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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 14]

Today, Jo Kwon is coming over is coming for a dinner after work and Ga In is getting really excited for the date – she has taken a day off from Changmin with sick being the excuse. Changmin could sense what’s on her mind with her cheeky smile and agreed to let her take a day off.

As her trolley soon gets full with all the ingredients, she headed to the cashier to settle the bill. When she opened her purse, the lovely selcas of Jo Kwon and her that greeted her made her smile widely.


Jo Kwon is washing the dishes when suddenly a pair of arms envelope his waist. He smiled at the warmth he felt by his back when the girl rested her head on his back.

“Miss me already?”

“When are you done with the dishes?” Ga In pouted but all the while resting her head on his back.

“You’ll go to the living room and wait for me alright? I’ll be out soon.”

Not wanting to disturb Jo Kwon washing the dishes, obediently with reluctance, she pressed a kiss to his back then released herself from the back hug and walked away to the living room.

Jo Kwon finished washing the dishes and cleaned his hand by the cloth on the wall. He peered outside and saw Ga In absently switching the channels to and fro on the television. He chuckled at the sight.

“Sweetheart...Feeling bored?” He walked over and settled into the space next to Ga In on the couch, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. He leaned to kiss her temple and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

“Of course I do baby…”

“You’re lucky to see me helping out the kitchen...I don’t do that back at home.” Jo Kwon confessed with a grin. “But you’re gonna get used to that.”

“I don’t know about that but…” Ga In leaned further into his embrace. He kissed the top of her head as it came to rest against his chest.

“I am going to get used to this.” She closed her eyes and sniffed in the scent from Jo Kwon.

Jo Kwon just smiled at Ga In statement but his smile quickly faded at the thought of Lizzy. He heaved a sigh that was audible to anyone in the room.

Ga In lifted her eyes to his and senses his burdens just by his worried eyes.

“Thinking about Lizzy?”

Jo Kwon nodded gently and looked away. “I don’t know how to break the news to her. I really don’t wish to break her heart with this kind of news.”

“As a woman too, I’ll advise you to tell her sooner. She’ll get hurt more if you drag this any longer.”

Jo Kwon looked at her with worried eyes. He really wished that the last thing that he would do to her is hurting her. He can imagine how Lizzy’s mum is going to treat him in the future for hurting their daughter like this. Not to forget how his mum is going to get embarrassed for having a two-timer son.  

“Do you want me to do this for you? I can go and talk to Lizzy and I don’t mind being called names…Then you won’t be in a difficult position.” She whispered gently.

“Don’t you dare, baby. I won’t let anyone do that to you.” He reassured while brushing her shoulders up and down.

“You know it’s a pity that our love might not receive blessings from others.” He paused. “But I promised you that I won’t ever leave you.” He tightened his embrace around her.

“I don’t need any promise from you, I am happy as long as we are together.”


“Lizzy-ah? Lizzy?” Doo Joon, Lizzy’s colleague called her out many times but she was deep in her thoughts. Doo Joon and Lizzy both were working overtime today (again) due to the new batch of shoes that just came in. They need to finish restocking before calling it a day.

What am I suppose to do now? Is oppa really cheating on me? Am I thinking too much? Should I just let it go and treat it like I didn’t know anything? Should I talk to Ga In-sshi? Should I confront her? No, I should not believe anything until I have seen it with my own eyes.

Doo Joon placed a cup of hot coffee on her desk and waved his hands in front of the absent-minded Lizzy. “Lizzy-ah, are you alright there?”

“Eh? Oppa...” LIzzy focused back on the order list in her hand.

“Are you alright? You looked pale.”

“Of course I do! Now we should stop talking and finish this fast.” She flashed him her signature smile and stood up from her seat. “Or else we won’t be able to go back today.” She walked over to the stack of boxes of shoes and tried to lift them down.

Automatically, Doo Joon helped her and placed the boxes down. “Seriously, you’re considered my superior but why are you working so hard? I don’t see any other branch executive working as hard as you.”

“Well, I should be glad to have oppa, you my dear friend to accompany me every time we need to restock.” She said her piece and concentrates herself in the order list again and started checking the stock. Doo Joon could only smile at his university friend and continued working.


