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Thursday, July 4, 2013

You're the Answer To a Girl Like Me - Chapter 7

[Chapter 7]

It was the few days after Gary fetched Ji Hyo to her filming site. It was the last time he saw her and talk to her. Gary sat down in his house kitchen after taking a break from song writing. He could not focus at all because he was worried. Did anything happen to her? He didn’t dare to call her up or to message her. He really wanted to do it but he was worried whether if he is in any position to ask her. He kept watching out for the entertainment news if there’s anything about Ji Hyo but luckily there was none.

“Yah, why don’t you just give her a call? You’ll never know the answer until you try.” Gil who just came out from the toilet reprimanded at him.

Gary brushed his hair frustratingly. Sometimes he hates himself for being such a coward. He may be a martial arts practitioner, but when it comes to such delicate things, he always fails. He flipped his Iphone around and was contemplating on calling Ji Hyo.

“Yah if you’ve got no balls to do it, I’ll do it.” Gil swiftly walked over to Gary and took his phone by surprise.

“Yah! Don’t mess it up!” Gary jolted up from his seat and tried to grabbed the phone back from him

“You think it’s better if you sit here and wait? I don’t even know what are you waiting for? Waiting for another guy to get her?”

“I’m waiting for….Ahhh! I don’t know!” Gary was really annoyed at his own wishy-washy character. 

“Just give her a call…Don’t think so much and just ask about her current situation. You can just show concern for her as a friend only…” Gil shoved the phone back into Gary’s hand. “I’ll make a move first. See you tomorrow. Just let me know if there’s anything.”

With that, Gil just left the house like his own. He has been to Gary’s house for many times. They were like real brothers who have been working together for almost 10 years already.

Gary look at Ji Hyo’s contact number and his finger was just millimetres away from pressing that call button.


“Oh Omma… No, nothing happened…I’m pretty fine here….Yes I would take care of myself more…You too please take care of your health… Oh Chang Jo oppa? Y-yes he’s treating me very w-well…Okay I got to hang up now…Omma saranghae…”

Ji Hyo hangs up the phone and tosses her Samsung Note 2 aside as she heaved a loud sigh. She rested her head against her white leather 3-seater couch. She reached out her hand for the accessorised creamy coloured fluffy cushions and eventually slides down, lying flat on her back on the couch.

“Ahhh how am I going to let omma know..?” Ji Hyo cried out loud as she kicked the air frustratingly.

Ji Hyo’s mum was very fond of CEO Baek, previously when CEO Baek visited her for the first time (it was the last one too) and had really good impression on him. And now they have broken up, she didn’t know how to break the news to her.

“Ahhh stress-eu!!” Subconsciously she finds herself copying the way Gary said STRESS. It made her smile.

All of a sudden, her phone rang loudly and looked for them. When she saw it was Gary, she quickly she picked up the phone and lied back on her back.

“Oh oppa.”

“Ji Hyo-ah…”

“What’s up?”

“Ah I am just worried about you... Nothing major happened right…?”

“Yes there is…”

“Huh? What is it?” Gary’s panicked tone made Ji Hyo almost burst into laughter.

“I bought a new flower pot and put them on my coffee table.” Ji Hyo joked daringly on the phone.

“Yah Song Ji Hyo! I am being serious here okay? I am very worried about you, you know.”

“Ooooo Kang Gary is cool…Arasso, I’ll let you know…No, nothing major happened. I’m still working under C-Jes Entertainment…”

“Jeongmal?” Gary’s voice clearly lifted up. “Yah that’s really good to hear…I thought I was so worried that I almost got sick.”

“Oppa, are you sure you’re not exaggerating?”

“Minus the sick part, others are all true.” Gary said in a confident tone.

“Arasso…sorry for making you worried…Oppa what are you doing now? Not writing songs?”

“Me? I was just now…but not in the mood…But anyway, it’s really great to hear that everything’s alright…It has been a hectic week for you, please rest well. The weather is really cold, so please wear more layers...Oppa will see you soon okay?”

“Arasso…I’ll see you on Monday Kang Gary.”

Ji Hyo hang up the phone and placed her phone aside. She really felt Gary’s sincere concern and it made her smile. She sat up on the couch and reach for the bag that Gary passed to her few days ago. She opened them up and there’s the last packet of healthy drink he gave.

“Should I drink this last packet?”

She tore the packet carefully and drank them. Although it was a little bitter, but she drank them gratefully. She doesn’t know why she suddenly feels so up spirited. Her shoulder felt light and there was literally no burden in her heart (except for those filming challenges that she’s facing now) and is really grateful for whatever is happening now.

