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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Ga In wakes up slowly at the noise the alarm clock made. She sits up while supporting her back. The clock shows 7am in the morning. She is currently carrying a 5 month old baby and it has been a few months of the whole B.E.G member that come over to Australia. She pulled away the blanket and caressed gently on her tummy.

‘Uri egi-ah (Our baby). Have you been sleeping soundly?’

She then turn to her left and saw her laptop. It was on with the webcam showing a man sleeping soundly on the other side.

‘Kwon-ah, it’s 8am already. Time to wake up.’

The man over the video lies there motionless and was snoring loudly.

‘Kwon-ah, time to wake up. Your alarm clock is ringing.’ Ga In raised her voice a little.

Slowly, the man on the other side fidgets a little and came to his senses. The man sits up and stretches his arms.

‘Yeobo, you are awake already? Good morning!!’ Jo Kwon wished his wife good morning like every other day. But not face to face, just over the webcam.

‘Yeobo, it’s already 8am in Seoul right? You better go and wash up.’

‘Our little Adam!! Good morning!!’ Jo Kwon waves violently over the video.

‘Kwon-ah, enough talking. I have to make breakfast for my unnie.’

‘Alright. We would talk over lunch alright?’

‘As usual.’

‘Wait, yeobo. Saranghae.’

‘I love you too.’Ga In smiled and turned off the webcam. She gets up slowly and walks to the bathroom. She wears the slipper that Jo Kwon specially bought for her which is non-slip and safe for pregnant ladies and enters the bathroom. After washing up, she walked out of her room and head towards the kitchen.

She took out the ingredients and prepares simple Korean breakfast. When she is preparing, Narsha walks out of her room.

‘Ga In-ah, why are you cooking again? I thought I asked you to stop cooking already?’

‘Unnie, I had nothing to do. So I better do something at home or else I would go crazy one day.’ Ga In laughs at her own statement and continues cooking.

‘Whatever, but just make sure you don’t hurt yourself or else we would get scolding from Jo-Soebang. Do you still remember last accident?’ Narsha talk as she made herself comfortable at the sofa.

‘I know. It’s not exactly Jea unnie’s fault but Kwonnie made the whole matter as if Jea unnie is at fault. It is my own fault that I didn’t notice the coming trolley when we went shopping and the trolley accidentally hit my leg and caused my ankle to swollen. It’s totally my fault but Kwonnie just blame Jea unnie. I really felt bad.’

‘It shows how important you are to Jo Kwon.’ Narsha leaned forward to grabbed the newspaper which is lying on the coffee table.

‘How come I hear my name such an early morning?’ Jea on the other just woke up with her messy hair and yawns loudly.

‘Unnie, I have made breakfast. Your favourite acorn jelly and rice cake broth.’ Ga In finished her cooking and brought all the food to the dining table.

‘Omo, I missed your cooking!! It has been ages since I ate Korean dishes.’ Greedily, Jea runs towards the dining table and found the best seats in the house.

‘That’s why I made it especially for you.’ Ga In just smiled at Jea’s antics. It reminded her of Jo Kwon.

‘Miryo!! Please come out now!! Ga In has prepared breakfast. You better come out fast or there’s nothing left for you!!’ Jea shouted happily as she swallows her first piece of acorn jelly since she came to Australia.

[Knocks knocks]

‘Come in, the door is not locked.’ Jo Kwon, who is sitting on his bed, is looking through a stack of Polaroid photos. Chang Min walks in and finds Jo Kwon busy with all the photos.

‘Kwon-ah, what are you doing with all the self took pictures there?’

‘Oh,hyung. I am doing a photo journal.’

‘A photo journal? For who?’

‘For my baby Adam.’

‘Ah, I see. By the way, it’s time for dinner.’

‘It’s okay. You guys go ahead first. Almost finishing today’s one.’

‘Alright. But don’t blame me if the food is finished later.’

‘Baby-ah, do you know why appa is doing this? I want to jot down whatever that is happening in my life while waiting for your arrival.’ Jo Kwon talks to himself.

Date: September 20th

Little Adam, today is you are already 5 month and 12 days old. Time really flies so fast. Hope you are growing healthily inside there. However, appa don’t like today because appa was reprimanded by composer when we are practicing our vocal today. Maybe appa is thinking of you and omma so I couldn’t concentrate. Today is her birthday and I can’t be with her. Our little Adam, I really miss your omma so much. So much that I can even run or swim over to Australia at this minute to celebrate her birthday with her. But I can’t. I can’t dump all your uncles here. I just want you to know, appa loves you. 사랑해~손가인<3   



‘Kwon-ah, why are you late today?’  That was the first word that Ga In spoke the moment Jo Kwon connects with her webcam.

‘Yeobo, have you forgot what day today is?’ Jo Kwon ignored her question.

‘Of course I know. It’s my birthday!!’

