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Saturday, June 8, 2013

You're the Answer to a Girl Like Me - Chapter 4

[Chapter 4]

Gary asked his staff to stop the car a few distance away from the silver sedan. If it was CEO Baek, something ugly might happen. Ji Hyo is still sleeping soundly on his shoulder. They waited in the car little while more when suddenly the car open and Gary saw a woman in a medium body size came out of that car and talked on the phone.

Gary squint his eyes to see more carefully when he suddenly remembered who that was. “Ah! It’s Ji Hyo’s manager!”

Quickly he got down of the car and approached her manager. “Annyeonghaseyo! Sorry to disturb you…”

“Oh G-Gary-ssi, w-what are you doing here?” She was really very surprised to meet Gary in the middle of the night in front of Ji Hyo’s house.

Gary hesitated and brushed the back of his head. “It’s like this…Ji Hyo is with me…”

“Eh?! S-Sung Im is with you? God gracious! I have been trying to contact her since the evening. I thought she went missing with our CEO!” Her manager unnie panicked.

“I’m sorry. We had dinner together…And I didn’t know that she didn’t let you know…I’m sorry…” Gary bowed apologetically.

“No, no Gary-ssi please don’t be like this… So…Where is she…?”

He pointed at his car. “She’s asleep in the car right now…She had a bit of soju that’s why…”

“Ahh alright…”Manager unnie went over to Gary’s car. She saw Ji Hyo sleeping very soundly at the back seat.

Gary got back to the car and tapped her slowly. “Ji Hyo-ah…. Ji Hyo-ah…You’ve reached home…Your manager is here… ”

“Ah…oppa…Let me sleep…” Ji Hyo whined like a little girl who fell asleep on the couch and doesn’t want to go back to the bed. Gary bet that Ji Hyo must have whined to her manager like that every time they had to go for a morning schedule. Probably because she’s tired of recording that day (Ep127) and the amount of soju, she was totally worn out.

“Ji Hyo-ah you’re home…If not oppa would need to carry you back home…”

She didn’t answer, and Gary took it as a yes. He carefully picked Ji Hyo out from the car in a bridal way. He was a ‘commander’ after all; he was strong enough to carry Ji Hyo. Even with such a drastic movement, Ji Hyo still didn’t want to wake up. She actually nudge comfortable around Gary’s shoulder. Manager unnie was a little surprised at Gary’s action but thought she has no other choice too.

“Wait for me here. I’ll come out soon.” Gary told his staff.

He carried her, following Ji Hyo’s manager’s footstep to Ji Hyo’s house. He walked as fast as he could. It would be bad if their pictures were to spread out. You’ll never know if there were any paparazzi following them.

As Ji Hyo’s manager had the key to Ji Hyo’s house, they entered the porch and walked to the front door. The manager keyed in the password and they entered the house. Gary stepped in and his eyes quickly ‘scan’ the area. Not too extravagant yet simple and comfortable.

“Gary-ssi, if you can, could you lay her down in her room…” Manager unnie pointed to the direction of her room. Gary nodded and carried Ji Hyo to the room with manager unnie following behind.

He opened the door and looked around. Her room is spacious; there was a reading chair, large walk-in wardrobe, wide dressing table with lots of cosmetic product on them and a Queen-sized bed. On the floor there is a fuzzy, pearly, white carpet. The walls are painted in light blue colour and the room smells like Ji Hyo, full with her scent. He walked near to her bed and gently lay her down.

“Gary-ssi, really thanks a lot for taking care of her…Without you, I don’t know what I can do about her…”

“Ahh it was nothing…I should be thanking you instead. You must have worked hard to care for Ji Hyo… She’s a bit moody these days…please take care of her...”

Manager unnie looked at the sleeping Ji Hyo. “Yes, she’s really not in the mood these days…I too wondered why…And earlier I thought she was with CEO Baek.. but now Gary-ssi…”

“Ahh yes.. I asked her out for dinner at my restaurant…I am really sorry if this has caused you any troubles...” Gary bowed again.

“It’s okay... I’m glad that now she’s back…” She looked at Ji Hyo again, full of worries.

There was a dead silence after that. Gary didn’t know what else to say and felt that he shouldn’t stay any longer. He’s in no position to stay actually. “Since she’s back now, I’ll make a move.”

“I’ll send you to the door.” She said that and walked out of the room.

