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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure –Chapter 10]

Please don’t go…

Ga In sat up from the bed and looked up to Jo Kwon with hopeful eyes.

The startled Jo Kwon turned and looked at Ga In. He sat back on the bed beside her and made her lie down.

Silly, I am not going anywhere…” Jo Kwon spoke softly. He brushed her fringe aside and continued,“I was just going to the washroom.

Ga In shook her head lightly, all the while holding onto JoKwon’s arm.

Don’t worry, I’d promise you that I won’t leave and you’ll rest okay?” He gave an assuring smile.

Ga In nodded. Once again, Jo Kwon tugged her under the blanket. And after making sure she has slept, Jo Kwon quietly leaves the room.


Jo Kwon walked around the empty living room. He doesn’t count himself a frequent guest to the house but he found himself sitting comfortable on the couch.

I bet she hasn’t eaten anything yet.

He stood up and walked to the kitchen. This time, he slowly opened all the cabinets one by one and only found few packets of instant noodles lying pitifully in the dusty cabinet.

Jo Kwon heaved a sigh and walked towards the fridge instead. He wasn’t hopeful to find any decent food in there and as expected, only a row of coffee flavoured mineral water by the fridge door greeted him.

How does she live her life?

Unknowingly, Jo Kwon’s heart aches a lot seeing the condition of her kitchen. So Jo Kwon decided to make a trip down to the convenient store near her house to fill up her kitchen.

He grabbed his wallet and head outside. He makes sure he closes the door quietly so that Ga In won’t be awakened.


Ga In woke up by the message sound from her phone. She looked around and quickly searched for her phone.

‘Ga In-ah, have you eaten? Remember to eat on time. Don’t fall sick.’ Changmin Oppa

Ga In smiled to herself while reading the thoughtful message. Quickly, she replied.

Oppa, I have eaten. Iam fine over here. How’s your grandmother?’ – Ga In

 Thankfully she’s alright. I’ll be back tomorrow. Please take care of yourself.’Changminoppa 

‘I will. Take care oppa. See you tomorrow.’Ga In

Ga In put down her phone and remembered what happened previously. She has felt a lot better after taking the medicine and an hour of sleep. She got down from her bed and change into some casual clothes before heading out of her room.

She looks around the house in hopeful to see Jo Kwon but she was quickly disappointed by the empty house.

Stop hoping that he actually stays. He just lied to you so that you would listen to him. Men are all the same…just like appa.

Ga In balanced herself by the wall as she walked towards thekitchen. She opened the bottle quickly and took a sip of the mineral water in her hand.

You’re naive enough to actually believe his words. Just face it, he is someone else’s. He’s back to Lizzy.

When she was about gulped down the rest of the mineral waterin her hand, she heard her front door unlocking.

She was very surprised and worried because other than Changmin and Jo Kwon, nobody knows where she lives. She was sure that wasn't Changmin as he was still with his grandmother. That leaves only Jo Kwon as the possibility.  

Stop dreaming, he won’t be back. You’re nobody to him, why would he stay for you?

The door unlocked quickly and it flung opened. Ga In could not believe the scene that greeted her. Jo Kwon walked into the house with his both hand full of grocery bag. Ga In just stood there and watched him enter the house noisily.

You’re awake?” JoKwon said as he put down the heavy grocery bags on the table. “Sorry I took long. Did you rest well?” JoKwon flashed a warm smile.

Jo Kwon walked towards Ga In and felt her forehead with his hand. “Your fever is gone.” He looked at her. “I bet you must be hungry.”

Jo Kwon guided Ga In to the table. He took out one of the packet from one of the bags and placed it in front of her.

“You just recovered,so abalone porridge is the best.” Jo Kwon stuffed the spoon into her hand.  “It tookme some time to buy this. The queue was so long, that’s why.” Jo Kwon then tooka seat in beside her.

Ga In still cannot recover from what just happened. She was just shocked by the fact that he stayed as he promised. She looked at him with confused look.

Are you alright? Feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” Jo Kwon tenderly brushed her cheek while speakingsoftly. He looked sincerely into her eyes – waiting for an answer.

Just by the look from Jo Kwon, Ga In felt her cheek burninghot. She looked away, “No-nothing. I am alright.”

Jo Kwon then realized that he has been sitting too close to Ga In. He backed away and stood up.

He walked over to the bags of thing he just bought. “I went to the store and bought few things for you.” He took out the things one by one and filled up the pathetic fridge.

“I’ll put the milk here by the door, please drink it and stop drinking coffee. It’s bad for your health.”

“H..How do you know I love drinking coffee?”

