwon.

‘Yeobo? I am your manager, Ga In.’

‘Manager? I am sorry. I just woke up and thought that you are Jo Kwon.’

‘It’s okay. But CEO wants to see you today. Meet him at 11 am.’

‘Alright. I will be there on time.’ Ga In was still embarrassed from the mistake just now. She blushed to herself at how high percentage of Jo Kwon occupies her mind.

‘How come both CEO also looking for me and Jo Kwon? It’s weird. Maybe another collaboration?’ She thought to herself. Then, she washes herself and prepare to go out.

‘Unnie, I need to meet president later. I won’t be joining you guys for lunch.’

‘President? Why does he need to see you?’ Jea walks out of the toilet after washing up.

‘I am not sure either. Manager just informed me this morning.’

‘Do you need a lift? I need to go somewhere near company too.’ Narsha asked.

‘Okay, thanks unnie.’

Ga In hopped into Narsha’s car and Narsha drives away.

‘Ga In-ah, how’s your tummy?’

‘It’s growing everyday. I am worried unnie.’

‘Excactly. Did Jo Kwon say how to solve this problem?’

‘He didn’t say anything but I know that he is thinking of a solution.’

‘He better come out with a good solution. I don’t want anything to happen to you and baby.’

‘Unnie, don’t worry. I believe in him and we all should.’

‘I just hope that we would solve this matter soon.’

‘By the way, Isn’t weird that president wants to see you so suddenly?’ Narsha continued.

‘Unnie, I felt weird too. Even Jo Kwon’s CEO called him in.’

‘JYP oppa? He called in Jo Kwon too?’

‘Maybe it’s some song collaboration again?’

‘It would be good if things turn out that way. I just hope nothing serious would happen.’

Soon, they reached the company.

‘Thanks for dropping me here, unnie.’ Ga In speaks as she unbuckles the seatbelt and got down of the car.

‘You’re welcome. Just tell me anything if you need help.’ Narsha waved from inside the car.

After waving goodbye, Ga In entered the company. She made her way to the office and found her manager sitting outside the president’s office.

‘Unnie, why president need to see me?’ Ga In approached her manager.

‘You will know when you get in.’


‘Wait, Ga In. Did you surf internet yesterday?’

‘Me? No. I was—‘

‘It’s okay. You better hurry up and go inside.’ The manager patted slightly on Ga In’s back.

Somehow, Ga In felt the pat was different. It sort of felt like a worried pat- worried about what
would happen later in the president office.

Ga In swallowed her saliva and enters.

‘Annyeonghaseyo, president. I am here.’

‘Oh, Ga In-sshi. Please sit down.’

‘Yes, president. Is there anything that you are looking for me?’

‘Did you surf the net yesterday?’

‘No.’ Ga In was really curious at why both her manager and president asked the same question.

The president stood up and walked to his table. He grabbed a stack a papers and return to the couch.

‘LOOK AT THOSE ARTICLES!!’ Furiously he throws the stack of papers onto the table. A few pieces of paper dropped to the floor.

The startled Ga In picked up the papers with her trembling hand.  She read the articles title.




‘Now you tell me. Are you hiding something from me? Are you pregnant with Jo Kwon’s child?’ The president raised his voice once again.

Ga In just froze for the moment. She became silence. She was confused about what to answer.


‘Kwon-ah, I have been treating you like my little brother all these years.’

‘Of course I know that, hyung. And I am really grateful to be signed by hyung’s company.’

‘So, have you been honest to me all these while?’

‘Honest? Of course—I do.’ Jo Kwon was shocked by JYP’s question.

‘Why are you stuttering?’

‘Is Ga In-sshi pregnant? With your child?’ JYP continued.

Silence from Jo Kwon too. He hung his head as low as possible.

‘Kwon-ah, answer me.’ JYP raised his voice a little.

‘Yes, she is pregnant with my child and I will be responsible for this.’ Jo Kwon suddenly lift up his face and spoke with responsibility.

‘Responsible? You are only 22 years old. Are you ready to be a father?’ JYP questioned him back.

‘Hyung, I am totally ready for this.’

‘Ok, even if you are ready, what about Ga In-sshi? Would Nega Network allow her to give birth to the child?’

‘I—‘ Jo Kwon became silence once again. This question never came across his mind. He looked at JYP with worried look. 

‘Now I think you better go back first. I’ll call you soon.’

‘Hyung, I—‘

‘Just go back first. We can’t think of the solution even if you stay here now.’

‘Then, hyung please call me for any decision you going to make. Please.’



Ga In walked out of her president’s office in tears.

‘Ga In, are you okay?’ Manager grabs hold of the crying Ga In.

‘Unnie, I don’t know what has happened.’ She laid her head onto her manager’s shoulder and cried her heart out. 

‘Ga In-ah, be strong. Please beware of your health.’ The manager pat slightly on Ga In’s back.

‘Unnie, I don’t want to lose the baby.’

‘What did president say?’

‘He says he only allows me to date but no marriage for the time being and he asked me to abort the baby.’ Ga In answered.

‘Abort the baby? How can this happen? Are you going to tell Jo Kwon?’