Gary turned around and saw Ji Hyo sleeping peacefully on her bed. He approached the side of the bed and tugged her under the blanket.

‘Ji Hyo-ah, oppa is going now. Sleep well’


Wafts of Ginseng tea spread throughout the house, infusing a peaceful sentiment. Ji Hyo pried open both eyes and breathed deeply, trying to regain her senses. Her pink ceilings stared back at her and realized that she was on her own bed. The air was still but she heard sounds outside. She looked out of the window and it was already morning.

Her head hurt a little and she supported her body with her hands and sat up-right. She brushed her hair to the back as she think about what happened the night before. She remembers having dinner with Gary oppa, sitting his car, and meeting with her manager and finally remembered Gary carrying her back to her bed. Thinking back, it made her face go red because of the embarrassment.

She got down of the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. With her mong face, she strutted out of her room and saw her manager unnie in the kitchen.

“Unnie~” Ji Hyo called out endearingly. Ji Hyo wasn’t surprised to see her manager in the house. There were a few occasions when her schedule was really late; she would offer her manager to stay over. They were close like sisters.

“Oh Sung Im-ah you’ve finally woken up. Here, have a drink…This is ginseng tea...”

“Thanks unnie…” Ji Hyo reached out her hand and received the hot tea. She took a sip and it felt rejuvenating. However she was puzzled. She didn’t remember buying the tea. “When did I have this tea in the house?”

“Ahh this—“ Ji Hyo’s manager word was abrupt broken by some noise from the back of the house. Ji Hyo was shocked and saw Kang Gary coming out from the bathroom.

“Oh Ji Hyo-ah! You’re awake? Did you rest well?” He asked in a delighted manner. His face was full of smile although there was a hint of tiredness.

“Oppa…h-how come…? Y-You stayed back yesterday too?” Ji Hyo felt her cheeks burning red when she remembers how she was carried into the house by Gary because of her persistent aegyo. Thinking back, how could she be willing to let her oppa to carry her back instead of waking up and walk back to her house? Maybe she’s plain spoilt and daring Song Ji Hyo. However it only applies to Kang Gary. She doesn’t remember being such a spoilt girlfriend to his ex-CEO boyfriend.

“Gary-ssi came in early to bring you ginseng tea…He’s worried that you might get hangover…” Manager Unnie finished her sentence.  “And Sung Im-ah, I need to get back to the company for a while. I’ll come later in the afternoon to fetch you to the filming site alright?” Her manager unnie starts to pack her stuff.

“Oh alright unnie. I’ll see you later.”

With that her manager left the house and then left just the two of them in the house.

“Oppa gumawo~~I’ll drink this well.” Ji Hyo said earnestly with a smile. She took another sip of the hot tea. Hearing this Gary just rubbed the back of this head. He always has this habit when he was shy or being praised. Ji Hyo was watching him all along and finds the action he just did was cute.

“Kang Gary you’re cool~”

“I brought some sandwich also just in case you’re hungry…” Gary said as he look through the things he brought. “And of course… your favourite Americano~”

Ji Hyo can’t stop smiling. From yesterday till now, the attention that Gary is paying to her makes her so touched. She never knew Kang Gary would do so much for her. His tone is always soft and low making her feel very comfortable to be around with him. She knew that Gary has always been good to her especially during filming. She has always been thankful that although she’s romantically attached, Gary is still willing to play along the Monday Couple character in Running Man. However, now she’s relieved as she can play along the character without any burden. Or the possibility of putting in real emotion.  POSSIBILITY.

“Ji Hyo-ah are you alright? Does your head hurt?” Gary approached her when he saw her just standing there so blankly. He touched her arm caringly. “Why are you so Mong?”

Gary’s touch snapped her out of her thought. “N-No I’m alright o-oppa. I’m just thankful for the things you’ve brought in…”

Gary burst out laughing at her way of talking. “Why did you stammer? Is there anything wrong?”

“Yah Kang Gary! Why are you asking me so many questions so early in the morning?” She brushed him aside and walked to the table to get her sandwich and Americano.

She ate the food without even looking at them. The reason she stammer was also a mystery to her. She never felt that way with Kang Gary before. The touch was different. They had numerous occasion of skinship but this is her first time for feeling this way.

Gary shook her head at her cuteness + mong look. He then walked towards to the kitchen and sat beside her. “Ji Hyo-ah oppa has something to ask you….”


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