“Your mineral water is coffee flavoured.” Jo Kwon answered bluntly. Automatically he took out thecoffee flavoured mineral bottle and put it aside.

 Ga In just sat there and watched Jo Kwon moving about in the kitchen like his own. She pinched her thigh lightly to make sure that she wasn’t in her dream. And it hurts.

“H..Have you eaten?”Ga In asked softly.

Jo Kwon stopped arranging the things and look up at Ga In, “Me..? Now that you mention it, I do feel a little hungry.” He just smiled and bent down again to arrange the things into the cupboards, “I was so engrossed in buying your things until I forgot my own dinner.”

“Then…How about sharing with me…?” Without her realizing, those words left her lips.

Jo Kwon was shocked to hear the offer from Ga In. He shookhis head lightly, “It’s okay, don’t worry about me. You better finish them; it’s good for your body.”


Ga In obediently finished up the abalone porridge. She wasn’t that kind that would finish her meal but surprisingly she ate till the last mouthful.

Jo Kwon on the other hand just settled down with a cup of milk for dinner and watch Ga In eats – making sure she finishes them all.

Jo Kwon made her lie down on her bed again. “You have recovered, but it’s good to have more rest.”

Jo Kwon walked over to the wardrobe opposite of the bed and lean gently. “You’re working so hard, does your boss ever give you rise in your pay?”

“He promised me oneafter your wedding with Lizzy is over.” Ga In smiled weakly.

I would rather not have that.

And I...I am sorry about….”Jo Kwon hesitated. “Yesterday over at thelounge…we…” He felt really awkward to bring up that kiss incident.

Thanks for bringingme home.” Ga In cut off his sentence. She isn’t so willing to hear explanationsfrom him. She just wants to leave that incident as a good memory between them.

“…Welcome. It was nothing.”

“I don’t know whatwould happened if you didn’t drop by.” Ga In smiled again.

And thanks for thosethings you’ve bought. I’ll pay you back.” She continued.

Save it, I won’t take your money.” Jo Kwon retorted.


Jo Kwon just smiled at Ga In’s statement. He looked at his wrist watch and it was already 10 plus.

He walked towards Ga In on the bed, “I guess I should go—“He tripped over her bag by the side and lost his balance.

Things happened fast and somehow Jo Kwon ended up on top of Ga in, their faces were inches apart.

Time seems to have stopped for both of them.

Their faces were so close and Jo Kwon took his time to lookat her beautiful face. Jo Kwon traced Ga In’s features with his eyes - her white pearl skin, mesmerizing monolid eyes and her luscious lips…

He knew he had fallen for this woman, which was forbidden and had caused him to be in an endless guilty feeling haunting him. But what else could compare to the bliss he feels every single moment he was around GaIn; especially when the both came in contact, the wonderful feeling he felt whenthey kissed the night before. It easily won over the guilt of falling for another woman, wanting to be with that very angel or maybe devil.

If I may confess… I am deeply attracted to you, Son Ga In. An attraction I have never felt in my life before. Not even when I was dating Young.

Those words were threatening to leave his mouth.

She looked up to him straight into his eyes and once again she felt her cheeks burning hot. His eyes, she never realized it but his eyes have mesmerizing effects on her.

She knew she wasn’t in wrong – for loving a man that already has a woman. She only happened to meet him at the wrong time and place. If she could turn back the time, she wouldn’t wish to have meet Jo Kwon and make herself fall into this hole of misery. But she had to admit her wrongs even if it wasn’t true.

Suddenly, Jo Kwon lifted one of his hands and rounded girl’s left cheek and brushed the corner of the lips ever so gently. He leaned inslowly, enclosing his mouth with hers.

Ga In let him and she kissed back eventually. Her hand automatically roamed at the back of Jo Kwon’s body. She closed the distance between her and him, securing his neck by one hand, pulling him closer to herbody.

Jo Kwon continued to kiss her and slowly his lips brought him to her neck. He nuzzled softly and showered butterfly kisses all over her neck.

Ga In bit her lower lip when Jo Kwon hit her sensitive spot.She arched back and pulled Jo Kwon closer, zeroing the gap between them.

Is this a dream or reality? If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up.

Time ticked and they continued kissing each other passionately on the bed. Suddenly, Jo Kwon let go of Ga In and support himself upright but he was still on top of her. It was only a split second and she has already missed the warmth.

He looked straight into her eyes, asking for permission.

It was as if just by an eye contact, Ga In could read what was in his mind.

She faintly nodded and a mischievous smile crept up on herface. She eyed him seductively and gently caressed his face. Ga In slowly traced her fingers from his face to his shirt, unbuttoning those restricting materials….



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