She still remembers the very next day when she went back to the company with preparations to be sacked, but nothing happened. CEO Baek didn’t pull back Ji Hyo’s contract just because of their broken relationship. He didn’t let anyone know because he didn’t want any scandals that would cause backlash to Ji Hyo. He thought this is the least that he can do for her. So to outsider, CEO Baek and Ji Hyo are still a couple, but the truth is they’ve broken up. CEO Baek made Ji Hyo to agree to this to prevent it from interfering with Ji Hyo’s future as she’s filming for movie (New World), drama (Fugitive of Joseon) and Running Man. When she’s not that active, he’ll release the news.


“Yahooooooo!” Gary squeals in relief. The matter that made him loses appetite, no mood to write songs, and worried so much has been solved. He was so worried that if there’s anything that really happened to Ji Hyo’s career, how he should be responsible for them. He chuckled to himself at his fast change in his tone after he hangs up the call with Ji Hyo. Although the conversation was not very long, but from there he felt that it was a good start for him. There’s two more days left till Monday, he anxiously wants it to arrive faster more than any working guys in the whole world.


It was the coldest day of the winter. She sat in her car as she watched the staffs getting ready for the Monday filming. The staffs has briefed her a little about the day’s filming and was really excited to meet Park Shin Hyang (Ep 128), her idol that inspires her to go into acting. Suddenly she saw a hand knocking on the car’s window.

She reached out her hand to slide open the car’s door. And without a doubt its Gary standing out in the cold.

“Oh Oppa annyeong….” Ji Hyo brushed her hands together, trying to warm her already gloved hands. Her sharp sensitive nose quickly smells something familiar.

“Oh…I smell Americano~” Ji Hyo look around with an eager face.

“Eyyy that’s not fun anymore!” Gary whined. His other hand that was hidden behind him all the while, revealed a standard size takeaway cup.

“Ahh I knew it!” Ji Hyo was delighted. Her face literally lit up and a smile spread across her face. It is really what she needed to boost her energy in the cold morning for the filming.

Gary carefully passed the cup in Ji Hyo’s hand. Once she received them, she opened the lid and breathe in the awesome fragrant. For a coffee lover, the fragrant is to die for, especially on such a cold morning.


Gary chuckled out as he watches Ji Hyo with her antics. He is contented enough to watch her smile.

‘Smile more because you’ll never know how your smile can brighten up other people’s day’

“I’ll see you around, I am going to do some preparation first...” Gary said coolly as he walked away, trying to keep his cool pose.

“Yah! Kang Gary!” She called out.

Almost immediately, he turned around. “Eh?”

“Gumawo, oppa.”

“Just enjoy the coffee~~ I’ll get going now…” Gary waved and walked away.

Ji Hyo watches Gary walked away. Holding the warm cup in her hand, her heart feels more of the warmth. The warmth of concern; something that don’t come by easily. She knew all the Running Man members took care of her a lot as she was the only girl there but Kang Gary, he’s concern for her felt so different suddenly.


All of the members and guest were exhausted and cold after the first water game at the gas station. As the weather was already cold adding to the merciless water game, everyone almost freeze after that.

Just as Ji Hyo wanted to get on her team’s car with Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin, Gary stuffed two packets of hot pack into her hand which shocked Ji Hyo.

“Take them. Don’t get cold.” Gary briefly said and walked away.

“Oh okay…” With a Mong face, she entered the car holding the warm packs. However, the scene was witness by Ji Suk Jin who was already seated at the front of the car.

“Yah this Gary isn’t he being too biased? He needs to take care of his hyung too.” Ji Suk Jin complained jokingly as he shook his head.

This made Ji Hyo pretty embarrassed and unwillingly passed the two packets to the front. “Oppa, here you go.”

“Are you crazy? Do you think I would take them from you?”

“Hyung, don’t you remember Gary is Sung Im’s Monday Boyfriend? Anything that concerns Sung In is within Gary’s responsibility..” Jae Suk commented as he starts the car.

“I think that’s the prime of a relationship…caring for each other…Aish! I miss my wife again…”

“Yah hyung aren’t you being too random? Don’t you forget that incidence on the Lying Game?” Jae Suk sarcastically reminds Suk Jin of his failed attempt that to say the truth.

“AHHH Why did you have to remind me that again?” Suk Jin grabbed his hair lightly and tried to ‘shake’ away the embarrassing memories.

From the back of the seat, Ji Hyo just watches his two oppa bickering like old friends. Clutching the hot packs tightly, she starts to analyses all his actions. She notices all his actions and appreciates them gratefully but she’s trying to analyse them does Gary meant anything? Or is just plain oppa caring for dongsaeng? Or is it more?

“Alright everyone! We’ll start filming soon!”

Ji Hyo quickly rolled down the window and shouted. “I will hit the slab! Filming in 3! 2! 1!”


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