“It’s getting bored isn’t it? Staying home like this all the time.” Ga In randomly flipped through the pages of the magazine in her hand.

“You wished to go out?” Jo Kwon asked suddenly.

Ga In’s face lit up at the suggestion but immediately it died down. “It’s okay…staying at home is fine too actually.” She lied. Because of their ‘shameless’ relationship, Ga In didn’t dare to dream about having a date with him outside the house. She was purely contented with just spending some quality time with him.


“Are you sure this is alright? Should we just get back to the house?” Ga In asked worriedly while looking around the main road.

Jo Kwon grabbed Ga In’s hand and interlocking it before stuffing them into his pocket to warm her cold hands. “It’s late already. Nobody would recognize us.” Jo Kwon leaded her and Ga In staggered behind him.

Jo Kwon felt sorry for Ga In because it’s clear that she has been wishing to have their date somewhere out of their house. Although she didn’t say it, he could clearly see it written all over her face. Jo Kwon was very glad for her power of understanding but he just wished to go out just as bad as her.

“Then let go of my hand. People would see this. I don’t wish people to talk behind your back.” No matter how much she wished her hand could stay in place, Ga In tried to pull her hand out of his pocket.

“I don’t care whatever they say, I won’t let go the hand of yours.” Jo Kwon stated firmly, looking deep into her eyes. Ga In just froze at his words. Those assuring words are just what she needed to make her day. She blushed and didn’t budge anymore. Obediently, she walked closer to him and immerse herself in the late night walking with the man she love.

“Let’s go and get you some flowers before we go the cafe.” Jo Kwon pinched her nose gently before leaning in to give a peck on her lips.


Finally we’re finished!” Doo Joon exclaimed while stretching his back. “I thought my back is breaking.” He laughed in his usual silly tone.

“Let’s go and have something to drink. I have nothing to do back at home anyway.” Lizzy suggested.

“On!” Doo Joon exclaimed excitedly.

Lizzy and Doo Joon hopped into Doo Joon’s car and they sped off to their favourite hang out place – Café Flat.  

“By the way, how’s Jo Kwon? I haven’t really been catching up on him lately.” Doo Joon speaks as he drives to their destination. Doo Joon was Lizzy’s classmate in university and they studied the same course together. He knew Jo Kwon through Lizzy.

“He’s busy recently.” LIzzy answered briefly.

“Doesn’t he complain about you and obsessive with your work? If you were my girlfriend, I would have make noise.” Doo Joon said casually with his usual straightforward attitude.

Lizzy looked at him with a smile.  “He never complained that. Anyway, he’s busy with his work too.”  

Soon, they reached their destinations. Both got down after Doo Joon has parked his car.


“This place is nice…” Ga In looked around the café and immediately falls in love with the ambience. “You have been here with Lizzy before?”

Jo Kwon choked on the milk tea hearing what Ga In just said. “We always come here with our friends whenever we are rushing on our university assignments.”

Jo Kwon leaned nearer to Ga In who was sitting beside him on the square table by the big window. “Why are you asking this suddenly…?”

“Hey, careful with my flowers.” Ga In moved the stalk of hibiscus away to avoid being squashed by Jo Kwon. Before they got to the café, both had visited the nearby park to get some flowers. Jo Kwon immediately plucked the hibiscus for Ga In and passed it to Ga In.

Do you know why I chose hibiscus?” Jo Kwon asked sneakily.

Ga In whom already knew the meaning before hand, can’t stop smiling. “Let’s hear what you’ve been studying these days.”

“Hibiscus means rare beauty…Suitable for someone like you.” Jo Kwon ended his explanation with a cheeky grin. He leaned forward and whispered gently by her ear, “I love you, Son Ga In.”


“Hey, why are you still standing there?” Doo Joon who already walked further front called out to Lizzy.

Lizzy just stood there rooted to the ground when the ‘ugly’ scene by the big window greeted her. Doo Joon felt weird and followed her vision. His mouth literally dropped when he saw what Lizzy saw.   


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