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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guilty Pleasure - Chapter 9

[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 9]

Jo Kwon drove home with a heavy heart. He was supposed to go out for a drink to forget about Ga In but instead he came home with a heavier and guiltier heart.

He unlocked the front door and came home surprised to see Lizzy seated in the living room. His guilty conscience struck him so badly.

Young-ah, you came?

Oppa, finally you’re back! I have good news for you.” Lizzy walked towards him and pulled him by his arm to the couch. Then she made him sit down beside her.

Lizzy noticed his bandaged hand asked, “Oppa! What happened to your hand?” She caressed his bandaged hand gently.

No..Nothing. I just cut my hand. It’s nothing serious. What’s the good news you’re saying?

Our boss has given us two days off.” Lizzy answered excitedly.

That’s great for you.” Jo Kwon just smiled faintly.

Oppa, aren’t you excited? We finally can spend some time together!”

I am excited but I am a little tired. I would like to take a shower first.” Jo Kwon answered coldly.

…Al..Alright..” Slowly, Lizzy let go of Jo Kwon’s arm. He stood up and went into his room.


Jo Kwon took off his jacket and slumps to his bed. He looked at his bandaged hand and it reminds him of Ga In.

Flashback of their hot kiss kept on replaying in his bewildered mind. Recollection of Ga In’s luscious lips brushing against his lips makes him flushed in red. Suddenly, his phone beeped with an incoming message.

‘Oppa, sleep well. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. ’ - Young

The message from Lizzy made Jo Kwon felt like a jerk. He hates to admit that but he was out kissing another woman with Lizzy waiting worriedly at home.

No, I can’t do this to Young. She’s a good woman and I should treat her right.


Jo Kwon had taken a half day off to accompany Lizzy to do some shopping for their wedding before going back to his clinic in the afternoon. They were browsing for their marital bed in a furniture store.

“Oppa, are you alright? You seemed very different from yesterday.” Lizzy ask suddenly.

“Then do you like the Jo Kwon today?” Jo Kwon smiled.

“Of course.” Lizzy then interlocks her fingers with Jo Kwon’s and continue browsing.

“We’ll go for lunch before going back. Sushi?” Jo Kwon suggested. Lizzy nods happily. It has been a long time since the couple spent their days together.


Ga In walked slowly along the shops in the shopping centre. After having a lonely lunch as Changmin was out of town, she decided to do some window shopping before returning to Perfect Match.

She was just looking around leisurely when suddenly something caught her eye by the furniture shop. She looked closer and saw something that she didn’t wish to see. It was Jo Kwon and Lizzy. They are talking happily with Lizzy clinging tightly onto the Jo Kwon’s hand. Then she saw Jo Kwon brushed Lizzy hair gently and laughed out loud. They seemed very happy together.

The scene hurt Ga In’s heart so much. But thinking back, she knew these kind scenes are the things that she needs to accept for loving a man that already has a woman. She turned and walked away quickly. Then she took out her phone and dialed a number.


Jo Kwon and Lizzy were deciding on the designs of their bed when suddenly Jo Kwon had an incoming call. The call was from Ga In. He leaves Lizzy for a while and picked up the call. He hesitated before picking up the call.

Hello, Mr. Jo?”

Yes, I am speaking.”

…The invitation card sample is out. Would you mind coming over now to take a look for any final adjustment before the major printing?”

I thought we already arranged to discuss about the invitation card tomorrow?”

Oh..oh… The sample card came in today, so I was thinking maybe could come”

I am sorry but I am kind of busy today. I’ll come with my fiancée tomorrow.” Jo Kwon answered while looking at Lizzy who’s talking with the salesman.

Oh…Alright… then.” There was a clear disappointment in Ga In’s voice.

Then he ended the call. He was surprised that Ga In didn’t mention anything about what happened to them last night. Jo Kwon noticed the obvious tone changes but he just shook his thought off and walked back to Lizzy.


Jo Kwon got into his car after he closed his clinic. As they were more patients that day, he closed it rather late. It was already 7 when started his car. As he drove, he remembers his conversation with Ga In in the afternoon. He felt guilty for not making any explanation towards yesterday’s kiss.

Unknowingly, he found himself driving through the road that leads to Perfect Match. He was surprised but still decided to make the trip.

He stopped his car right in front of the door and found the lights are still on. He felt weird as it supposes to close in the evening. He swung open the door and looked around.

He saw a petite lady lying on her forehead over the working desk. He approached her quietly and called her out.

Ga In-ah…”

Still no response, Jo Kwon patted her back gently and it woke her up. She rubbed her tired eyes and look up to him.

W..Why are you here…?” Ga In was shocked to see him there.

Shouldn’t you ask that yourself? Why are you still here at this hour…?”

I…I was just looking through all these documents...” Ga In tried to stand up. Jo Kwon helped the unsteady Ga In.

And my head is killing me so much…and I decided to take a break…I didn’t know the time passes so quickly…” As she talks, she packs her bag.

Let me pack for you. You’ll sit there and rest.” Jo Kwon gently brought Ga In to the couch and made her sit down. Then he walked back to her desk and packed her things.

Ga In just sat there silently watching Jo Kwon packing her things.

Where’s your boss? Why is he leaving all the work to you? Why didn’t he employ more people to share your workload?” Jo Kwon blurted his questions in a frustrated manner.

Why did you come over?” Ga In asked suddenly.

I..came for the invitation card… Since you called this afternoon…”  He came up with some excuses and Ga In didn’t probed further.

After packing, he walked to the couch and helped Ga In up.

I’ll send you home.”


The journey back home was very quiet and awkward. Both didn’t talk about yesterday’s incident so Ga In decided to sleep for awhile as her head is throbbing so much. Soon she falls asleep on the passenger seat.

When they finally reached, Jo Kwon stopped his car and turned to Ga In to wake her up. And to his surprised, he noticed her perspiring forehead.

He touched her forehead slightly with the back of his hand and it was hot. Swiftly he got down of the car and piggy backed her on his back.

He carried her up all the way to her apartment as the elevator has broken down. Upon reaching her apartment, he punched in the house pin number. He knew the numbers when he saw Ga In punching the numbers the last time he came.

Jo Kwon gently put Ga In down on her bed. He took off her heels and put it aside. He went back to her and touched her forehead slightly.

You are running a fever.”

Jo Kwon rushed out of her room and head to the kitchen. He ransacked through the cabinets and cupboards to look for medicines. Finally he found the medicine cabinet and checked for the suitable medication. He took a glass of warm water and head back to her room.

Ga In was already sitting up on her bed. She looked up to him and smiled weakly. “Thanks for sending me home…”

Jo Kwon approached her and sat on the bed beside her.

Take this medicine and have a good rest.” Jo Kwon said in a soft tone.

Obediently, Ga In took the pills from Jo Kwon’s hand and gulped down the medicine at once. Jo Kwon let out a smile seeing Ga In took her medicine obligingly.

Now, have a good sleep and you’ll be alright.” Jo Kwon helped her to lie down and tugged her under the blanket.

Then he was about to turn and walked away when suddenly Ga In pulled her by his arm.

Please don’t go…”


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