‘Yeobo, I am so sorry but I can’t celebrate your birthday with you.’

‘It’s alright, yeobo. I understand.’

‘But I have a surprised for you.’


‘Yeobo, close your eyes first. Only opens when I asked you to.’ Jo Kwon instructs as he moved away from the laptop screen. He then move the whole laptop to living room.

‘Alright.’ Ga In do as she was told. She waits for a moment before Jo Kwon called her again.

‘Alright, yeobo. Open them now.’

What greets her really touched her heart. What was before her eyes was more that hundreds of lighted candles that was arranged into  생일축하해 손가인(Happy Birthday Son Ga In). Tears start to well up in her eyes.

‘Yeobo, happy birthday.’ Jo Kwon took the cake from a table and showed it in front of the computer.

‘Here, make a wish and blow it.’ Jo Kwon lighted up the candles on the cake.

‘Blow it?’

‘I will become your mouth. Come on, make a wish and blow it.’

Ga In closes her eyes and makes wish.
Hope that appa and omma who is at Seoul now would be healthy.
Hope that 2AM and BEG would continue to be successful in their career.
Hope that Yeobo and our baby would be healthy always.

‘Done with your wish? Okay let’s blow now.’

Ga In blows at the camera of the webcam. And of course the candles on the cake didn’t go out. Jo Kwon leaned forward to blow the candles after he saw Ga In blows on the webcam.

‘Yeobo. Gu Ma Wo.’

‘Yeobo, glad that you like it.’ He puts the cake aside and return to his bedroom. He then sits down comfortable on his bed.

‘Do you like my present?’ He points at the candle words.

‘I really like it. Thanks, yeobo.’

‘Yeobo, you know for the candles, I scalded my hand so many times. My fingers are painful from all the burnings.’

‘Really? Come, I give a little kiss, all right?’

Ga In leaned forward again and kiss at the camera. Automatically Jo Kwon placed his hurt finger near the camera.

‘Do you feel better now?’

‘My finger is not painful anymore.’

‘Kwon-ah, I think you better blow out the candles. I don’t want your dorm to catch fire later.’ She chuckled.

‘Alright. Wait for me.’ Jo Kwon rose from his bed and blows off all the candles on the floor. Then he sits back in front of the laptop.

‘Yeobo, you know I have been knitting these days. I have knitted a set of clothing for our Adam. Here it is. What do you think of the colour?’

‘It’s great yeobo. But I am not happy.’


‘Did you knit for me?’

‘Aigoo, how could I forget to knit for our big baby here? I have knitted a scarf for you. It matched the colour of our Adam’s clothes.’ Jo Kwon pouted mouth turns to a big grin.

‘Gu Ma Wo, yeobo. Ah, our baby. Appa is here again to read you a story!!’ Jo Kwon pulled out a book from the cupboard beside his bed and flips the pages.

Ga In lie down comfortably in front of the laptop. Jo Kwon then starts to read his story.

‘Once upon a time, there is..……’ Jo Kwon kept on reading the fairytale about the ‘Princess and the 7 Dwarfs’. Sometimes he yawns between pauses and leave the room to get water to drink. Despite his tiredness, he kept on reading.

‘Yeobo, if you tired, you can sleep first. There’s no need for you to read a story every day.’ Ga In really felt touched at Jo Kwon’s action. Although he is tired from his schedule, he still fulfills his role as a father even though they are miles apart away and can only communicate through the webcam. 

‘(Yawns) It’s okay, yeobo. I haven’t sing lullaby for our baby.’ Jo Kwon insisted.

‘Yeobo~’ Ga In felt really grateful that the guy that made her pregnant was Jo Kwon-the guy who is willing to sing lullaby and read story to his child in front of the webcam almost every night.

Jo Kwon then starts to sing a song with his gentle voice.

‘Eh? What song is this yeobo?’ Ga In heard the song for the first time.

‘I composed this song myself. Just for our baby.’

Jo Kwon started singing ~The Day You Are Born~ (Okay, I faked this song out. But just imagine Jo Kwon changed the lyrics of this song -The Day I Confessed- to something related to the baby and Ga In and this NEW song have the same tune as TDIC)

‘How was it, yeobo?’ Jo Kwon paused awhile, checking Ga In reaction to the new song that he just composed few nights ago.

‘It’s great, it is just wonderful.’ Ga In was once again touched by Jo Kwon’s action. Just like how Jo Kwon composed TDIC and sang it in front of her last time.

By the time he finishes, Ga In was already asleep.

Yeobo, hope that you are sleeping soundly over there. I am so sorry that I can’t be with you. I know I am a bad husband who can’t accompany his own pregnant wife to the gynae. I love you. Son Ga In.

Jo Kwon just watched his sleeping Ga In until he fell asleep in front of his laptop too.


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  1. I read this story today!
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