When the manager mentioned Jo Kwon’s name, Ga In’s mobile rang.

~The Day I Confessed My Love~

Ga In wipes away her tears and adjusts her voice. She saw the caller id [Yeobo <3]


‘Yeobo, where are you now? I have—.’

‘Kwon-ah, I need you now.’ She blurts out of blue.

‘Yeobo, are you alright? Where are you? I would come over now.’

Seeing Ga In breaking into tears again, manager took Ga In’s phone and talk instead.

‘Jo Kwon, I am Ga In’s manager. We are now in company. Find her in the waiting room.’

‘Oh, thanks noona. I will be there soon. Help me to take care of her.’ Jo Kwon then hung up the phone.


Jo Kwon kept honking at the car in front of him. There was a major accident and Jo Kwon was stuck in the traffic jam.

‘Aish!! This is so frustrating. Yeobo needs me and I am stuck here in this damn thing!!’ He vented his anger on his car’s dashboard.

He looks at his watch. It has been more than 30 minutes after he called Ga In. He looks around at the traffic. It would take another 1 hour before he get to Ga In’s company at this state. Suddenly, he unbuckles his seat belt and got down of the car. Then he started running like a marathon runner. While running, he called Chang Min to take care of his abandoned car.

Soon, it seems like he was running for his life, he reached Ga In’s company in 5 minutes time. He barged into the company and thank god that nobody stopped him. He looks for the waiting room that the manager has mentioned and when he found it, he rushed into the room.

Ga In who was sitting in the room was shocked by the awakening sound from the door. She turned and saw Jo Kwon standing at the door with sweats dripping all over his face.

‘Yeobo!!’ The only thought in her mind was to run towards Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon stood there and was hugged tighly by Ga In.

‘Yeobo, don’t be scared. I am here for you. What happened?’ Jo Kwon hugged Ga In back with his hand on Ga In’s head, caressing her like a child.

‘Can we stay like this for awhile?’ The hug was the only comfort that Ga In could find. She made herself comfortable in the familiar hug.

‘All right. Whatever you say.’Jo Kwon hug her more tightly.

Jo Kwon awkwardly closes the door behind him with Ga In still hugging him like a koala bear.

After they stay in the position for a while, Ga In finally broke off the hug but still links her hand with Jo Kwon’s. 

‘Come let’s sit here and talk.’ Jo Kwon guide Ga In to the couch and they sat next to each other.

‘So, tell me. What happened?’ Jo Kwon initiates the question.

‘President…He knows about...’ Ga In hesitates for awhile. Her tears start to well up again at her swollen eyes.

‘He knows about our baby?’

‘How did you know?’

‘JYP hyung knew too. What did your president say?’

‘He asked me to…abort the baby.’

‘ABORT?’ Jo Kwon was shocked at the answer.

‘No he can’t do this to us.’

‘Then what about JYP oppa? What did he say?’

‘Hyung asked me to wait for his decision. I only hoped for the best.’

‘I guess that’s the only thing we can do now.’

‘Yeobo, I just want you to know that I would be here for you no matter what happens.’ Jo Kwon held tightly at Ga In’s hand.

‘Yeobo.’ They hugged and stayed in the moment for awhile. The thought of problems that they might face in the future made them cherish the moments more than ever.


‘JYP has called me. And we have discussed this problem thoroughly. We have come to a solution.’ The CEO looks seriously into their eyes. He took a deep breath before continuing.

Jo Kwon looked at Ga In. Don’t worry yeobo. We would go through this together. Just believe in me.

‘I will send Ga In to overseas to have the baby while Jo Kwon-sshi would stay in Korea.’ The CEO started.

Both Jo Kwon and Ga In just froze for the moment.

‘This is the best solution. After Ga In has given birth, she would come back. And then you guys would decide.’ He continued.

‘Ga In noona leaving on her own?’

‘All B.E.G members would follow her. But the others would be having training of dancing and singing over there while Ga In would have her baby.’

‘Is this the only solution?’ Jo Kwon asked for a glimmer of hope. He doesn’t want to be apart with Ga In.

‘Yes. And it is impossible for you to get married now. So you either take it or abort the baby.’ He said in a stern manner.

‘President, we would accept the solution. When are we leaving?’ Ga In spoke out of blue.

‘Yeobo, what are you talking?’

Ga In looked at Jo Kwon. There’s no other solution, yeobo.

‘You and the others would be leaving next week. I would ask manager to announce to the public that B.E.G is going to Australia for training.’


After the meeting, they left the office with solemn face.

‘Yeobo, why did you agree to this?’ Jo Kwon felt really upset at the thought of letting Ga In going to Australia.

‘Yeobo, this is the best solution. We can keep our baby and we don’t need to separate.’ Ga In explained her decision. Although she doesn’t want that too but she felt this was the only way for both parties. She also doesn’t want anything that would affect 2AM or B.E.G’s career.

‘But I won’t be able to see you every day, yeobo.’

‘Kwon-ah, we need to sacrifice. Just for our baby, allright?’

Jo Kwon hung his head low. Ga In leaned forward and gives Jo Kwon a hug.  They stayed in the moment for awhile.


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