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Monday, January 16, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure - Chapter 11]

She woke up by the chirping of the birds outside her house. She nudged a little and found her movement was restricted by a pair of arm enveloping her body. She opened her eyes and was greeted by a sexy bare chest. She looked up to the owner and saw Jo Kwon sleeping soundly.

She raised her hand and softly traced his features with her fingers. She smiled as she traced pass his lips – recollecting the memories she had with him yesterday night. She leaned in and plants a quick kiss on his lips.

Whatever happens in the future, I am going to love you till the end.

Then she removed his hands from her bare body and got out of the bed. She quickly cleaned herself up before stepping out of the room.


Jo Kwon twitched as his phone rang loudly beside him. He reached for it and picked up immediately.

Dr. Jo, are you sick or something? It’s almost 9 already.”

He was surprised by the call. Usually he won’t be late to his clinic unless anything crops up. “I..I am sorry, I woke up late. I’ll be there as soon as possible.” And quickly he ended the call and throws his phone aside.

When he was about to get down he stopped suddenly when he saw his bare body. He looked around and realizes that it’s not his bedroom.

Flashback of yesterday night rushed into his mind like a pouring water. He looked around and saw the messy floor. He was totally dazed when he remembered what happened yesterday.

Shit.. What have I done?

Slowly, he turned his head to his right only to see the empty space. He picked up his phone again and called his nurse.

Noona, I am not going to the clinic today. Sorry, something cropped up and I need to settle it.

Jo Kwon was totally was not in the mood to attend to his patients as all his mind would be filled with his dilemma.

He got out of the bed quickly and dressed in. He walked out of the room and he saw a note lying on the dining table.

Eat this before you go.

Jo Kwon opened up the lid and saw simple American breakfast set nicely on table. He didn’t want to disregard her effort so he sat down on the chair and started eating. As he ate the homemade breakfast prepared by Ga In, he started thinking what he should do next.

The fact that he has done a grave mistake - a mistake that is unacceptable and unforgiveable made him feel lousy. Is it just a stupid mistake or intentional? He tried to rationalize his action. He was sure that he wasn’t intoxicated and he was as sober as a judge but why did he…?

Is it because he loves Ga In just the way he loves Lizzy? He wasn’t sure what he is feeling at the moment - was it a moment of folly that he was just lusting for a woman or just purely wants to be a two timer? Does he really likes Ga In? Then what about his feelings for Lizzy?

He slapped himself mentally. He should not have gotten himself into this mess; never should he have appointed her in becoming his wedding planner. He should never have employed a wedding planner in the first place.

He had to vent it all out - he had to release himself from the prison of guilt he felt. He grabbed his car keys and storm out of the house. He hopped into his car and started the engine.

Speeding along the empty road, flashback of memories with Lizzy haunted him. He shook his head hard, and asked himself that simple question, does he love her - the one that he has spend 6 years with? Indeed, they were happy together WHEN they were still very much in love.

But would he want to spend the rest of his life with her? As his wife? The one he would wake up to every morning?

If he asked himself the very same question 6 years ago, he would have said yes immediately without a second thought.

But now, he didn't dare to answer his own question because deep inside his heart, he already has the answer.

He stepped on the brake almost immediately when he reached his destination. His car tire screeched the road leaving black marks on it. He stepped down from his car and scans through the view in front of him.

It was the beach that he and Lizzy used to spent night at. He remembered they always visit the beach and camp during their college years whenever Lizzy is feeling down because she loves the beach. She said the cold sea breeze could blow all her unhappiness away. He looked at the same spot that they use to occupy.

Happy memories of him and her flooded into his mind but he wasn't smiling when thinking back those memories. Instead it made him guiltier - because he knew he already had a change of heart.

Initially he wanted to come to the beach to reminisce his time with Lizzy - trying to erase 'her' off his mind and fill in memories of him and Lizzy. But he knew he failed when only images of Ga In filled up his mind.

Suddenly his confused mind was interrupted by a phone call. He fished out his phone and heaved a sigh when he saw the caller ID before picking up the call.

