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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Story After 110106 - SPECIAL

The Story After 110106 - SPECIAL

“Hyung, you’ve work hard.” Jo Kwon bowed slightly while shaking Nickhun’s hand.

“You too, all of us have worked hard.” Lee Teuk responded with a smile.

“Happy New Year, hyung. SuJu would have a daebak year on 2012.”

“Happy New Year to you too.” Lee Teuk leaned forward and gave Jo Kwon a gentle pat on his back, “Your performance with Ga In-sshi was amazing. You guys would have a daebak year ahead.”

“Ahh, thank you hyung.” Jo Kwon replied with a shy smile.

Lee Teuk’s manager approached him and Lee Teuk nodded, “I got to go now. I’ll see you around soon.”


Jo Kwon waved goodbye and turned away. He made his way in the cramped hallway full of artistes to the MC waiting room. Along the way, he was just bowing and greeted all the singers and artistes he met with a cheerful smile.

“Yah, Kwon-ah. You got lucky.” Suddenly Doo Joon stopped him and patted on his shoulder.

Jo Kwon responded with a shy smile and nodded gently. He pushed off Doo Joon’s hand and continues walking.

When he was few steps away from the MC waiting room, he was stopped by another hand. He turned and it was Nichkhun.

“Oh, hyung.”

“Kwon-ah, where are you rushing to?”

“Me? I..I was just going back to the waiting room to pack.”

“The performance with Ga In-sshi just now was amazing.” Nickhun complimented with a broad smile. “The response was just massive.”

“Thank you, hyung.” Jo Kwon responded briefly and gave an uneasy look.

“Alright, you looked like you are in a hurry. I’ll see you around then.” Nickhun sly smiled and patted on his back and left him alone.

Seeing him walking away, Jo Kwon quickly walked to the waiting room and opened the door. He was expecting her to be sitting inside but what greets him disappoints him.

Where could she be? Did she forget about it already?

He shook off his thought as he does not have much time to spare. He quickly changed out of his stage clothes and into some comfortable sweater. He checked his clothing before stepping out of the waiting room.

He looked for the exit quickly. On his way, he saw many other artistes who are still around and greeted them politely.

Soon, he got onto his car and quickly took out his phone. Swiftly he sent a message and started his car. He looked around and saw her walking towards his car.

Jo Kwon was grinning happily when Ga In entered the car. She puts her bags at the rear sit and took off her sunglasses. She then turned to him and smiled, “Let’s go.”

Jo Kwon stepped on the pedal and he drove off. On the way to their destinations,

“Noona, the stage was perfect just now. Like I told you, there’s nothing to be nervous about.”

“Chet. Of course you would say this because the performance is over. You should have looked yourself in the mirror before the stage.”

“Whatever, the performance is over now but noona, shouldn’t we just concentrate on our date?”

Ga In eyed smiled and asked in an aegyo tone, “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere nice.”

Soon, they reached their destination. It was a restaurant that serves supper till early in the morning.

Both got down and Jo Kwon led Ga In into the restaurant. As it was almost 3am already there were only very few customers. They found a seat that was covered up by high walls on one side, and only waiters and customers around are able to see them.

Jo Kwon made Ga In sat opposite him and Jo Kwon passed his phone to Ga In.

“Noona, please help me to take a picture. I need to send my New Year greetings to IAMs.” Ga In nodded and took Jo Kwon’s phone from him. Jo Kwon made a few kkap and aegyo faces and it made Ga In burst out laughing.

“Noona, choose the one that you think I looked the best and I would tweet that one.”

“Really?” Ga In eye-smiled.

After swiping through a few pictures, she finally chose her favourite and passed back his phone to him.

“You like this one?” Jo Kwon then quickly tweeted.

2012년. 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^ 2012년에도 좋은음악,멋진모습으로 나타나겠습니다 사랑합니다.~~!!!! 모두들 ! 행복하세요~~//

“Noona, let’s take picture together.” Jo Kwon walked over to her side and obediently, Ga In took a few selcas with Jo Kwon making funny faces.

Then Ga In notice there’s still little red marks left on his neck.

“You didn’t clean this off properly?”

“I was waiting for you to clean it for me…” Jo Kwon smirked.

“Chet.” Ga In grabbed a tissue from the table and cleaned it gently for him. Jo Kwon enjoyed the attention Ga In gave him and remains seated beside Ga In.

Then the waiter came and took down their orders. Jo Kwon ordered a plate jajangmyun. Before, the waiter leave, Ga In called another order plate of Jo Kwon’s favourite tangsuyuk.

Jo Kwon put his hand around Ga In’s shoulder and cuddled her comfortably after the waiter left.

“Do you know how loud you shouted YEOBO just now? Even Jea unnie joked about it.”

“But you enjoyed it right? I know you do.”

“That’s true, kinda of miss it.”

“Shall I start calling you YEOBO from now on?” Jo Kwon asked softly by her ear.

Ga In looked away shyly, avoiding Jo Kwon’s question and rubbed her ticklish ear.

Soon, their orders arrived and they ate heartily. Due to their packed rehearsal schedules, they didn’t get to eat much before the music festival. While eating, Jo Kwon fed Ga In naturally.

And then, the sauce stained the corner of Ga In’s lips and Jo Kwon wanted to clean it for her. He raised his hand and cleaned her mouth with his fingers. Then he licked the sauce off his fingers.

Ga In was initially smiling about him wiping her lips but when she saw his licking up the sauce, she beats him gently. “Yah, that’s dirty.”

“What’s there dirty about? It’s not like I have not taste your saliva before.” Jo Kwon said confidently and continued eating.

Ga In felt amazed at Jo Kwon’s reply but was secretly enjoying every moment of it.

“Did you tell noonim-deul about our date?” Jo Kwon asked suddenly.

“Of course.”

“What time did you tell them that you would be back?”

“I didn’t tell them any time. We were given a day off anyway.”

“Really?” Jo Kwon’s face lit up.

“Why? What do you want to do?”

“Nothing in particular...I am contended like this.” Jo Kwon said softly as he rested his head on Ga In’s shoulder.

Ga In smiled as she patted his head gently and leaned her head on Jo Kwon’s head.

Jo Kwon looks up suddenly and kisses Ga In on the lips, “Happy New Year, Yeobo.”