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Friday, January 27, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 13]

“I’ll call you soon…” Jo Kwon unwillingly steps out of her apartment with his fingers interlocking with Ga In.

“It’s late already…Drive back safely.” She gave him her sweetest eye smile.

Jo Kwon tightened his fingers around Ga In’s, sending a message in silence as their eyes were connected, invisible to any third parties.

Let’s face this together.

Jo Kwon leaned in and gave Ga In a peck on the lips before leaving to which Ga In just smile and waved him goodbye.

 When Ga In saw Jo Kwon has disappeared from the corridor, she closed the door behind her. She returned to her bedroom and got ready to get on the bed when she noticed something shiny at the corner of the floor near the cupboard. She walked over and picked it up. It was a tie pin.

She bet that Jo Kwon must have forgotten to take it with him that night. She then kept it in her bag before returning to her bed.


Ga In arrived at her office desk the next morning only to be greeted with a bouquet of Arbutus flower. She holds the bouquet and look for the sender’s card.

Good morning and I love you

Seeing the initials, she expected it was from Jo Kwon. She could not help but to smile.

Changmin walked out of his office after hearing Ga In coming in for work. “Am I seeing things?” He purposely rub his eyes to tease Ga In who was admiring the flowers.

“What are you talking?” She put away the flowers and sat down on her chair. Changmin approached her with a cheeky smile and leaned on the wall behind her desk.

“Are you seeing someone? Who’s the unlucky guy, may I ask?”

Ga In turned and faced Changmin with an annoyed look. Changmin burst out laughing looking at her expressions.

“Why? Have I guessed it correctly?”

“You better focus more on the work in your hand, BOSS.”

“Alright, I shall not take up your time to think about your BOYFRIEND.”

Before she could protest, Changmin walked away with a winning smile. Then she returned her attention to the beautiful wrapped bouquet of flowers placed on top of her desk. She felt all happy and tingling inside while looking at the flowers with the knowledge of the meaning of the flowers.

So this is how it feels to be in love…

Suddenly, she remembered the tie pin. She took it out from her bag and admires the beautiful piece of metal. Memories of moment spent with Jo Kwon flooded her mind. A subconscious smile spread across her face. When she’s busy thinking about Jo Kwon, suddenly the door open and Lizzy walked in.

Ga In was surprised at the visit but dazedly stood up and greeted her.

Lizzy also bowed slightly and approached Ga In’s desk. “I am here to give you the remaining payment.”

Oh sure. Please wait a while I get the balance sum ready.” Ga In then left her desk and entered Changmin’s office.

While she was waiting by Ga In’s desk, something shiny caught her eye – the tie pin. Lizzy could recognize it almost immediately that it belonged to Jo Kwon.


“Oppa, I have a present for you.”

“Really..?” His face was brimming with smile. 

“Today is your first day of your work. So as a doctor, you need something nice on your tie.”

Lizzy took out a small gift box and put it on Jo Kwon’s hand. He gently opens the cover and was too elated to speak when he saw the content. He took the silver tie pin and pinned it on his tie.

“This took me a while before I could get it. It’s expensive you know oppa.”

Jo Kwon expresses his gratitude with his body. He plunged forward and hugged Lizzy tightly by her neck. Then he let go Lizzy and looked her deeply in the eyes.

“Thank you Young.”

“Make sure you wear it every time so that you’ll remember me always.”

“I swear I’ll wear it every day.” Jo Kwon leaned forward and kissed Lizzy on her forehead.


Without thinking, she picked it up and placed it in her pocket and acted like she never saw anything.  

Soon, Ga In returned with the sum of money. Lizzy write the sum of money on the cheque signed by Jo Kwon and gave it to Ga In.

“Do you have boyfriend?” Lizzy asked suddenly. She was shocked at herself for asking that question when she didn’t really know Ga In that well.

“Eh?” Ga In looked up to her with a shocked face. She felt a sudden surge of uneasiness.

“I…I am single. Why do you ask that?” Ga In smile awkwardly.

Lizzy felt embarrassed to suddenly ask Ga In that question. She slightly bowed her head and walk out of Perfect Match.


Lizzy sipped in the mouthful of latte while fiddling with the tie pin. She has looked at the tie pin for the umpteen times already and she was quite sure that it belonged to Jo Kwon.  She always sees him wearing it whenever he has a tie on until recently she was too busy to take notice of it.

Why did Ga In-sshi have oppa’s tie pin? Did oppa accidentally drop it over there? Or maybe Ga In-sshi bought it for her dad? Maybe it’s for her boss? Maybe she likes her boss and intends to give it to him? No. If this is a give for someone, she must have it wrapped it up in a box. But the pin just lay there like that. So it must belong to someone’s.

 She tried her best to think on the positive side. So there’s only one way to find out.


Like usual, Lizzy would spent her Saturday evenings with Jo Kwon’s family. After helping out in the kitchen after dinner, Lizzy knocked onto Jo Kwon’s room door. She entered and saw Jo Kwon changing his clothing.

 “Oppa, you’re going out?” She asked in her soft tone.

He turned and looked at Lizzy before returning his attention to buttoning up his clothing. “Yea I am.”

 Ever since his confessions to Ga In few days ago, Jo Kwon has been trying to act normal around Lizzy but the thought of breaking the news to her has always been a burden in his heart – like a large lump of stone pressed against his chest. And yes, there are many opportunities for him to break the news to her but whenever he looked into her eyes, he didn’t want to break her heart and see her tears. After all, Lizzy was once his centre of the world.

Lizzy has noticed a little indifference and coldness in him but she thought he was just tired from work.

Lizzy was standing beside Jo Kwon when suddenly she took out the tie pin that has been kept in her pocket all along.  “Oppa, your tie pin.”

He looked at the metal in her hand. “Where did you found it?” He picked up the pin and placed it on his table in his room. “I have been looking for it.”

Jo Kwon’s blunt answer made Lizzy froze for a moment. So the tie pin DOES belong to Jo Kwon and is in the possession of Son Ga In before she took it without her knowledge. What could have happened between them for that to happen? Suddenly she felt cheated.

Without her noticing, her tears were already starting to form at the corners of her eyes.

Of course Jo Kwon didn’t see those tears because after he placed the pin on the table, he already walked out of the room.


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  1. I pity Lizzy so much!! Feeling being cheated is miserable :(