Young-ah, what’s up?

Oppa, are you going to picked me up from the office or I’ll go there my own?

W-Where are we going?” Jo Kwon was puzzled.

Oppa, did you forget already? We are supposed to discuss about our invitation card today at Perfect Match. Lizzy chuckled softly at end of the line at his forgetful fiancée.

Oh..about that…” Jo Kwon hesitated.

He could not imagine himself being clamped together in front of the two women – one that he felt so sorry to and the other one that keep on tempting him. How is he supposed to react when he meet Lizzy and Ga In at the same time? So he chose to avoid – to hide away temporary from the whole mess. He know he’s a coward but he just need some time to think about it properly before making any decision.


Oh…Young-ah…I…am not feeling well today, I don’t think I can join the discussion. You’ll decide it yourself…alright?

You’re not feeling well? I’ll come and see you n—. Ahh no I can’t. My boss has been watching my performance lately. How..?” Her voice trailed off in worry.

It’s nothing, Young. I’ll just sleep for awhile and then I’ll be alright. Don’t forget I am a doctor myself too, silly.

Ahh silly me. So I guess I’ll just meet Ms. Ga In myself today. You’ll rest okay? I’ll drop in later in the evening.



While waiting for the couple to arrive, Ga In looked through the project file again to make sure everything’s there. She picked up the wedding invitation card and looked at it with hurtful feeling.

How I wish my name was there…Is it even possible?

As the time ticked, she’s starting to get nervous about meeting the couple. Lizzy reached Perfect Match on time as scheduled. She was quickly greeted by Ga In with a smile.

Please come in, Ms Lizzy.” Ga In shook her hand firmly and invited her in.

She felt amiss when only LIzzy walked in by herself, “Where’s Mr. Jo?”  

Ahh, he’s not feeling well. It’s okay, I can decide on it.” Then Lizzy took a seat at the couch.

Not feeling well? Is he trying to avoid me?

Ga In shook off the thought and walked towards Lizzy. She somehow felt relieved that Jo Kwon didn’t come. She then took a seat opposite Lizzy and opened up their project folder.

You know all these while it was my fiancée dealing with the preparations. I am kind of ashamed for neglecting the wedding preparations. So, it’s my turn today to decide on it.” Lizzy said with a smile.

Your fiancée really paid quite attention to it…” Ga In said while taking out the invitation card sample. She then passed it to Lizzy.

Even to me.

Here, Ms Lizzy. This is the sample print out. If you’re satisfied, then we’ll carried out the printing as soon as possible.”

Lizzy took a good look at it and nodded. “I like it. Actually as long the wordings are correct, I don’t really mind the design.” Lizzy laughed softly. “You know as long as people get the message.”


Son, what are you doing here?” A deep voice distracted the train of thoughts in Jo Kwon.

"Oh Dad..." He replied as he kept his body bent forward, leaning against the railings, overseeing view of the city lights he has seen for the last 26 years.

"You know you were really quiet over the dinner, so I was just wondering what got into you. You alright?” His dad pats his lightly on his back.

"…I am just thinking about the wedding. It’s nothing much, Dad."

Are you nervous about the marriage?” His dad laughs lightly. “Honestly, I was pretty messed up few days before the wedding. But I glad I didn’t run away from nervousness. Otherwise I won’t be having this wonderful family.” His dad said with a proud smile while brushing Jo Kwon’s hair.

Jo Kwon could only smile at his dad’s reply. “Want some beer?” Jo Kwon offered a can of beer from the dozen that he just bought to his dad.

Nah, I’d rather enjoy some drama with your mum.” He said his piece and walked back into the house leaving Jo Kwon alone.

Wedding is just 2 weeks away...What are you going to do now?

Suddenly, his phone vibrated with an incoming message. He ignored it and kept on drinking. And then his phone vibrated again. He thought it must be something important so he picked up the phone.

There were two messages. The earlier one was from Lizzy and the later was from Ga In.

He was stoned for a second. With his nervous fingers, he typed in reply to…


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